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  1. Enterasys C5G124-48P2 Switch

    Enterasys C5G124-48P2 Switch

    The Enterasys C5 is a scalable, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet switch that provides support for the bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive requirements of today's demanding business applications. - Excellent choice for environments that require complete multi-layer switching capabilities and support for high density 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 10GE uplinks, and dynamic IPv4 and IPv6 routing and policy-based automation capabilities for advanced edge deployments. - Incorporates the 802.3at high-power PoE on all ports, which translates into increased power provisioning for power-hungry devices such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) IP surveillance cameras, IP videophones, third party 802.11n access points and virtual desktops. - Built-in high-power PoE support is a cost effective alternative for customers in place of purchasing separate PoE midspans, which can take away valuable rack space, add cost and contribute more cabling to the wiring closet.The C5 provides high port density in a 1U footprint and is environmentally friendly by design. - Overall energy efficiency is further enhanced by a low current draw and an extreme tolerance for high environmental temperatures. - Highly customizable Layer 2/3/4 packet classification capabilities work together with the 8 hardware-based priority queues associated with each Ethernet port to support a suite of differentiated services with as many as 8 distinct priority levels to provide guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for critical voice and video network traffic. - In conjunction with its non-blocking L2 switching and L3 routing architecture, the C5's intelligent queuing mechanisms ensure that mission-critical applications receive prioritized access to network resources.

  2. New Networking and CATV Equipment


    Click on "More Details" to view this list of network and CATV equipment. You will find terminals, LAN switches, routers, transceivers, voice servers, media converters, network adapters and accessories, fiber optics parts and equipment, interface cards, coaxial attenuators, multiplexers, chassis and enclosures, cables, and much more. Some of the diverse manufacturers include: Actelis Networks, Adtran, AFL, Alcatel - Lucent, Blonder Tongue, Charles Industries, Nortel, Positron, TE Connectivity, Zyxel Communications, and many more. Minimum order values apply.

  3. Ortonics Wall Cabinet OR-854045665


    QTY-11 Ortonics Wall Cabinet Kit OR-854045665 Includes QTY-1 19" 17 RU Wall Cabinet OR- 40500117 QTY-4 24 Port Patch Panels OR-401045604 QTY-5 Wire Management Panels OR-60400132 QTY-1 Pre-Wired 24 Port Tip&Ring (4&5) Green jacks to 25 PR 90 Male degree amphenol OR-808045605 QTY-2 Pre-Wired 24 Port Tip&Ring (4&5) White jacks to 25 PR 90 Male degree amphenol OR-808045662 QTY-2 Pre-Wired 24 Port Tip&Ring (4&5) White jacks to 25 PR 90 Male degree amphenol OR-808045663 Looking for partial or complete lot offers.

  4. Computer and Networking parts


    Large list of computer and networking parts from such manufacturers as Adtran, Alcatel, Apple, Avaya, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lucent, Nortel, Sun Microsystems, and many more. You will find items like interface modules, transceiver units, system boards, power supplies, fan trays, printers, memory, video cards, LCD panels, network cards, and many other parts. Click on the "MORE INFO" icon to view this list of over 15,000 parts. Looking for offers on quantity.

  5. Kentrox AIFocus 3210 Ethernet Concentration Solution


    QTY-3 KENTROX Aifocus 3210 Ethernet Concentration Solution P/N: AIFOCUS3210 REVA. Used for high speed Ethernet connectivity between network elements and operational support systems in a carrier’s remote network site. The AIfocus 3210 enables 10/100/1000Base connectivity to and from a site where combinations of AIswitch chassis’ or AIscouts are locally and remotely deployed. The AIfocus 3210 consists of twelve 10/100Mbs ports and two 1000Mbs ports. Two front panel craft ports enable 10/100BaseT and RS-232 asynchronous port connectivity providing local access for diagnostic or configuration purposes. Looking for offers.