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Large listing of networking equipment such as cable assemblies, filter panel assemblies, power splitters and much, much more. New and refurbished stock. Click "more info" for complete list.


Estimated Arrival: June 5, 2018

Get results with Us. Buy this NETWORKING PARTS & EQUIPMENT BY LUCENT, NORTEL, TELLABS AND MORE with 6 months* extended warranty and free consultation included. The assigned Sales Representative for this part is Marshall Duskes who will personally serve your request together with any question about shipping or payment options. Get this while it last, request a quote with confidence.
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Large listing of networking equipment such as cable assemblies, filter panel assemblies, power splitters and much, much more. New and refurbished stock. Click "more info" for complete list.

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SKU: YC791
Manufacturer: -ASSORTED
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81.5509TellabsREF2 ESM Module (Qty 5 Rev Z, Qty 1 Rev I, Qty 2 Rev AB, Qty 1 Rev AF, Qty 2 Rev AI) 81.5509
82.5524TellabsREF1 NTDM82.5524
82.5535TellabsREF1 PSNP (Rev O)82.5535
1180AndrewNEW15 Tunable Waveguide Assembly1180
2703Patton ElectronicsREF 3MegaLink-I G703/E1 Modem/Converter 2.048 Mbps 2703
11316AndrewNEW1 Sealant - Decibel Vapor Wrap Connector Sealant 3" x 50’ Roll 11316
13550AndrewNEW2 ADAPTER ROUTING13550
15542AndrewNEW3 Attenuator3dB 500 Ohm SMA15542
29958AndrewNEW2 Hoist Grip29958
29961AndrewNEW14 Hoisting Grip for 1-1/4-inch29961
0037185LucentREF2 Harness0037185
43716AndrewNEW24 Connector Right Angle N-Type43716
221213AndrewNEW2 Connector Weatherproof Kit221213
223158AndrewNEW3 GROUNDING KIT223158
243684AndrewNEW1 Compact Angle Adapter Kit (Kit of 10)243684
245173AndrewNEW11 Cold Shrink245173
252147AndrewNEW6 Boot - Line Standard 4" Cable Entry 1/2"252147
340122NortelREF20 E1, 120 Ohm, No Card (WXC, BSC)..K340122-120
340123NortelREF20 IWP, 16MB, MMU (BTS only)K340123
340137NortelREF20 IWP, 64MB, MMU, Flash DiskK340137
340220NortelREF20 Clock 13MHzK340220
465550AndrewNEW7 Snap In Hanger Kit for 5/8-inch Cable (10 Pack)465550
640012NortelREF20 Module, Fan, 12V, CardsK640012
640025NortelREF20 Module. Fan, 12V, PSK640025
640028NortelREF18 Power Supply 50A 220VAC (WXC or BSC only)K640028
640035NortelREF16 Power Supply 350W 220VAC (BTS only)K640035
640116NortelREF19 TRX Frequency 900MHzK640116
640157NortelREF20 RF Distribution 900MHz 8W TurboM640157
640200NortelREF20 WAVEXpress Chassis with Door, Backplane, FansK640200
640213NortelREF17 T1, 100 Ohm with 4 TRAU Cards640213100
640214NortelREF18 E1, 120 Ohm with 1 Daughter Card (WXC or NIB only)640214-120
738845CablewaveREF1 7/8" EIA Flange for 7/8" Cable738845
915937RFS / CablewaveNEW 6Cold Shrink915937
15575572RFS / CablewaveNEW 12Connector RF1 LCF15815575572
15579774RFS / CablewaveNEW 3Ground Kit 1-5/8-inch Coax Kit 15579774
22542452Huber SuhnerNEW 50Cover22542452
104401914LucentREF 350Surge Suppressor 4C (Red) 4C3EW ROHS 300627809
105001739LucentREF1 TN883 - 5ESS Card - 105001739105001739
106441587LucentREF5 TN1681 - 106441587106441587
106658339LucentREF1 TN1611B - 106658339106658339
106681778LucentREF1 TN1369 - 106681778106681778
106930258AT&TREF7 Modular Interface (Jack) Panel - 1100 CAT5-24106930258
106930308AT&TREF10 Modular Interface (Jack) Panel - 1100 CAT5-48106930308
106950991LucentREF1 UN396 - 106950991106950991
106951007LucentREF2 TN1843 - 106951007106951007
107065310LucentREF2 UN373B - 107065310107065310
107065344LucentREF1 TN1820B - 107065344107065344
107073009LucentREF2 UN538 - 107073009107073009
107075202LucentREF4 UM73107075202
107077000LucentREF3 UN553 - 107077000107077000
107085896LucentREF1 TN1682 - 107085896107085896
107147118LucentREF4 TN1685 - 107147118107147118
107153389LucentREF6 UN933 - 107153389107153389
107153405LucentREF1 UN582 - 107153405107153405
107214934LucentREF1 TN1640B107214934
107215337LucentREF1 UN399 - 107215337107215337
107253643LucentREF3 44WA3 - Individual Channel Linear Amplifier44WA3
107593956AndrewNEW1 MI-MS2-Heliax - Cable Assembly Coax107593956
107598146LucentREF1 SN516C107596146
107636797AndrewNEW1 Cable Heliax MI-MS2107636797
107665473CommscopeREF 2 ZIDC-A10-D01-A - Punchdown Block Connector Module 10 pair 107665473
107759763LucentREF10 44WD1107759763
107823601LucentREF2 TN1821C - 107823601107823601
107824542LucentREF5 TN1845 - 107824542107824542
107839078LucentREF18 BMR5 - 107839078107839078
107894388LucentREF28 44WW7 - TFU - 10789438844WW7
107926727CommscopeREF 850ZIDC-1G-G3B-PD- BN - Protector E1/T1 Data 107926727
108006149LucentREF30 CWB1 - CPCI Card Quad E-1108006149
108079609LucentREF13 TN2523 - 108079609108079609
108107046LucentREF4 44WW15 - OM2-15 - 10810704644WW15
108151226LucentREF2 TN1820D - 108151226108151226
108162454LucentREF1 UN539B - 108162454108162454
108236753LucentREF12 TN4016 - 108236753108236753
108381450LucentREF21 44WW16 - OMRB - 10838145044WW16
108455338LucentREF2 TN1718B - 108455338108455338
108480310LucentREF3 TN1863 - 108480310108480310
108550252LucentREF1 44WA36 - Peripheral Alarm Card - 10855025244WA36
108582353LucentREF8 CP2160F 2GB CPU ENET108582353
108617531LucentREF4 44WA37 - CDMA U-LAM 48VDC44WA37
108636937LucentREF1 Fan Control Assy108636937
108639154LucentREF6 44WW13B - CRC CP - 10863915444WW13B
108695644LucentREF6 44WR27 - CBR 1900 - 10869564444WR27
108695669LucentREF18 44WR28 - CBR 850 - 10869566944WR28
108731704LucentREF3 BMR6B - 108731704108731704
108830647LucentREF3 BNJ27 - UCR 1900 - 108830647108830647
108875030LucentREF8 44WW27 - CTU - 10887503044WW27
108926411LucentREF6 BNJ37 - CMU III - 108926411108926411
108951666LucentREF6 44WW32 - CTDU - 10895166644WW32
108951674LucentREF5 44WW33 - PTDU44WW33
108982125LucentREF2 HPDA with Growth Module - CC 408794733108982125
108982612LucentREF5 HPDA without Growth Module - CC 408765956108982612
109053678LucentREF30 Cable Kit for ModCell 1.0 or 2.0 (7 Cables Per Kit)109053678
109096461SunREF1 ST336607LC - Hard Drive 36GB with Solaris 8109096461
109102373TycoREF1 408935567 - HPDA without Growth Module109102373
109114740LineageNEW 15 NE075AC24A - Rectifier Switchmode for Infinity NE Universal Power Plant AC 24V (NEW) 109114740
109154211LucentREF18 44WW28 - CCU-32 - 10915421144WW28
109181644LucentREF2 BNJ53 - UCU64 - 109181644109181644
109184630LucentREF8 44WW13D - CRC - 10918463044WW13D
109189613LucentREF2 TN1873 - PHV5 Card - 109189613109189613
109189753LucentREF1 44WR27B - CBR 1900 - 10918975344WR27B
109192732LucentREF3 CPCI Combo & RS232109192732
109205823LucentREF5 44WW51 - EPTDU - 10920582344WW51
109211060LucentREF2 44WW7B - TFU - 10921106044WW7B
109287623LucentREF4 44WWHIOU - 10928762344WWHIOU
109293712LucentREF20 44WA52 - URCM - 10929371244WA52
109313197LucentREF32 44WWIOU4B - 10931319744WWIOU4B
109317081LucentREF44 44WA50A - UMTS Radio Controller - 10931708144WA50A
109441055LucentREF1 Instruction Manual - Flexent 2.0 ModCell Upgrade Kit Manual - Instructions for Upgrading Primary Frame from Duplex Filters to Triplex Filters (PCS or 850 MHz) 109441055
109464917LucentREF2 44WR27C - CBR 1900 - 10946491744WR27C
109466904LucentREF1 BNJ37B - CMU IIIB - 109466904109466904
109471011SeagateREF9 390-0157-03 - Hard Drive 73GB with Solaris 9 - 390-0157-03 - MAP3735N 109471011
109475947LucentREF44 44WW27B - CTU-II GPS - 10947594744WW27B
109480657LucentREF1 BNJ27B - UCR 1900 - 109480657109480657
109480665LucentREF5 BNJ28B - UCR 850 - 109480665109480665
109492694LucentREF3 BNJ27C - UCR 1900 - 109492694 - 300532090109492694
109492702LucentREF 154BNJ28C - UCR 850 - 109492702 109492702
109508283LucentREF4 TP690 RTM w/ PIM109508283
109509299LucentREF26 44WW70 - URC - 10950929944WW70
109510792LucentREF1 44WW65 - URC II - 10951079244WW65
109531038SunREF10 LCR1 in Netra CT410 Chassis109531038
109532549LucentREF23 44WW33B - PTDU - 10953254944WW33B
109534602SunREF2 CP2140-650 - CPCI CPU with ETH PMC109534602
109543579LucentREF11 44WW51B - EPTDU - 10954357944WW51B
109551168LucentREF1 BNJ82 - SBEVM109551168
109552919LucentREF55 BNJ92 - SBEVMm - 109552919 - 849036926109552919
109564922SunREF4 CP2160S-650 - CPCI 1GB SAT with T1 E1 PMC109564922
109564963SunREF4 CPCI SAT RTM with TE1PIM109564963
109579284LucentREF54 44WW28A - CCU 32A - BNJ16 - 10957928444WW28A
109581264LucentREF6 44WW70B - URC - 10958126444WW70B
109582353SunREF1 CP2160S-650 - CPCI 2GB SAT with CPU ENET109582353
109582379SunREF2 CPCI RTM SAT CPU with ENET109582379
109586883LucentREF3 501-6479-03 - CPCI CPU RTM with TPIM109586883
109592162KatanaREF2 TP752i with ETH PMC - Katana109592162
109596015LucentREF55 44WW65B - URC II - 10959601544WW65B
109596940SunREF1 CPCI 1 GB SAT E1/T1 CPMC109596940
109596973SunREF2 CPCI SAT RTM with T1CPIM109596973
109596981SunREF2 CP2140-650 - CPCI 2GB CPU with T1 E1109596981
109601138LucentREF1 Instruction Manual - ALU 9228 Base Station Micro (formerly ModCell 4.0B) Indoor Upgrade Kit Instructions SEC-B Installation 109601138
109601146LucentREF1 Instruction Manual - ALU 9218 Base Station Micro (formerly ModCell 4.0) Indoor Upgrade Kit Instructions SEC-B Installation CC 300870987 109601146
109601161LucentREF1 Instruction Manual - ALU ModCell 4.0 Outdoor Upgrade Kit Instructions SEC-B/POD-B Installation CC 300870953 109601161
109608893LucentREF2 CPCI CICC 1.0109608893
109608919SunREF3 CP2300S-650 - FBP Sparc Blade Card - 594-1639-01109608919
109616268SunREF7 390-0252-02 - Hard Drive 73GB with Solaris 9.0 - MAW3073NC 109616268
109616284LucentREF6 CP2140-650 CPU 2GB w/ ETH PMC109616284
109616318SunREF2 CPCI CPU RTM w/ ETHPIM109616318
109616375SunREF8 CPCI SAT RTMW with ETH PIM109616375
109621417SunREF8 CP2160S-650 - CPCI 2GB SAT with ENV2109621417
109626358SunREF1 LCP620 - Univ Traffic Proc (UTP) Card109626358
109626739LucentREF7 BNJ98B - MCR1721B - 109626739109626739
300018363LucentREF2 Cable Assembly300018363
300018363LucentREF2 Cable Assembly300018363
300030335LucentREF65 EFX2-PNM-LU1 - Heliax Coaxial Cable / Elliptical Waveguide - WP93807-L2A 3/8-inch 30-ft - 300030335 848214235
300297041LucentREF3 Wireless Anchor Kit300297041
300297041LucentREF3 Wireless Anchor Kit300297041
300297827LucentREF1 Remote Access Router300297827
300297827LucentREF1 Remote Access Router300297827
300314861LucentREF2 Cable Assembly Kit for Radio Group A300314861
300314861LucentREF2 Cable Assembly Kit for Radio Group A300314861
300314879LucentREF4 Cable Assembly Kit for Radio Group B300314879
300314879LucentREF4 Cable Assembly Kit for Radio Group B300314879
300324522LucentREF35 Terminator T198GS Coax .5W 50408431872
300331907LucentREF1 23N11 Power Supply -48V300331907
300331907LucentREF1 23N11 Power Supply -48V300331907
300426939LucentREF12 Cable Assembly T1 User Alarm 40-ft - 300664976848991519
300427481LucentREF 240KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit.. 300427481
300427481LucentREF 240KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit.. 300427481
300518305LucentREF1 GPC Kit / Spare Filter A6 / 2 Band Duplex300518305
300518305LucentREF1 GPC Kit / Spare Filter A6 / 2 Band Duplex300518305
300531936LucentREF 171KS24510-L1A - CPC-A - 300531936 408646040
300531977LucentREF92 KS24510-L2A - CPC-B - 300531977408646032
300532272LucentREF9 MI-ZFCMD-OMR - Kit includes qty 1 CC 408645984 OMR & qty 1 CC 848609871 Cable Assembly 300532272
300532272LucentREF9 MI-ZFCMD-OMR - Kit includes qty 1 CC 408645984 OMR & qty 1 CC 848609871 Cable Assembly 300532272
300575990LucentREF31 KS24638-L7 - PKLAM +24V408834588
300627668LucentREF1 Splitter - 3ZN2PD-1910-1408781904
300627809CommscopeNEW 500Surge Protector T1/E1 Red 4C 300627809
300627809CommscopeNEW 500Surge Protector T1/E1 Red 4C 300627809
300627809LucentREF 350Surge Suppressor 4C (Red) 4C3EW ROHS 104401914
300632007LouisREF250 Terminator - Louis-50 - 50 Ohm - BNC End - 300632007408333292
300633997NMBREF7 KS24563-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly - 300633997848572087
300635133LucentREF1 GPC Kit / EEPROM Upgrade Kit300635133
300635133LucentREF1 GPC Kit / EEPROM Upgrade Kit300635133
300661238LucentREF10 Cable Assembly TX Growth Filter to Amp - 300661238848911954
300666104LucentREF74 Adapter DIN Quick Connect - 300666104408629731
300675022LucentREF50 KS24622-L1 - Coupler 40dB- 300675022 - 190-MC035-F1V1408692879
300675030LucentREF1 KS24567-L1170 - Cable Assembly - 300675030848610424
300756715LucentREF7 596B6 Rectifier 137A/24V - 300756715409062189
300823564LucentREF10 Mounting Shelf for SEC-B - 11-inch for ModCell Compact - 300823564 849023254
300844396LucentREF20 Upgrade Kit - H400-744 PDI 45 - includes Blank TDU, Bracket Filter, Tyraps and Screws 300844396
300844396LucentREF20 Upgrade Kit - H400-744 PDI 45 - includes Blank TDU, Bracket Filter, Tyraps and Screws 300844396
300879814LucentREF10 SEC-B Secondary Protector Kit for ModCell 4.0B Outdoor Bay includes SEC-B Module, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300879814
300879814LucentREF10 SEC-B Secondary Protector Kit for ModCell 4.0B Outdoor Bay includes SEC-B Module, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300879814
300879848LucentREF10 SEC-B Kit for ModCell 4.0B Indoor Bay includes SEC-B unit, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300879848
300879848LucentREF10 SEC-B Kit for ModCell 4.0B Indoor Bay includes SEC-B unit, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300879848
300938412LucentREF10 SEC-B Kit for ModCell 4.0 Compact includes SEC-B unit, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300938412
300938412LucentREF10 SEC-B Kit for ModCell 4.0 Compact includes SEC-B unit, Cable Assemblies and Mounting Shelf 300938412
406083071Tron-TechREF 1Splitter LF836B406083071
406611186PapstREF18 KS23912-L2 - Fan - Type 6248-N/22 - mounted inside Fan Tray Assembly - 408677581 406611186
406978429LucentREF7 Waveguide Jumper, 4-inch, SMA to Type N406978429
406978437LucentREF47 Jumper (Rigid)406978437
406978452LucentREF1 Cable Pipe Connector406978452
407010198AndrewNEW1 Waveguide Jumper407010198
407108273LucentREF 100Terminator 401-1F3407108273
407232156LucentREF11 WP-92066-L9 - RFG-RB407232156
407232164LucentREF1 WP-92066-L10 - RFG-XO407232164
407422898PapstREF1 KS23912-L9 - Fan Type 6224N/25T407422898
407494285AndrewNEW2 Weather proofing Kit407494285
407561649LucentREF11 KS24211 - TTU407561649
407663533LucentREF1 KS24237-L3 - CRTUm407663533
407664424AirPaxREF2 KS24356-L8 - Circuit Breaker407664424
407664432AirPaxREF49 KS24356-L9 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-2407664432
407739507AirPaxREF23 KS24356-L4 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-5407739507
407739606AirPaxREF50 KS24356-L7 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-7407739606
407871987SunREF7 120P031340 - PCI T1/E1 Primary WAN Controller Card407871987
407958149LucentREF3 MTO-3D-052 - Smart Switch407958149
407959816LucentREF8 3-Sector Flexent CTRM - Cellular407959816
407964102LucentREF6 Filter407964102
407964899LucentREF4 408666311 - Filter Assembly407964899
407965060LucentREF1 KS24411-L2 - Filter - D-CI-A2407965060
407968916LucentREF2 KS24438-L1 - Fan Assembly - C-1608-71 - 26VDC407968916
407968957DensoREF1 KS24437 - Heat Exchanger - Front Door ModCell 4.0 Outdoor Bay with Controller - 408662757 - KS24437-L4 407968957
407998277AirPaxREF7 LMLK1-1RLS4 - Circuit Breaker 100Amp 80V407998277
408017209SunREF8 CP2500SAT RTM - 501-7064-05408017209
408061083APW / McLeanREF 21KS24438 - Fan Assembly408061083
408086213LucentREF8 KS24403-L2 - Flexent Filter Assy (TDMA)408086213
408092682LucentREF1 KS24393-L8 - LNAM408092682
408097483LucentREF1 CPCI-720 - CPCI Raid Control Module - VSPQA99AAAA408097483
408149185LucentREF18 KS24380-L2 - FILTER PANEL ASSY.408149185
408149201LucentREF2 KS24404-L2 - Microcell Filter Panel408149201
408151264LucentREF1 KS24425-L2 - DUPLEXER FRAME UNIT408151264
408154904LucentREF3 CPCI Comp IO Rear IO-CP408154904
408154912LucentREF5 CPCI SMI IOBP-720408154912
408158962LucentREF2 KS24439 - Fan Tray Assembly408158962
408159614LucentREF4 KS24439-L1 - Fan Tray Assembly 26VDC408159614
408159622LucentREF3 KS24439-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly408159622
408159879LucentREF1 KS24439-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly408159879
408159887APW / McLeanREF 2KS24439-L4 - Fan Tray Assembly 408159887
408185346AirPaxREF6 LMLHPK11-1RLS4-1RLS4-30406-2-V - Circuit Breaker - 150 Amp 408185346
408217164LucentREF10 SR-P-D - Filter Assembly408217164
408217289LucentREF6 D-CD-A3/A1 - Filter Assembly408217289
408250520AirPaxREF64 KS24356-L12 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-45408250520
408293389LucentREF8 Facilities Interface Module408293389
408293637LucentREF10 KS24429-L3 - PCU - New408293637
408323111LucentREF1 CPCI Combo Card408323111
408323285SonyREF4 DPS-62 - Power Supply for Netra CT - 3001445-09408323285
408333292LouisREF250 Terminator - Louis-50 - 50 Ohm - BNC End - 300632007300632007
408337165LucentREF10 Single Unit Fan Assembly408337165
408340982LucentREF3 Z99SC-3-1-6 - Power Splitter408340982
408348563LucentREF1 CPCI TRx Stream SC01H + SC01e408348563
408375616LucentREF22 KS24412-L5 - Filter Assembly408375616
408380210Seifert mtm SystemsREF 2LT-2598H - Heater Box Set for ModCell Fan Tray 408380210
408381762LucentREF30 Filter Panel -- D-PA-B1408381762
408391647LucentREF1 KS24019-L116A - GPS Antenna408391647
408398113LucentREF11 KS24429-L5 - PCU 24V408398113
408403038LucentREF1 Multi Function I/O Board408403038
408403053RadisysREF1 CPU Dual 600 MHz with 1 GB Spare408403053
408403608LucentREF1 CPCI 350 Watt DC PS408403608
408403681LucentREF1 CPCI Power Entry Module408403681
408403699LucentREF1 CPCI Alarm Module Spare408403699
408404572LucentREF1 DB9 Adapter408404572
408419687LucentREF11 501-5979-05 - CPCI RTM Combo Card408419687
408431872LucentREF35 Terminator T198GS Coax .5W 50300324522
408445559LucentREF4 Facilities Interface Module - KS24582-L2 - in CC 848750162 408445559
408445617LucentREF3 KS24551-L3 - Heater Pad408445617
408469229LucentREF16 KS24591-L2 - Smart Switch408469229
408481646LucentREF1 KS24597-L14 - ENET L2 LAN408481646
408531267LucentREF2 Three Sector Flexent CTRM408531267
408536183RemecNEW39 TTLNA UMTS PCS LNA G3-US-1920.0-60.0-8A408536183
408537157Seifert mtm SystemsREF 1KS24439-L3 - LT-2598-E2A - Fan Tray Assembly 408537157
408537173LucentREF2 LT-2598-I2A - Fan Tray Assembly408537173
408537181LucentREF14 KS24439-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly408537181
408544054Carlo GavazziREF 6SCSI Switch408544054
408545549LucentREF6 PIII SBC/COMP IO CP - Mobility Processor408545549
408548204Carlo GavazziREF 6PSU408548204
408556652LucentREF1 KS24618-L1 - Filter Assembly408556652
408562419LucentREF1 HPDA Power Distribution Disconnect Shelf408562419
408629731LucentREF74 Adapter DIN Quick Connect - 300666104300666104
408641744LucentREF1 CPCI Multi Function I/O408641744
408645968LucentREF65 KS24564-L3A - CPOM-L3A - Oscillator Module - OMQ408645968
408646032LucentREF92 KS24510-L2A - CPC-B - 300531977300531977
408646040LucentREF 171KS24510-L1A - CPC-A - 300531936 300531936
408646297AlphaREF6 Power Unit Model # NOVUS 2000 XTI - 017-156-26408646297
408650885LucentREF22 KS24438-L3 - Fan Assembly M-15841 inside Fan Tray 408651487 & 408651495 408650885
408651826TycoREF2 1055065-1 - Adapter Coax408651826
408656304InterphaseREF 3 MDL-3039 - 4539 PMC Multi-Protocol T1/E1/J1 Port Card408656304
408656353LucentREF1 CPCI RTM for T1/E1408656353
408660751LucentREF13 KS24429-L7 - PCU 24V408660751
408662500LucentREF9 KS24649-L1 - Facilities Interface Module - Enhanced408662500
408662517LucentREF1 Facilities Interface Module - KS24649-L2 - in CC 848829271 408662518
408662518LucentREF1 KS24649-L2 - Facilities Interface Module - Enhanced - 12 SEC - in CC 848829271 408662518
408662757Seifert mtm SystemsREF 1 KS24437-L4 - Fan Controller Unit Attached to Heat Exchanger (408662765) 408662757
408663425LucentREF4 ModCell 2.0 Replacement Door408663425
408663698LucentREF11 KS24638-L1 - PkLAM +24V - 44WW22408663698
408664563LucentREF4 KS24630-L4 - iLAM -48V408664563
408666204LucentREF2 KS24409-L56 - Filter - D-P-B2408666204
408666311LucentREF42 D-P-D - Filter Assembly408666311
408666329LucentREF6 KS24409-L64 - Filter - D-P-E408666329
408666352LucentREF13 D-P-F - Filter Assembly408666352
408667285WatlowREF13 KS24544-L2 - Heater Pad 208V 970W (Orange)408667285
408671550PowerOneREF 3MPM24G - Rectifier Shelf408671550
408671899LucentREF2 KS24646-L2 - CmLAM -48V408671899
408672376LucentREF7 KS24646-L1 - CmLAM+24V408672376
408672582LucentREF 149 KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit - CC 300427481 408672582
408673580LucentREF8 Splitter - Rack 2 1990 LP1408673580
408673598LucentREF1 Splitter- Rack 2 900LP 1408673598
408677581LucentREF3 Fan Tray Assembly - wired for 48VDC -- includes qty 6 Papst Fans - Type 6248 N/22 - KS23912-L2 - 406611186 408677581
408679538LucentREF15 KS24587-L38 - Splitter - Rack 3 1900 LP2 - PCS 1:3408679538
408683753LucentREF1 KS24587-L43 - Combiner - Rack-2-900LP-2408683753
408683779LucentREF10 KS24587-L45 - Splitter - Rack-3-900LP-2408683779
408684157SunREF1 CPCI408684157
408686613Carlo GavazziREF 3Disk Drive Shelf408686613
408688372LucentREF1 KS24373-L4 - Filter Assembly408688372
408688380LucentREF1 KS24373-L5 - Filter Assembly408688380
408691491LucentREF27 KS24535-L9 - Splitter - ZAPD-2DC-7DIN408691491
408692879LucentREF50 KS24622-L1 - Coupler 40dB- 300675022 - 190-MC035-F1V1300675022
408692887KMWREF75 Power Sensor - 190-MC034-F1V3408692887
408692937LucentREF6 Power Splitter408692937
408693992LucentREF1 Splitter408693992
408708444LucentREF2 CPCI HO6435-002-A00408708444
408714012LucentREF3 KS24630-L4A - iLAM -48V408714012
408751956IBMREF1 DNES-318350 - Disk Drive Assembly 18GB408751956
408756773LucentREF1 KS24535-L12 - Power Splitter ZB3PD-7DB-1408756773
408756823SeifertREF 50 KS24675-L1 - Heat Exchanger Rear for ModCell Outdoor Bay 408756823
408757193LucentREF23 KS24591-L3 - Smart Switch408757193
408762045LucentREF1 ZAPD-2DC-8DIN - Power Divider408762045
408762268LucentREF11 KS24671-L1 - C2PAM +24V408762268
408762276LucentREF2 KS24671-L2 - C2PAM -48V408762276
408762789LucentREF17 501-7316-01 - CPCI R2 RTM for 3U/6U408762789
408762862SunREF3 540-4929-13 - DRW w/ MDPLN 410S408762862
408762904SunREF8 501-6118-06 - CPCI R2 System Controller408762904
408762912SonyREF14 DPS-69 - R2 Power Supply - 300-1535-05408762912
408762920SunREF13 540-5011-03 - DIS PNL 410S408762920
408764165LucentREF1 KS24410-L21 - Filter - T-CD-B1/B3408764165
408764173LucentREF1 Filter Assembly - T-CD-B2/B’408764173
408765956TycoREF5 108982612 - HPDA without Growth Module408765956
408767333LucentREF2 SCI-7400-D-79 - Power Panel 48V 70A408767333
408770501LucentREF3 MIC-3355-A - CPCI CPU 850MHz Pen408770501
408778074LucentREF4 ZB5PD-1575-1S - Power Splitter408778074
408780633PapstREF1 Fan Type 6248N/22TDP408780633
408781482LucentREF11 DFP-CN-11B/6N - Filter Assembly408781482
408781490LucentREF10 DFP-CI-11A/6N - KS24625-L3 - Filter Assembly408781490
408781508LucentREF3 DFP-CI-11B/6N - Filter Assembly - ModCell 4.0 Compact Bay 408781508
408781904LucentREF1 Splitter - 3ZN2PD-1910-1300627668
408783074SunREF6 CP2300S-650 - FBP Sparc Blade408783074
408784098LucentREF6 D-P-D/DE - Filter Assembly408784098
408784312LucentREF7 KS24587-L51 - Splitter Combiner - Rack 3 1990HP-1408784312
408784353LucentREF20 Splitter - Rack-3-900HP-1408784353
408789212Performance TechnologiesNEW 29 PT-RTM5400-90987 - CPCI 8 Port Rear I/O LANSW with Handle Keys - NEW IN BOX 408789212
408794733TycoREF2 108982125 - HPDA with Growth Module408794733
408809705GarrettComREF 8 P62F - Magnum Ethernet Switch with Cable Assembly 848950739 408809705
408811347SunREF13 WP-94142-L21A - CPCI RTM CPU - 501-7317-02408811347
408830370LucentREF1 DFP-P-20FC/2N - KS24624-L10 - Filter Assembly408830370
408832996LucentREF1 Simulator PCS A1408832996
408833713LucentREF1 KS24713-L5 - Simulator - PCS B1408833713
408833721LucentREF1 KS24713-L6 - Simulator PCS B2408833721
408834588LucentREF31 KS24638-L7 - PKLAM +24V300575990
408835247LucentREF1 CPCI FBP RICC408835247
408840023SunREF2 CPCI 6U Alarm Card408840023
408846319SunREF1 CPCI (defective)408846319
408847176LucentREF6 Simulator PCS C4408847176
408847317LucentREF7 Simulator 850 B2408847317
408847325LucentREF17 Simulator 850 B3408847325
408847333LucentREF1 Simulator 850 B’408847333
408855856PowerOneREF 1Rectifier Shelf408855856
408863686LucentREF1 WP-94142-L30A - CPCI R2 3U Alarm Card408863686
408863702SunREF24 540-4931-08 - Fan Tray 410S408863702
408863785LucentREF14 CPCI Combo Card408863785
408872489SunREF4 540-4394-11 - Fan Tray Assembly for Netra CT800408872489
408874220LucentREF2 2Z99SC-2-1-4 - Splitter with qty 2 Cables - CC 848609871 408874220
408884278SunREF6 CP2140-650 - CPCI RCPU with 2GB T1 PMC408884278
408886422Performance TechnologiesNEW 13 PT-CPC4416-91080 - CPCI 24 Port LAN SW with Kit and Handle Keys - NEW IN BOX 408886422
408893493LucentREF1 CPCI FBP-SMode-GICC408893493
408894137LucentREF91 KS24649-L5 - SEC-B Secondary Protector408894137
408897551LucentREF7 DFP-CI-14B/6N - KS24625-L10 - Filter Assembly408897551
408897569LucentREF32 DFP-P-5D/2N - KS24624-L38 - Filter Assembly408897569
408897577LucentREF9 DFP-P-5E/2N - KS24624-L39 - Filter Assembly408897577
408897585LucentREF30 DFP-P-5F/2N - KS24624-L40 - Filter Assembly408897585
408919686LucentREF1 Ethernet Switch408919686
408923035LucentREF1 KS24589-L30A - ModCell OneBTS L-30 Rev A408923035
408925642Smart Modular TechREF 8 CU40027 - 1394 Flash Drive with Firewire Connector - Rev C and D 408925642
408927085LucentREF1 DFP-P-10F/6N - KS24624-L42 - Filter Assembly408927085
408935567TycoREF1 109102373 - HPDA without Growth Module408935567
408946820ArtesynREF2 FBP_Module_GICC408946820
408951333LucentREF2 DFP-P-5F/6N - Filter Assembly408951333
408956183LucentREF3 KS24624-L52 - Filter Assembly - DFP-P-60/6N - In 9228 Indoor Bay 408956183
408956969IBMREF2 AC1 E-Server BladeCenter HS20 Type 8843408956969
408962744PentairREF1 KS24666-L7 - Filter Fresh Air with Front Door in ModCell 4.0B Outdoor Bay 408962744
408984037SunREF8 CPCI R2 AC RTM 3U/6U408984037
408984045SunREF7 501-7254 - CPCI R2 3U Alarm Card408984045
408984094LucentREF12 540-6418-02 - Fan Tray 410S Hot Swap408984094
408984110SunREF4 540-6655-02 - RDRW with MDPLN 410 (Chassis only)408984110
408984144SunREF17 501-7318-01 - CPCI R2 System Controller Card408984144
408984151SunREF5 WP-94142-L101 - 300-1767-04 - R2 Power Supply408984151
408984169SunREF9 602-3219-01 - DIS Panel 410S408984169
408995322AndrewNEW16 Arrestor Plus DC with Grounding Kit -..APTDC-BDFDM-LWB5A 408995322
408996072IBMREF1 E-Server HS20 CPU Blade408996072
408999431LucentREF21 Cable Kit Mod Plugs408999431
409002821LucentREF3 KS24783-L2 - Cable Kit Mod Plugs409002821
409002854LucentREF15 KS24783-L3 - Cable Kit Mod Plugs409002854
409017217SunREF4 501-7032-06 - CPCI CP2500 HOST RTM409017217
409019189LucentREF6 DFP-PC-60/6T - Filter Assembly409019189
409023728LucentREF16 DFP-CN-14B/6N - KS24625-L13 - Filter Assembly409023728
409036589PowerwaveREF 7 KS24722-L1 - CMCPA Power Amplifier 850MHz - Model # G3L-0830-160 Rev C 409036589
409036597PowerwaveREF 1KS24722-L2 - MPCPA Amplifier 1900 MHz 409036597
409036654LucentREF23 KS24724-L2 - Filter Assembly - DFP-CM-14B/2T409036654
409044724SunREF15 540-7115-02 - Fan Tray 410S409044724
409050259LucentREF2 RZ12AP3C-92-1 - Coupler for ModCell409050259
409050267LucentREF2 Splitter - RZ12SP3C-23-1 - PCS409050267
409062189LucentREF7 596B6 Rectifier 137A/24V - 300756715300756715
409083722SunREF6 501-7680-02 - CPCI R2 3U Alarm Card JLLFW409083722
409092863GarrettComREF 1 Magnum CP80 Ethernet Switch with Cable Assembly CC 849055470 CP80
409093853LucentREF9 KS24788-L1 - 60WCPAM High Power Amplifier - used in ALU 9222 Base Station Micro 409093853
483575900LucentREF32 Kit of nuts, bolts, screws483575900
486884600LorainREF30 MZHSA3B - DC to DC Converter486884600
601334428AmphenolNEW 4Cable Assembly601334428
601334501AmphenolNEW 9Cable Assembly with N-Type Connector 601334501
601334766AndrewNEW1 Cable Assembly601334766
601335425AndrewNEW10 ED2R876-32 - RF Cable 26-ft with Type-F Connector601335425
601996960GNPREF1 CPCI Carrier Shelf Computer Node - 1-901427-1Y1-901427-1Y
846509610LucentREF5 Cable Assembly846509610
846610499LucentREF2 Cable Assembly846610499
846619284LucentREF3 Cable Assembly846619284
846937688AndrewNEW1 Cable Heliax MI-MWSML846937688
846983310LucentREF5 Wiring Harness - NEW846983310
847585908LucentREF2 Cable Assembly847585908
847586039LucentREF2 Cable Assembly847586039
847586104LucentREF2 Cable Assembly847586104
847592318LucentREF20 Cable Assembly847592318
847610946LucentREF1 Cable Assembly847610946
847658978LucentREF1 Cable Assembly847658978
847658994LucentREF2 Cable Assembly847658994
847713740LucentREF10 44WD1 - Alarm Kit - 847713740 - with AYD-10 Board & Cabling 847662053 44WD1
847713740LucentREF10 44WD1 - Alarm Kit with AYD-10 Board & Cabling 847662053 847713740
848001235LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848001235
848055470LucentREF2 Cable Assembly849055470
848125787LucentREF50 ALARM CONTROL INTERFACE CP848125787
848143483LucentREF1 Cable Assembly SG848143483
848143491LucentREF70 Cable Assembly - SGNL CO848143491
848143509LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848143509
848143699LucentREF1 Cable Assembly - SGNL CO848143699
848143715LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848143715
848143756LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848143756
848147799AstrolabREF 1Cable Assembly848147799
848149431LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848149431
848149449LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848149449
848149522LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848149522
848149563LucentREF34 Cable Assembly LMR-400-FR848149563
848149571LucentREF7 Cable Assembly848149571
848169033Times MicroNEW 1Cable Assembly848169033
848169041LucentREF63 Cable Assembly848169041
848169173LucentREF2 Cable Assembly - ASM 848169173 SGN848169173
848177507LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848177507
848180162LucentREF6 Cable Assembly WH14848180162
848180238LucentREF9 Cable Assembly WH21848180238
848180253LucentREF2 Cable Assembly Harness for ModCell 3.0848180253
848180329LucentREF20 Cable Assembly / Waveguide / Pipe / W261-W278848180329
848180337LucentREF14 Cable Assembly848180337
848180352LucentREF26 Cable Assembly848180352
848180360LucentREF5 Cable Harness848180360
848209383LucentREF7 Cable Assembly WH23848209383
848214235AndrewNEW65 848214235 - Heliax Coaxial Cable / Elliptical Waveguide - WP93807-L2A 3/8-inch 30-ft - 300030335 EFX2-PNM-LU1
848214235LucentREF65 EFX2-PNM-LU1 - Heliax Coaxial Cable / Elliptical Waveguide - WP93807-L2A 3/8-inch 30-ft - 300030335 300030335
848227369LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848227369
848245833LucentREF1 Facilities Interface Panel in CC 848745790848245833
848267274LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848267274
848269072LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848269072
848273926LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848273926
848287488LucentREF50 W204848287488
848304440TycoREF5 Cable Connector (Green) on 44WWIOU4B848304440
848337887LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848337887
848339446Huber SuhnerNEW 102Cable - 90582153848339446
848345724LucentREF1 Facilities Interface Panel in CC 848345724848345724
848346318LucentREF82 Power Combiner848346318
848346383LucentREF6 Cellular PCPD 2:1 1:2848346383
848346417LucentREF2 KS24440-L4 - PCS PCPD 2:1 1:2 Combiner848346417
848346441LucentREF35 Cellular HPC 3:1848346441
848346458LucentREF35 KS24440-L8 - PCS HPC 3:1 High Power Combiner/Splitter848346458
848346466LucentREF7 Cellular HPC 2:1848346466
848346473LucentREF3 Cable for KS24440-L10848346473
848346490LucentREF15 PCS HTC Combiner848346490
848348942LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848348942
848366163LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848366163
848366221LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848366221
848368130LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368130
848368148LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368148
848368155LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368155
848368171LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848368171
848368189LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368189
848368197LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368197
848368205LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848368205
848368213LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368213
848368221LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368221
848368296LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368296
848368304LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848368304
848373130LucentREF6 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - 848172946848172904
848379590AnixterREF7 Flex Line 1/2-inch 50 Ohm 5AWG Shielded848379590
848401089LucentREF6 Grounding Plate in Kit CC 848403036848401089
848403036LucentREF6 Grounding Plate Kit848403036
848404547LucentREF50 Cable Assembly (Pipe)848404547
848412987LucentREF28 Cable Assembly848412987
848412995LucentREF11 Cable Assembly848412995
848413001LucentREF9 Cable Assembly848413001
848413167LucentREF8 Cable Assembly848413167
848416202LucentREF20 Facilities Interface Panel848416202
848422358LucentREF16 Cable Assembly848422358
848461158LucentREF75 Cable Assembly - Filter Panel848461158
848463824LucentREF13 Power Sensor848463824
848463840LucentREF7 Cable Assembly848463840
848469151LucentREF1 Cable Assy.848469151
848469227LucentREF5 Cable PCBR J500848469227
848469235LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848469235
848469243LucentREF7 Cable Assembly W6848469243
848497533LucentREF72 Cable848497533
848512083LucentREF20 Antenna Connector Plate848512083
848513628LucentREF30 Cable ASSEMBLY RAD848513628
848513636LucentREF36 Cable ASSEMBLY RAD848513636
848513644LucentREF2 ULAM Interface Panel848513644
848526638LucentREF10 Cable Data 32848526638
848529053LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848529053
848533055LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848533055
848536496LucentREF8 Cable Assembly to Heater Pad848536496
848537932LucentREF8 Digital Shelf Assembly / Backplane - 848757803848567749
848541975LucentREF40 Cable Kit848541975
848544060LucentREF8 Cable Assembly848544060
848544086LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848544086
848544169LucentREF8 Cable Harness Assembly848544169
848545687LucentREF3 Cable Harness Assembly from CTRM to Filters - ModCell 3.0 848545687
848545778LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848545778
848546164LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848546164
848546172LucentREF3 Cable Assembly WH30848546172
848546180LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848546180
848546479LucentREF2 Remote Maintenance Panel -- ModCell 3.0 Cabinet848546479
848546891LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848546891
848547121LucentREF2 Cable848547121
848547147LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848547147
848547154LucentREF11 Cable Coax848547154
848549242LucentREF19 Cable Assembly848549242
848549275LucentREF21 Cable Assembly848549275
848549283LucentREF8 Cable Assembly848549283
848561577LucentREF5 Cable CAT-5 / 100+ foot each / LMT Port CC Hub 10-Port 7 848561577
848567749LucentREF5 Digital Shelf Assembly / Backplane -- 848757803848537932
848572046LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - Used in CC 848625315 848572046
848572087NMBREF7 KS24563-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly - 300633997300633997
848572095NMBREF50 KS24563-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly848572095
848582656LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848582656
848594693LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848594693
848596094LucentREF 109Hex Nut 1-1/2 inch - For Filter Assembly Kit 848596094
848604433LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848604433
848605192LucentREF 100DRM TERMINATION UNIT CP848605192
848609012LucentREF1 KS24567-L7120 - Cable Assembly848609012
848609020LucentREF1 KS24567-L3140 - Cable Assembly848609020
848609053LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848609053
848609111LucentREF25 Cable Assembly848609111
848609723LucentREF29 KS24567-L1020 - Cable Assembly848609723
848609871LucentREF39 KS24567-L1040 - Cable Assembly used in CPC Kit848609871
848610044LucentREF1 KS24567-L3060 - Cable Assembly848610044
848610077LucentREF22 KS24567-L1070 - Cable Assembly848610077
848610119LucentREF1 KS24567-L3080 - Cable Assembly848610119
848610135LucentREF1 KS24567-L7080 - Cable Assembly848610135
848610143LucentREF3 KS24567-L1090 - Cable Assembly848610143
848610184LucentREF 190KS24567-L1100 - Cable Assembly 848610184
848610218LucentREF20 KS24567-L7100 - Cable Assembly848610218
848610226LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848610226
848610234LucentREF20 Cable Assembly848610234
848610259LucentREF5 KS24567-L7110 - Cable Assembly848610259
848610267LucentREF20 KS24567-L1120 - Cable Assembly848610267
848610309LucentREF35 Cable Assembly848610309
848610325LucentREF1 KS24567-L7130 - Cable Assembly848610325
848610358LucentREF1 KS24567-L7140 - Cable Assembly848610358
848610374LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848610374
848610424LucentREF1 KS24567-L1170 - Cable Assembly - 300675030300675030
848610465LucentREF46 KS24567-L1180 - Cable Assembly848610465
848610499LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848610499
848610655LucentREF26 KS24567-L1240 - Cable Assembly848610655
848610770LucentREF2 KS24567-L1270 - Cable Assembly848610770
848610804LucentREF20 KS24567-L7270 - Cable Assembly848610804
848610812LucentREF4 KS24567-L1280 - Cable Assembly848610812
848610903LucentREF16 KS24567-L3300 - Cable Assembly848610903
848613154LucentREF2 Blank Face Plate for TDU848613154
848615100LucentREF50 Cable RF Connectorized848615100
848615985TycoREF40 Cable Assembly to IOU848615985
848616041LucentREF40 KS24566 - Cable848616041
848619177LucentREF17 KS24566-L45S030 - Cable Assembly848619177
848619201LucentREF2 KS24566-L45N060 - Cable Assembly848619201
848619235LucentREF3 KS24566-L45S075 - Cable848619235
848619243LucentREF25 KS24566-L45N090 - Cable Assembly848619243
848619268LucentREF15 KS24566-L45N105 - Cable Assembly848619268
848619284LucentREF14 KS24566-L45N120 - Cable Assembly848619284
848619300LucentREF3 KS24566-L45S135 - Cable Assembly848619300
848619375LucentREF2 KS24566-L45N195 - Cable Assembly848619375
848619391LucentREF12 KS24566-L45N210 - Cable848619391
848619409LucentREF9 KS24566-L45S210 - Cable Assembly848619409
848619433TycoREF183 KS24566-L45N240 - Cable Assembly, Ethernet848619433
848619623LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848619623
848619656LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848619656
848619862LucentREF25 Cable848619862
848625315LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - 848572046848672046
848630901LucentREF3 Circuit Breaker Distribution Panel848630901
848631222LucentREF1 Cable Assembly Harness848631222
848631354LucentREF1 Cable Assembly WH-12848631354
848631396LucentREF1 Cable Assembly WH-30848631396
848631404LucentREF5 MODCELL CABINET CABLE KIT848631404
848632477LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848632477
848634366LucentREF1 Cable Assembly WH-13848634366
848636080LucentREF9 Power Cable ULAM848636080
848636569LucentREF4 Cable Assembly WH6848636569
848636577LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848636577
848636585LucentREF6 Cable Assembly WH-14E848636585
848636668LucentREF1 PCM Cable848636668
848636908LucentREF1 Blank Filler Panel848636908
848672046LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - CC 848625315848625315
848691391LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848691391
848728218LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848728218
848728481LucentREF25 Cable Harness Kit with Mini Circuits Splitter848728481
848739132LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848739132
848739140LucentREF 200Cable -- ModCell RF Interconnect 848739140
848743472LucentREF10 Cable Harness848743472
848745790LucentREF2 KS24582-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel - 408445559408445559
848749529LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848749529
848750162LucentREF2 KS24582-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel - 408445559408445559
848751236EBM IndustriesREF 2KS24563-L4 - Fan Tray Assembly 848751236
848760351LucentREF18 Cable Assembly848760351
848760369LucentREF50 Cable Assembly (Amphenol)848760369
848762571LucentREF40 Cable Assembly Power848762571
848762944LucentREF3 Amplifier Shelf Assembly 12-Slot848762944
848786596LucentREF2 ModCell Subrack Backplane Assembly Cellular848786596
848791596LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848791596
848791604LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848791604
848795555LucentREF8 Cable848795555
848799821LucentREF7 KS24563-L5 - Fan Tray Assembly848799821
848805131Huber SuhnerNEW 100 KS24577-L4 - 3400-41-0177L - Lightning Protector848805131
848809067LucentREF14 Digital Shelf Assembly / Backplane - CC 848811253 PowerBoard 848809919
848809919LucentREF14 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - 848811253848811253
848811253LucentREF14 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - CC 848809919848809919
848814513LucentREF40 Cable 250-ft 12-pair with DB Connector848814513
848825315LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane848572046
848826129LucentREF3 A6 Shelf Expansion 6-Slots848826129
848828166LucentREF3 Cable Assembly - tri-cable848828166
848828422LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848828422
848829206LucentREF10 Cable Assembly with Connector for Battery Power848829206
848829230LucentREF2 Cable Assembly attached to Power Panel848829230
848829271LucentREF1 KS24649-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel408662500
848829404LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848829404
848831277LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848831277
848832622LucentREF1 PDP I2C +24VDC848832622
848834313LucentREF 140KS24566-L45N045 - Cable848834313
848834321LucentREF95 Cable Assembly848834321
848834339LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848834339
848837183Times MicroNEW 21Cable848837183
848837613LucentREF2 Cable for Battery Power848837613
848837621LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848837621
848837720LucentREF1 Cable Assembly for Power for Digital Shelf Assembly848837720
848838181LucentREF 106Cable Assembly848838181
848838223LucentREF3 KS24566-L94060 - Cable Assembly848838223
848838264LucentREF4 KS24566-L94120 - Cable Assembly848838264
848838298LucentREF64 KS24566-L94164 - Cable Assembly848838298
848838462LucentREF7 Cable Assembly848838462
848838488LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848838488
848838504LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848838504
848838629LucentREF1 KS24567-L3DA050 - Cable Assembly848838629
848838652LucentREF7 KS24567-L3DA070 - Cable Assembly848838652
848838660LucentREF5 KS24567-L30A080 - Cable Assembly848838660
848838678LucentREF2 KS24567-L3DA090 - Cable Assembly848838678
848838686LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848838686
848838694LucentREF1 KS24567-L3DA110 - Cable Assembly848838694
848838702LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848838702
848838911LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848838911
848838934LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848838934
848838991LucentREF55 Cable Assembly848838991
848840021NMBREF1 KS24563-L10 - Fan Tray Assembly848840021
848840179LucentREF4 Digital Shelf Assembly (Power Board) for ModCell 4.0 Compact - CC 848920252 and CC 848964367 848840179
848840591LucentREF11 Cable Assembly848840591
848840609LucentREF1 Cable Assembly WH187848840609
848840633LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848840633
848840740LucentREF2 KS24587-L45 - Cell 1:3 Splitter - CC 408683779408683779
848840849LucentREF1 Cable Assembly WH195848840849
848841045LucentREF13 Mounting Bracket for A6 Shelf848841045
848841110LucentREF7 LPDA Fuse Panel848841110
848841227LucentREF2 Amplifier Shelf - Outdoor Bay Expansion Shelf - 1x12848841227
848841631LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848841631
848844774LucentREF11 PDP I2C - Power Distribution Panel for ModCell 4.0848844774
848845673LucentREF1 TDU Power Distribution Shelf +24V848845673
848846044TycoREF1 Cable Assembly848846044
848846375LucentREF4 PCS PCPD 3:1 1:3848846375
848846507LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848846507
848847083LucentREF47 RF Waveguide (HPC to ULA)848847083
848847117LucentREF70 Pipeline848847117
848847133LucentREF29 Cable Assembly848847133
848849105LucentREF16 Cable Assembly848849105
848849774LucentREF2 PDP-I2C +24VDC848849774
848850194LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848850194
848850335LucentREF3 Power Cable Assembly848850335
848850343TycoREF6 Cable Assembly848850343
848850350TycoREF3 Cable Assembly848850350
848850368LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848850368
848850376LucentREF5 Cable848850376
848850533SEISCOREF1 Anchor Kit 1/2-inch Standard848850533
848851952LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848851952
848854881AmphenolNEW 20Cable Assembly848854881
848860342LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860342
848860359LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848860359
848860375LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848860375
848860383LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860383
848860391LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860391
848860409LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860409
848860417LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860417
848860425LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860425
848860433LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848860433
848861985LucentREF20 Cable Assembly848861985
848862520LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848862520
848862538LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848862538
848862546LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848862546
848871679TycoREF9 KS24669-L1 - Power Divider848871679
848871687TycoREF6 KS24669-L2 - Power Divider848871687
848872008LucentREF15 Blank Filler Panel (Card)848872008
848872016LucentREF34 Blank Filler Panel (CPC)848872016
848872024LucentREF30 Blank Filler Panel (OMR)848872024
848872206LucentREF2 Gasket Assembly848872206
848877007PowerOneREF 12Blank off panel848877007
848885588LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848885588
848888806LucentREF21 Cable Assembly848888806
848889606LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848889606
848890802LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848890802
848898680LucentREF25 Cable Assembly848898680
848898698LucentREF12 Cable848898698
848898706LucentREF19 Cable Assembly848898706
848898714LucentREF12 Cable Assembly848898714
848898722LucentREF19 Cable Assembly848898722
848898730LucentREF11 Cable Assembly848898730
848898748LucentREF17 KS24668-L6 - Cable Assembly848898748
848898755LucentREF11 Cable Assembly848898755
848898763LucentREF17 Cable Assembly848898763
848898771LucentREF11 Cable Assembly848898771
848898789LucentREF14 KS24668-L10 - Cable Assembly848898789
848898797LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848898797
848898805LucentREF14 Cable Assembly848898805
848903951LucentREF1 44WWIOU4 - 84890395144WWIOU4
848904686TycoREF1 Cable Assembly848904686
848905972LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848905972
848906251LucentREF1 FMS RCC Shelf Assembly848906251
848906285WecoREF2 CBU848906285
848911805LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848911805
848911822LucentREF8 KS24668-L15 - Cable Assembly848911822
848911830LucentREF3 KS24668-L16 - Cable Assembly848911830
848911848LucentREF9 Cable Assembly848911848
848911855LucentREF2 KS24668-L18 - Cable Assembly848911855
848911863LucentREF8 Cable Assembly848911863
848911871LucentREF3 KS24668-L20 - Cable Assembly848911871
848911889LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848911889
848911897LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848911897
848911905LucentREF15 Cable Assembly848911905
848911921LucentREF2 KS24668-L24 - Cable Assembly848911921
848911939LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848911939
848911947LucentREF3 KS24668-L26 - Cable Assembly848911947
848911954LucentREF10 Cable Assembly TX Growth Filter to Amp - 300661238300661238
848911962LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848911962
848917282LucentREF27 Blank Filler Panel848917282
848918595LucentREF1 Wes Bag Primary Outdoor848918595
848920997LucentREF84 Cable Assembly848920997
848921888LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921888
848921896LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921896
848921904LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921904
848921912LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921912
848921920LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921920
848921938LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921938
848921946LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921946
848921953LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848921953
848921979LucentREF50 Cable Assembly848921979
848922019LucentREF2 Cable Assembly -- Discrete Signal848922019
848923488LucentREF15 Digital Shelf Assembly - Chassis used in CC 848809919, 849042486, 848937769 848809919
848924007LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924007
848924015LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924015
848924023LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924023
848924031LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924031
848924056LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924056
848924064LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924064
848924098LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924098
848924106LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924106
848924114LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924114
848924122LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924122
848924254LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924254
848924262LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848924262
848925798LucentREF84 Cable Assembly Discreet Signal848925798
848926473TycoREF5 Cable Assembly - Power - WH-198848926473
848927430TycoREF10 Cable Assembly - Power - WH193-WH195848927430
848927836LucentREF50 Mounting Bracket Plate for Filter Upgrade Kit CC 300705258 848927836
848927844LucentREF39 Airflow Blocking Panel848927844
848929253LucentREF6 Cable Assembly on OneBTS Compact Power Distribution Shelf CC 848959672 848929253
848929923LucentREF6 Cable Assembly DB25 Male/Female Connectors - Power Distribution Shelf ModCell Compact Filter/TDU - CC 848959672 848929923
848930327LucentREF2 KS24567-L1350 - Cable Assembly848930327
848931408TycoREF4 Cable Assembly848931408
848931769LucentREF1 Backplane Assembly848931769
848932372LucentREF30 Hinged Latch for Heat Exchanger Rear Outdoor for ModCell 4.0 848932372
848932539LucentREF3 Cable Assembly WH176 - For ModCell Heat Exchanger (Rear) 848932539
848932588LucentREF4 Cable Assembly W183-W186848932588
848933263LucentREF7 TDU Shelf848933263
848933479LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848933479
848935433MA/COMREF17 KS24684-L1 - 850MHz Tx Config Panel - MAIAIN0020848935433
848937546LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848937546
848937587LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848937587
848937603LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848937603
848937629LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848937629
848937645LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848937645
848937660LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848937660
848937678LucentREF5 KS24567-L3390 - Cable Assembly848937678
848937686LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848937686
848937769LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly / Backplane - CC 848948261 PWB848948261
848938585LucentREF10 Facilities Interface Module408662500
848939393LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848939393
848939666LucentREF6 Cable Assembly848939666
848939674LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848939674
848939682LucentREF4 Cable Assembly848939682
848939716LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848939716
848939724LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848939724
848941142LucentREF5 KS24665-L13 - Cable Assembly848941142
848941159LucentREF15 KS24665-L14 - Cable Assembly848941159
848941167LucentREF10 KS24665-L15 - Cable Assembly848941167
848941175LucentREF2 KS24665-L16 - Cable Assembly848941175
848941183LucentREF2 KS24665-L17 - Cable Assembly848941183
848941191LucentREF2 KS24665-L18 - Cable Assembly848941191
848941209LucentREF9 KS24665-L19 - Cable Assembly848941209
848941217LucentREF9 KS24665-L20 - Cable Assembly848941217
848941225LucentREF7 KS24665-L21 - Cable Assembly848941225
848941233LucentREF9 KS24665-L22 - Cable Assembly848941233
848941241LucentREF8 KS24665-L23 - Cable Assembly848941241
848941258LucentREF10 KS24665-L24 - Cable Assembly848941258
848941266LucentREF3 KS24665-L25 - Cable Assembly848941266
848941274LucentREF3 KS24465-L26 - Cable Assembly848941274
848941282LucentREF3 KS24665-L27 - Cable Assembly848941282
848941290LucentREF3 KS24665-L28 - Cable Assembly848941290
848941308LucentREF3 KS24665-L29 - Cable Assembly848941308
848941316LucentREF3 KS24665-L30 - Cable Assembly848941316
848941324LucentREF11 Cable Assembly - RF Connzd Inter Model 4.0 Compact848941324
848942793LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848942793
848942801LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848942801
848943049LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848943049
848943148LucentREF9 TDU Power Distribution Panel +24VDC848943148
848943767LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848943767
848945234TycoREF1 Cable Assembly (Power)848945234
848945929LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848945929
848948121LucentREF3 Cable Assembly848948121
848948261LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane - PWB for CC 848937769 or CC 849042486 848937769
848949327LucentREF48 KS24668-L33 - Cable Connectorized Interface848949327
848949343LucentREF47 KS24668-L35 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949343
848949368LucentREF49 KS24668-L37 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949368
848949384LucentREF1 KS24668-L39 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949384
848949400LucentREF69 KS24668-L41 - Cable Kit (10 Cables Per Kit / Bagged)848949400
848949426LucentREF2 KS24668-L43 - Cable Connectorized Interface848949426
848949798LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848949798
848950739LucentREF10 Cable Assembly - Connected to Magnum Ethernet Switch P62F 848950739
848950770LucentREF9 KS24566-L45N380 - Cable Assembly848950770
848950929LucentREF7 Cable Assembly - Power848950929
848950945LucentREF14 Cable Assembly - Power848950945
848950952LucentREF10 Cable Assembly - Power848950952
848952982LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane848964367
848954111LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848954111
848954368LucentREF1 Mobility Server Shelf848954368
848957577LucentREF1 Heater Module848957577
848959672LucentREF4 Power Distribution Shelf for ModCell Compact Filter/TDU with qty 2 Cable - CC 848929253 Cables 848959672
848960456LucentREF19 KS24648-L5 - Mounting Shelf for Splitters - 21-inch848960456
848960472LucentREF7 Cable Assembly with 4 Connectors848960472
848962049LucentREF10 Cable Assembly848962049
848962056LucentREF1 Cable Assembly -48 VDC848962056
848962064LucentREF8 Cable Assembly848962064
848962437LucentREF1 ModCell 4.0 Front Door 3-Hinged848962437
848962718LucentREF2 A6 Shelf for ModCell 4.0 Compact848962718
848962944LucentREF8 Backplane Chassis Sub-Assemby for ModCell848962944
848963898LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848963898
848964367LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly with Hybrid Backplane for ModCell 4.0 Compact includes A6 Shelf 848840179
848964671LucentREF1 Digital Shelf Assembly / Backplane in ModCell 4.0 Compact Bay 848964671
848964789LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848964789
848964995LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848964995
848965547LucentREF1 Cable Assembly848965547
848965554LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848965554
848965562LucentREF2 Cable Assembly848965562
848965638LucentREF2 Cable Assembly used with Telco Interface Panel for ModCell Compact - CC 408839371 848965638
848967873LucentREF6 KS24563-L11 - Fan Tray Assembly848967873
848978508TycoREF3 Cable Assembly - 1874487-1848978508
848978789TycoREF5 Cable Assembly - 6874484-1848978789
848978797TycoREF1 Cable Assembly - 1874483-1848978797
848982237LucentREF3 Digital Shelf Assembly - Backplane848920252
848985255HoneywellREF 2Heater Assembly in ModCell 4.0 Compact Bay 848985255
848991519LucentREF12 Cable Assembly T1 User Alarm 40-ft - 300664976300426939
848992384LucentREF5 Cable Assembly848992384
848994927LucentREF1 Power Distribution Module (PDM) for BTS4400 - CRPUFVOBAA 848994927
848996849LucentREF43 Mounting Shelf for SEC-B - 21-inch for ModCell 4.0848996849
848997227LucentREF15 Mounting Shelf for SEC-B - 11-inch for ModCell Compact 848997227
848997771LucentREF10 Cable Assembly for SEC-B848997771
848997789LucentREF6 Cable Assembly for SEC-B848997789
848997797LucentREF2 Cable Assembly for MLAB-GTP CC 849026208848997797
848999603TycoREF100 Cable Assembly848999603
849000054LucentREF22 PDP-II +24V849000054
849000450LucentREF1 IOU1C849000450
849000815TycoREF10 Power Distribution Cable849000815
849001409LucentREF2 Cable to Fan & IOU849001409
849001979LucentREF9 Power Cable for A6 Expansion Shelf849001979
849002720LucentREF3 KS24563-L12 - Fan Tray Assembly for ModCell 4.0B Outdoor 849002720
849002738EBM IndustriesREF 50KS24563-L13 - Fan Tray Assembly 849002738
849003827LucentREF6 KS24563-L15 - Fan Tray Assembly849003827
849003835NMBREF27 KS24563-L16 - Fan Tray Assembly849003835
849014774LucentREF1 Grounding Lug Kit849014774
849015763LucentREF7 Cable Assembly849015763
849023254LucentREF10 Mounting Shelf for SEC-B - 11-inch for ModCell Compact - 300823564 300823564
849023510LucentREF1 ECBU2 - Enhanced Circuit Breaker Unit - VSPUWOUFAA849023510
849024914LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849024914
849025424LucentREF2 Cable Assembly849025424
849025432LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849025432
849027735LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849027735
849037601TycoREF10 Power Cable Assembly849037601
849042700LucentREF20 Cable849042700
849044847LucentREF22 FIP Assembly ASBU Platform849044847
849046826LucentREF1 BNJ92B - SBEVMm - 849046826849046826
849048244LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849048244
849048277LucentREF1 Cable Assembly ECBU Front J1849048277
849048285LucentREF1 Cable Assembly ECBU Front J2849048285
849055470LucentREF2 Cable Assembly for Magnum Ethernet Switch849055470
849057716LucentREF10 Cable Assembly849057716
849082748LucentREF2 Cable Assembly849082748
849082763LucentREF4 Cable Assembly849082763
849083183LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849083183
849105234LucentREF1 Cable Assembly849105234
898911905LucentREF1 Cable Assembly898911905
901391177LucentREF 150Screw M5 x 16mm in CC 300844396 Upgrade Kit 901391177
901402685LucentREF 100Screw M4 x 12mm in CC 300844396 Upgrade Kit 901402685
1000010950LucentREF1 Konstanter1000010950
1000274064LucentREF1 Konstanter1000274064
4264790036ADCREF4 Mini-DSX-1/W4-26479-0036
010-0156-0601TelectREF 1DSX1 Cross Connect Panel 56-Pos FXC 19" 835-26005
010-029-20ArgusREF18 RSM24/100 - Rectifier Module (Input: 208/240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 21 Amps) (Output: 26VDC, 100 Amps) 010-029-20
010-5008-0010TelectREF 1Punchdown Block010-5008-0010
012-3047-000OctelNEW 19G Drive Module (New In Box) - VSPQA9UAAA 012-3047-000
012-3068-001LucentREF 2Power Distribution Unit012-3068-001
014748-001UnknownREF 6Pipe Mount Sub Assembly014748-001
016038-001UnknownREF 2Mounting Kit Bracket Clamp016038-001
017-156-26AlphaREF5 Power Unit NOVUS 2000 XTI - 017-156-26408646297
020-589-20ArgusREF1 Breaker Panel 23 Plug-in 48VDC 400 Amp Max020-589-20
074-301000-015PolyphaserNEW 2Surge Protector074-301000-015
074-301000-016PolyphaserNEW 1Surge Protector - 9090-1750 074-301000-016
075-410666-004MCCREF 2Microwave Diplexer Rev 9C 075-410666-004
075-410666-005MCCREF 2Microwave Diplexer Rev 9C 075-410666-005
075-410666-007MCCREF 3Microwave Diplexer Rev 9C 075-410666-007
090-0920-B1PolyphaserNEW 3Surge Protector090-0920-B1
091-0815-BPolyphaserNEW 20Surge Protector091-0815-B
095-0927T-APolyphaserNEW 3Lightning Protector095-0927T-A
097-0311G-A2PolyphaserNEW 1Surge Protector097-0311G-A2
1018197-0002HughesREF 2Firmware Rev:CJ.61018197-0002
105-1010B-APolyphaserNEW 2In line EMP Surge Filter1051010BA
10804-66AndrewNEW25 N-Adapter10804-66
1088KPatton ElectronicsREF 2 Cap DSL Rocket with NetLink G703/G704 Interface1088K
11-273-39Comm ScopeNEW 54Cable Assembly / 10-ft RF Coax Jumper 11-273-39
126-34012-010AndrewNEW 1ESD Grounding Kit126-34012-010
130-1340-920CienaREF 4Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1340-920
130-1341-920CienaREF 3Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1341-920
130-1343-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1343-920
130-1345-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1345-920
130-1346-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1346-920
130-1347-920CienaREF 3Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1347-920
130-1349-920CienaREF 3Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1349-920
130-1350-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1350-920
130-1353-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1353-920
130-1355-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-48 Transceiver 130-1355-920
130-2001-920CienaREF 3Corestream OC-192 Issue 1 - WMt530VDAA 130-2001-920
130-2018-920CienaREF 1Corestream OC-192 Issue 1 - WMT7EX0BAA 130-2018-920
14-2420A00RamixREF1 PMC682-ISO (Rev B) Memory Card14-2420A00
1873BDFComm ScopeNEW 13 Connector Din Female for 1-5/8 inch Cable (Qty 3 per Box) 1873BDF
1DM401Micro SwitchREF 20Switch - Snap in Panel Mount 10A 1DM401
204679-180AndrewNEW 14WAVEGUIDE BOOT204679-180
204679-2AndrewNEW25 Cable Entry Boot Assy204679-2
204679-3AndrewNEW38 WAVEGUIDE BOOT204679-3
204679-4AndrewNEW1 Boot204679-4
204679A-4AndrewNEW10 Boot - 4" entry Port Boot Assembly 1-5/8"204679A-4
204679A-7AndrewNEW4 Boot Assembly 4" Entry Port204679A-7
204989-1AndrewNEW1 GROUNDING KIT 1/2" CABLE204989-1
204989-2AndrewNEW16 GROUND KIT 7/8" CABLE204989-2
204989-24AndrewNEW10 GROUND KIT204989-24
204989-4AndrewNEW15 GROUND KIT204989-4
205817-3LucentREF100 Connector Assembly Kit - Same as 207953-3205817-3
206706-2AndrewNEW12 Snap In Hanger Kit206706-2
206706-4AndrewNEW179 Snap-In Hanger Kit 1-5/8 - Each Kit contains 10 units206706-4
206706A-4AndrewNEW40 Snap-In Hanger Kit 1-5/8 - Each Kit contains 10 units206706A-4
207953-3LucentREF100 Connector Assembly Kit - Same as 205817-3207953-3
2082-6171-03MA/COMREF 8Attenuator DC-4 GHz 3dB2082617103
209179-1AndrewNEW1 Cable Feed Assembly209179-1
20GB7200UnknownREF1 Hard Drive 20GB20GB7200
2250-593TranstectorNEW 1Voltage Suppressor - 1101-8142250-593
241088-6AndrewNEW10 GROUNDING KIT 1/2" CABLE241088-6
241088-9AndrewNEW11 Ground Kit 1-5/8-in Cable241088-9
241475-9AndrewNEW5 Cold Shrink 3M241475-9
243400-12AndrewNEW7 Ground Kit243400-12
270-4669-06SunREF6 DASH 01 - Processor Card rev 51270-4669-06
30848-4AndrewNEW12 Tower Stand-off Kit30848-4
30848-5AndrewNEW6 Tower Stand Off Kit - .75"-1.5" - R30848-5
31618-4AndrewNEW2 Pressure Sensor31618-4
31670-1AndrewNEW23 Adaptor Kit Round Member31670-1
31670-2AndrewNEW5 Adapter Kit Round Member (Kit of 10)31670-2
31670-3AndrewNEW40 Adapter Kit Round Member (Kit of 10)31670-3
31670-4AndrewNEW17 ROUND MEMBER ADAPTOR KIT31670-4
31769-1AndrewNEW12 Hardware Kit for Heliax Waveguide Hangers31769-1
3190-1262Times MicroNEW 36EZ-900-NMC-2 - Connector N-Male for LMR900 EZ-900-NMC-2
3190-1263Times MicroNEW 13EZ-900-NFC-2 - Connector N Female for LMR900 EZ-900-NFC-2
3190-1641Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male for LMR900 EZ-900-716MC-2
3190-333Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male LMR900EZ-900-716MC-2
3190-335Times MicroNEW 7EZ-1200-NMC - Connector N Male LMR1200 EZ-1200-NMC
3190-336Times MicroNEW 2EZ-1200-NFC - Connector N Female LMR1200 EZ-1200-NFC
3190-337Times MicroNEW 8 EZ-1200-716MC - Connector Din 7/16 Male LMR1200EZ-1200-716MC
31-B1112AValmontNEW3 Waveguide Boot 4", 3 Hole, 1/2" Coax31-B1112A
31-B578AValmontNEW5 Waveguide Boot 4-inch31-B578A
31-B578BValmontNEW24 Waveguide Boot 5", Blank31-B578B
3400-17-0025LHuber SuhnerNEW 4Surge Protector3400-17-0025L
3400-17-0230Huber SuhnerNEW 30Surge Protector3400-17-0230
3400-17-0321LHuber SuhnerNEW 10Surge Protector3400-17-0321L
3400-41-0059LHuber SuhnerNEW 16Lightning Protector3400-41-0059L
3400-41-0177LLucentREF 140 KS24577-L4 - Lightning Protector 50 Ohm - CC 300427481 Coax Surge Protector Kit 3400-41-0177L
3400-41-S-0896Huber SuhnerNEW 1Surge Protector3400-41-S-0896
340217KHuber SuhnerNEW 49 Lightning Protector 2500MHz Bulkhead Coax 5000W34021K
3402-41-0023LHuber SuhnerNEW 5EMP Protector3402-41-0023L
3409-00-0001Huber SuhnerNEW 5Surge Protector3409-00-0001
3409-00-0003LHuber SuhnerNEW 75Surge Protector3409-00-0003L
350-4057-01Switching PowerREF 2CPCI DC/DC Power Supply3504057-01
380-1365-01SunREF1 Netra 240380-1365-01
390-0085-03SeagateREF 12390-0085-03 - 9V8006-033 - Hard Drive ST318305LC
390-0157-03SeagateREF 9 390-0157-03 - Hard Drive 73GB with Solaris 9 - 390-0157-03 - MAP3735N 109471011
390-0252-02SunREF7 390-0252-02 - Hard Drive 73GB with Solaris 9.0 - MAW3073NC 109616268
3LE75DaytonREF1 31CFMAC - Fan Amp 0.13 12W 115V3LE75
40656A-1AndrewNEW1 WALL ROOF/FEED THRU40656A-1
407942978ALucentREF6 KS24429-L1 - 693AB PCU 24V407942978A
40964CCelesticaREF2 Memory Module 512MB40964C
41111CCelesticaREF2 Memory Module 512MB41111C
42396A-4AndrewNEW24 HANGER KIT42396A-4
42396A-5AndrewNEW1 Hanger 7/8 SS42396A-5
42396A-8AndrewNEW8 Hanger Kit42396A-8
43211AAndrewNEW14 Cable Hanger Heliax 1/2-inch43211A
44ASWAndrewNEW1 44ASW44ASW
44W11LucentREF1 44W11 - CCU44W11
44WA28LucentREF2 44WA28 - Multi-Carrier Linear Amplifier PCS44WA28
44WA3LucentREF3 44WA3 - Individual Channel Linear Amplifier107253643
44WA30LucentREF300 44WA30 - OMT-1 - Timing Oscillator Module44WA30
44WA30LucentREF300 44WA30 - OMT-1 - Timing Oscillator Module44WA30
44WA36LucentREF1 44WA36 - Peripheral Alarm Card - 108550252108550252
44WA37LucentREF4 44WA37 - CDMA U-LAM 48VDC108617531
44WA50ALucentREF44 44WA50A - UMTS Radio Controller - 109317081109317081
44WA52LucentREF20 44WA52 - URCM - 109293712109293712
44WD1LucentREF10 44WD1 - Alarm Kit - 847713740 - with AYD-10 Board & Cabling 847662053 44WD1
44WR27LucentREF6 44WR27 - CBR 1900 - 108695644108695644
44WR27BLucentREF1 44WR27B - CBR 1900 - 109189753109189753
44WR27CLucentREF2 44WR27C - CBR 1900 - 109464917109464917
44WR28LucentREF18 44WR28 - CBR 850 - 108695669108695669
44WR28BLucentREF4 44WR28B - CBR 85044WR28B
44WR87LucentREF3 44WR87 - PCBR44WR87
44WW11LucentREF2 44WW11 - CCU44WW11
44WW11BLucentREF2 44WW11B - CCU 2044WW11B
44WW12BLucentREF20 44WW12B - CCU-2044WW12B
44WW13BLucentREF6 44WW13B - CRC CP - 108639154108639154
44WW13CLucentREF8 44WW13C - CRC44WW13C
44WW13DLucentREF8 44WW13D - CRC - 109184630109184630
44WW14LucentREF2 44WW14 -CRC44WW14
44WW14BLucentREF4 44WW14B - CRC44WW14B
44WW15LucentREF4 44WW15 - OM2-15 - 108107046108107046
44WW16LucentREF21 44WW16 - OMRB - 108381450108381450
44WW24LucentREF1 44WW24 - IOC44WW24
44WW26LucentREF1 44WW26 - CTU44WW26
44WW27LucentREF8 44WW27 - CTU - 108875030108875030
44WW27BLucentREF44 44WW27B - CTU-II GPS - 109475947109475947
44WW28LucentREF18 44WW28 - CCU-32 - 109154211109154211
44WW28ALucentREF54 44WW28A - CCU 32A - BNJ16 - 109579284109579284
44WW32LucentREF6 44WW32 - CTDU - 108951666108951666
44WW32BLucentREF10 44WW32B - CTDU44WW32B
44WW33LucentREF5 44WW33 - PTDU108951674
44WW33BLucentREF23 44WW33B - PTDU - 109532549109532549
44WW51LucentREF5 44WW51 - EPTDU - 109205823109205823
44WW51BLucentREF11 44WW51B - EPTDU - 109543579109543579
44WW65LucentREF1 44WW65 - URC II - 109510792109510792
44WW65BLucentREF55 44WW65B - URC II - 109596015109596015
44WW66LucentREF1 44WW66 - URC-II44WW66
44WW7LucentREF28 44WW7 - TFU - 107894388107894388
44WW70LucentREF26 44WW70 - URC - 109509299109509299
44WW70BLucentREF6 44WW70B - URC - 109581264109581264
44WW7BLucentREF2 44WW7B - TFU - 109211060109211060
44WWHIOULucentREF4 44WWHIOU - 109287623109287623
44WWIOU4LucentREF1 44WWIOU4 - 848903951848903951
44WWIOU4BLucentREF32 44WWIOU4B - 109313197109313197
46645CCelesticaREF2 Memory Module 512MB46645C
467922ANokiaREF1 InSite BTS Power Supply467922A
48939A-3AndrewNEW20 Wave Guide Boot48939A-3
48940-6AndrewNEW3 Feed-thru Plate with 5 Hole Port48940-6
49600-7AndrewNEW8 N-Male Right Angle Connector49600-7
4BLucentREF29 Surge Suppressor 5-Pin - Black4B
501-5748-08SunREF19 501-5748-08 - CPCI Interface/Alarm Card501-5748-08
501-5979-05LucentREF 11501-5979-05 - CPCI RTM Combo Card 408419687
501-6118-06SunREF8 501-6118-06 - CPCI R2 System Controller408762904
501-6479-03LucentREF 3501-6479-03 - CPCI CPU RTM with TPIM 109586883
501-7032-06SunREF4 501-7032-06 - CPCI CP2500 HOST RTM409017217
501-7254SunREF7 501-7254 - CPCI R2 3U Alarm Card408984045
501-7316-01LucentREF 17501-7316-01 - CPCI R2 RTM for 3U/6U 408762789
501-7318-01SunREF17 501-7318-01 - CPCI R2 System Controller Card408984144
501-7680-02SunREF6 501-7680-02 - CPCI R2 3U Alarm Card JLLFW409083722
540-4394-11SunREF4 540-4394-11 - Fan Tray Assembly for Netra CT800408872489
540-4395-08SunREF2 Netra Chassis Dual540-4395-08
540-4450-04SunREF2 Alarm Panel for Netra CT800540-4450-04
540-4929-13SunREF3 540-4929-13 - DRW w/ MDPLN 410S408762862
540-4931-08SunREF24 540-4931-08 - Fan Tray 410S408863702
540-5011-03SunREF13 540-5011-03 - DIS PNL 410S408762920
540-6418-02LucentREF 12540-6418-02 - Fan Tray 410S Hot Swap 408984094
540-6655-02SunREF4 540-6655-02 - RDRW with MDPLN 410 (Chassis only)408984110
540-6656-02SunREF2 Netra CT410 Server540-6656-02
540-7115-02SunREF15 540-7115-02 - Fan Tray 410S409044724
55220-42AndrewNEW1 Connector Waveguide 90-degree E-Bend Assy55220-42
55221-42AndrewNEW13 Connector 90-degree H-Bend Assy55221-42
55221-90AndrewNEW2 Connector 90-degree H-bend55221-90
55222-42AndrewNEW2 Flex Twist Waveguide Assy55222-42
552568-2LucentREF90 Connector Assembly Kit552568-2
55402-90-14AndrewNEW 10Bend Assembly 90-degree55402-90-14
55407-90-8AndrewNEW1 90 DEGREE TWIST ANGLE55407-90-8
5961-215000JPSREF2 PSTN-1 Module5961-215000
596B6LucentREF7 596B6 Rectifier 137A/24V - 300756715300756715
596B6LucentREF7 596B6 Rectifier 137A/24V - 300756715409062189
596B6TycoREF7 596B6 Rectifier 137A/24V - 409062189 - 300756715596B6
601334451-18LucentREF 4Cable Assembly - 26-ft - ED2R867-32 601334451-18
602-3219-01SunREF9 602-3219-01 - DIS Panel 410S408984169
602-3558-01SunREF6 Netra CT410 Server602-3558-01
603-3591-01SunREF1 Hardware Kit603-3591-01
60WCPAMLucentREF9 KS24788-L1 - 60WCPAM High Power Amplifier - used in ALU 9222 Base Station Micro 409093853
6209-03SunREF12 Processor Card 4MB Rev 506209-03
6310219P-50PECO IIREF 4Circuit Breaker Kit6310219P-50
641280-DFAndrewNEW1 Crossband Coupler 806-960MHz 1710-2170MHz641280-DF
693ABLucentREF6 KS24429-L1 - 693AB PCU 24V407942978A
710-001519JuniperREF 1 M20 Cosmos Front Panel (Rev 04) (Cables Included)710-001519
710-001554JuniperREF 2 STM-4 OC-12 Sonet SMF-IR (Rev 03 & 04) (Cables Included) 710-001554
710-001951JuniperREF 1 M20 Internet Processor II (Rev 02) (Cables Included)710-001951
710-002779JuniperREF 1 4X STM-1 / OC-3 Sonet SMF-IR Port Card (Rel 05) (Cables Included) 710-002779
710-003308JuniperREF 2M20 / M40 FPC-E IPC5EH0710-003308
716F-LCF78-072KRFS / CablewaveNEW 25Connector Kit Rapid Fit LCF78 Rev NC 15570572
716M-LCF12-070RFS / CablewaveNEW 10Connector Din Male 1/2"15565470
71704-3AndrewNEW1 HARDWARE KIT71704-3
750-013168JuniperREF 2 PB-4CHDS3-QPP - Channelized DS3 IQ Interface Card (4 Port) 750-013168
750-022076JuniperREF 2Channelized DS3 Processor Card - PB-4CHDS3-QPP PB-4CHDS3-QPP
75AGTAndrewNEW3 Connector 7/8" EIA Tunable75AGT
75-A-MFN-10BirdREF4 Attenuator RF Coaxial 75W 10dB75-A-MFN-10
75-A-MFN-20BirdREF4 Attenuator RF Coaxial 75W 20dB75-A-MFN-20
7CBCommscopeNEW148 Surge Protector 5-Pin - Black7CB
81.04407BKTellabsNEW 4 DCE100 - CrossNet Load Sharing Power Supply - 81.8447B Rev A - DC-DC Converter -48VDC / 17.8A Max / 500 Watts Max - New in Box 81.04407BK
81.4832C92XTellabsREF 5 Control Processor - For CrossNet 440FP9.2.5 with FP9.2X Software Rev F (Cables Included) - New in Box 81.4832C92X
82.5375-RFXAndrewNEW 17Connector N Male RG5882.5375-RFX
82-202-1006AmphenolNEW 30Connector N Male822021006
840-302024-112Digital Microwave Corp.REF 3IDU - 4X, 8XT1 , Bal. with SNMP 840-302024-112
848-302024-112Digital Microwave Corp.REF 3IDU 4xT1 Bal w/ SNMP848-302024-112
860-202382-011WinstarREF 1ODU - XP4 Series - 38GHz860202382011
860-202382-012WinstarREF 3ODU - XP4 Series - 38GHz860202382-012
87ADMAndrewNEW126 Connector 7/16 Male DINH7PDM
87PNAndrewNEW1 Connector N Female87PN
9071-99-0448Huber SuhnerNEW 44 Capsule Gas 20W for 3401 & 3402 Series Coax Surge Arrestor - 73Z00448 73Z00448
921226-001RFS / CablewaveNEW 3 Coax Connector Cold Shrink Kit - Rubber Coax Seal Kit 921226-001
9228 Base StationLucentREF 2 ModCell 9228 Base Station Macro Indoor Base Station - CC 408909190 SD2R515-02
97-7261-46-20Amp Inc.REF 1Fiber Cable - 20-meters on Spool 97-7261-46-20
97-7261-46-9Amp Inc.REF 8Fiber Cable - 30-feet97-7261-46-9
A100F25LorainREF11 Rectifier Flotrol 29 VDC High FrequencyA100F25
A90-311510WestellREF 9NIU PM - Rev MA90-311510
A9641BAndrewNEW1 Arrestor Plus Surge Protector (Universal Version) - APP-13-2 A9641B
AAC-120-4XT-F6EICREF 1Power Assembly 48VDC 2.2Amps AAC-120-4XT-F6
ADRF-PA-5A/6VADRFNEW 3 Power Supply Replacement - Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz - Output 6 VDC - 11.6 Amp DTSPU65-6V-CT
AEON-9030ADRFREF1 Repeater DualbandAEON-9030
AFP1-12AmphenolNEW5 Surge Protector - 800-2500MHz - 7/16F-7/16MAFP1-12
AL5DF-PSAndrewNEW12 Connector Din Female Positive StopAL5DF-PS
AL5DM-PSAndrewNEW11 7/16 DIN Male Positive Stop™ for 7/8 in AL5-50 and AVA5-50 cable AL5DM-PS
AL5NF-PSAndrewNEW12 Type N Female Positive Stop for 7/8" AL5-50 & AVA5-50 Cable AL5NF-PS
AM1S-B3-AHeinemann ElectricREF 19Circuit BreakerAM1SB3A12R503N
ANNE-50-8MCLREF50 Terminator SMA 50 Ohm DC to 18000MHzANNE-50-8
APG-BDFDM-090AndrewNEW 2Surge Arrestor Plus Gas Tube APG-BDFDM-090
APH-716M-NFAmphenolNEW 4Adapter 7/16 Male to N-Female APH-716M-NF
APP-13-2AndrewNEW1 Surge ArrestorAPP-13-2
APT-BDFDM-LWBAndrewNEW 3Arrestor Wideband SurgeAPT-BDFDM-LWB
APTDC-BDFDM-LWBAndrewNEW 16 APTDC-BDFDM-LWB5A - Arrestor Plus DC with Grounding Kit - CC 408995322 APTDC-BDFDM-LWB
APTDC-DFDM-DBAndrewNEW 110Lightning ArrestorAPTDC-DFDM-DB
APT-DFDMAndrewNEW15 Arrestor PlusAPT-DFDM
APT-DFDM-6AndrewNEW 18Arrestor Plus "T" Series APT-DFDM-6
AT-8224XLAllied TelesynREF 1Ethernet SwitchAT-8224XL
B540AMicroflectREF6 Waveguide Boot 4", 3 Hole, 1/2" CoaxB540A
BFD 50908/1R1AEricssonREF 1Fan UnitBFD 50908/1R1A
BKV12015EricssonREF2 Fan Assembly manufactured by PapstBKV-12015
BMG 701054/5R2AEricssonREF 2Power PlantBMG 701054/5R2A
BMR5LucentREF18 BMR5 - 107839078107839078
BMR6BLucentREF3 BMR6B - 108731704108731704
BNJ27LucentREF3 BNJ27 - UCR 1900 - 108830647108830647
BNJ27BLucentREF1 BNJ27B - UCR 1900 - 109480657109480657
BNJ27CLucentREF3 BNJ27C - UCR 1900 - 109492694 - 300532090109492694
BNJ28BLucentREF5 BNJ28B - UCR 850 - 109480665109480665
BNJ28CLucentREF154 BNJ28C - UCR 850 - 109492702109492702
BNJ37LucentREF6 BNJ37 - CMU III - 108926411108926411
BNJ37BLucentREF1 BNJ37B - CMU IIIB - 109466904109466904
BNJ39LucentREF1 BNJ39 - EVM-RxBNJ39
BNJ40LucentREF3 BNJ40 - EVM-TxBNJ40
BNJ53LucentREF2 BNJ53 - UCU64 - 109181644109181644
BNJ62LucentREF3 BNJ62 - SBCBR 850BNJ62
BNJ82LucentREF1 BNJ82 - SBEVM - 109551168BNJ82
BNJ92LucentREF55 BNJ92 - SBEVMm - 109552919 - 849036926109552919
BNJ92BLucentREF1 BNJ92B - SBEVMm - 849046826BNJ92B
BNJ98BLucentREF7 BNJ98B - MCR1721B - 109626739109626739
BPE-04-MBB-1ABest PowerREF 1External Transfer Switch (New old stock) BPE-04-MBB-1A
C-10-CPUS-NAndrewNEW 10 Coupler Directional 10dB 800-2500MHz - New in BoxC-10-CPUS-N
C137CNDGAndrewNEW1 Waveguide to Coax Transition Type N FemaleCPR137G
C41SPN-BHAndrewNEW 160F1PNF-BH - Connector N Female Bulkhead C41SPN-BH
CA1B034615121CCarling SwitchREF 4Circuit BreakerCA1B034615121C
CA1X005493121CCarling SwitchREF 35Circuit BreakerCA1X005493121C
CA-PNFDFAndrewNEW13 Connector N Female 7/16-inch Coax AdaptorCA-PNFDF
CA-PNFDMAndrewNEW1 Connector N-Female Din MaleCA-PNFDM
CELLMAX-O-25AndrewNEW 10Indoor Omni Antenna 806-960/1710-2500MHz.. CELLMAX-O-25
CP2365TranstectorNEW 4Surge Protector - 1000-7671000-767
CS1500-48-Q6717Major PowerREF 2 MAJOR-500-48 - DC/AC Power Inverter Input: 42-56VDC / 14A Output: 115VAC / 60Hz / 4.4A CS1500-48-Q6717
CT800SunREF2 CT800CT800
CWB11LucentREF18 CPCI CWB11 Quad E1CWB11
CWB12LucentREF2 CPCI CWB12 Quad E1 CoaxCWB12
CYD10LucentREF3 CPCI CYD10 Quad E1/T1 RearCYD10
DB5083AndrewNEW2 Mounting Kit DowntiltDB5083
DFPD2-52-NGabrielREF 4 5 GHz Spread Spectrum Directional Flat Panel AntennaDFPD2-52-N
DFPS.5-52GabrielREF6 Directional Flat Panel Antenna 5.25-5.85GHz 18.4dBiDFPS-5-52
DGXH+24DMDF-APolyphaserNEW 21Impulse SuppressorDGXH24DMDFA
DGXZ+06DMDF-CSPolyphaserNEW 10Impulse SuppressorDGXZ06DMDFCS
Di-N2GU1ADCREF5 DSX Panel 56-Term Cross Connect 19-inch Rack MountableDi-N2GU1
DS1404065-EFNortelREF 28691SF/256 CPU Ethernet Routing Switch DS1404065-EF
DSA-140LCTeltrendREF 1Card Cage / BackplaneDSA-140LC
DSX-D-MAPolyphaserNEW 1In Line EMP Surge Filter 800MHz to 2.3GHz DSX-D-MA
DSXL-DPolyphaserNEW1 Surge Filter In-LineDSXL-D
DSXL-D-MA-P2-BFPolyphaserNEW 1In-Line Surge Filter with Flange Bracket DSXL-D-MA-P2-BF
DTSPU65-6V-CTADRFNEW 3 Power Supply Replacement - Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz - Output 6 VDC - 11.6 Amp ADRF-PA-5A/6V
ED2R876-32AndrewNEW 10 ED2R876-32 - RF Cable 26-ft with Type-F Connector601335425
ED8C724-30AT&TREF1 DDM2000 OC-3 Shelf AssemblyED8C724-30
EFX2-PNM-LU1AndrewNEW 65 848214235 - Heliax Coaxial Cable / Elliptical Waveguide - WP93807-L2A 3/8-inch 30-ft - 300030335 EFX2-PNM-LU1
EP071295-FZytecREF1 Power Assembly - Input 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz - Output 350W Max EP071295-F
ESR3000Delta ElectronicsREF 3ESR-24/100AA - RectifierESR3000
EUSA-US100EupenREF1 CableEUSA-US100
EUWK-UEupenNEW1 Universal Weatherproof KitEUWK-U
EX105/12-2.7Mast SystemREF 1 Telescoping Antenna Mast 12-meter (approx 40-feet)EX105/12-2.7
EX105/15-3.2Mast SystemREF 1 Telescoping Antenna Mast 15-meter (approx 50-feet)EX105/15-3.2
EZ-1200-716MCTimes MicroNEW 8 EZ-1200-716MC - Connector Din 7/16 Male LMR12003190-337
EZ-1200-716MCTimes MicroNEW 8 EZ-1200-716MC - Connector Din 7/16 Male LMR12003190-337
EZ-1200-716MCTimes MicroNEW 8 EZ-1200-716MC - Connector Din 7/16 Male LMR1200EZ-1200-716MC
EZ-1200-NFCTimes MicroNEW 2EZ-1200-NFC - Connector N Female LMR1200 3190-336
EZ-1200-NFCTimes MicroNEW 2EZ-1200-NFC - Connector N Female LMR1200 3190-336
EZ-1200-NFCTimes MicroNEW 2EZ-1200-NFC - Connector N Female LMR1200 EZ-1200-NFC
EZ-1200-NMCTimes MicroNEW 7EZ-1200-NMC - Connector N Male LMR1200 3190-335
EZ-1200-NMCTimes MicroNEW 7EZ-1200-NMC - Connector N Male LMR1200 EZ-1200-NMC
EZ-1200-NMCTimes MicroNEW 7EZ-1200-NMC - Connector N Male LMR1200 3190-335
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male for LMR9003190-1641
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male for LMR9003190-1641
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male for LMR900 EZ-900-716MC-2
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male LMR9003190-333
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male LMR9003190-333
EZ-900-716MC-2Times MicroNEW 6 EZ-900-716MC-2 - Connector 7/16 Din Male LMR900EZ-900-716MC-2
EZ-900-NFC-2Times MicroNEW 13EZ-900-NFC-2 - Connector N Female for LMR900 3190-1263
EZ-900-NFC-2Times MicroNEW 13EZ-900-NFC-2 - Connector N Female for LMR900 3190-1263
EZ-900-NFC-2Times MicroNEW 13EZ-900-NFC-2 - Connector N Female for LMR900 EZ-900-NFC-2
EZ-900-NMC-2Times MicroNEW 36EZ-900-NMC-2 - Connector N-Male for LMR900 3190-1262
EZ-900-NMC-2Times MicroNEW 36EZ-900-NMC-2 - Connector N-Male for LMR900 3190-1262
EZ-900-NMC-2Times MicroNEW 36EZ-900-NMC-2 - Connector N-Male for LMR900 EZ-900-NMC-2
F090PC02-40CBAndrewNEW 1Flex Twist 24" / 10-11 GHz F090PC02-40CB
F1PNF-BHAndrewNEW160 N Female ConnectorF1PNF-BH
F1RNAPNMNR4E2AndrewNEW 1Cable Jumper Sureflex CATV 15-meters RPM513200316500
F2405VersitronREF1 CardF2405
F2415VersitronREF2 CardF2415
F4A-PDM20-NX1AndrewNEW 11Cable Assembly Sureflex - 20-ft (6.10 meters) F4A-PDM20-NX1
F4A-PDMDM-30AndrewNEW 1Jumper SureFlex Cable Assembly F4A-PDMDM-30
F4A-PDMDM-6AndrewNEW 7Jumper CABLEF4A-PDMDM-6    
F4A-PDRD-25AndrewNEW 37Jumper CABLE -- 25 FtF4A-PDRD-25   
F4A-PDRKR1M19E1AndrewNEW 124JumperF4A-PDRKR1M19E1
F4A-PDRKR1M9E1AndrewNEW 107JumperF4APDRKR1M9E1
F4A-PDRKR-M84AndrewNEW 40JumperF4A-PDRKR-M84E1
F4A-PNM-25AndrewNEW1 Cable Assembly Sureflex 25-ftF4A-PNM-25
F4A-PNM-30AndrewNEW9 Jumper CABLE -- 30 FtF4A-PNM-30
F4A-PNMKR-35E1AndrewNEW 14Jumper..F4A-PNMKR-35E1
F4A-PNMNM-12AndrewNEW 6Jumper 12-ft SureflexF4A-PNMNM-12
F4A-PNMNM-35AndrewNEW 1Jumper N-Type MaleF4A-PNMNM-35
F4A-PNMNM-4AndrewNEW 1Jumper 4-ft SureflexF4A-PNMNM-4
F4A-PNMNR-35E2AndrewNEW 9JumperF4A-PNMNR-35E2
F4A-PNMRKM-30AndrewNEW 14Jumper -- 30 FtF4A-PNMRKM-30
F4A-PNMRN-MRAndrewNEW 3Jumper -- 2.5 FtF4A-PNMRN-MR
F4A-PNMRNMR-2AndrewNEW 1Jumper -- 2 Ft    F4A-PNMRNMR-2
F4A-PNR-30E1AndrewNEW 67JumperF4A-PNR-30-E1
F4-DPMV2-CAndrewNEW 21ConnectorF4-DPMV2-C
F4NMAndrewNEW3 Connector N Male - Replaces 44ASWF4NM
F4NMV2AndrewNEW7 Connector N MaleF4NMV2
F4PDMV2AndrewNEW100 ConnectorF4PDMV2
F4PDR-CAndrewNEW71 Connector Din Male Right AngleF4PDR-C
F4PNFAndrewNEW8 Connector N FemaleF4PNF
F4PNM-HAndrewNEW1 Connector N MaleF4PNM-H
F4PNMV2AndrewNEW100 ConnectorF4PNMV2
F4PNMV2-CAndrewNEW16 Connector N-MaleF4PNMV2-C
F4PNMV2-HCAndrewNEW 28Connector N MaleF4PNMV2-HC
F4PNRAndrewNEW4 Connector N Male Right AngleF4PNR
F4PNR-HCAndrewNEW6 ConnectorF4PNR-HC
F4RNA-PDMDM2ME1AndrewNEW 35TSR-95170/2 - JumperF4RNA-PDMDM2ME1
FK0060-000Redcom LaboratoriesREF 19Fuse AssortmentFK0060-000
FS5000LucentREF1 CPCI Chassis - 535SZ029-01 - -48VFS5000
FSJ4-50RFS / CablewaveNEW 2Cable 1/2-inch CellFlex (120-ft roll) LCF12-50J
FSJ4-50BAndrewNEW13 Cable Jumper - 1/2 inch - 20-ftFSJ4-50B
G3S-1900-80PowerwaveREF 3AmplifierG3S-1900-80
GBUKITHargerREF30 Universal Busbar KitGBUKIT
GK-S1200TTimes MicroNEW 6Ground Kit for LMR1200GK-S1200T
GK-S900TTimes MicroNEW 12Ground Kit for LMR900GK-S900T
GPS-QBW-26NMSMaxRadNEW 3Antenna GPS 26dB with Mounting Kit (NEW) GPS-QBW-26NMS
H-3-CPUS-NAndrewNEW2 3dB Hybrid Coupler 800-2500MHzH-3-CPUS-N
HF1VersitronREF2 HousingHF1
HOIST1-158LRFS / CablewaveNEW 6 Hoisting Grip Lace up for 1-5/8" CellFlex Coax Cable HOIST1-158L
HOIST1-78LRFS / CablewaveNEW 6 Hoisting Grip Lace up for 7/8" CellFlex Coax Cable 916534-078
IP TubeEngage CommunicationREF 2PBX Transport over IPIP Tube
IS-CT50HN-MAPolyphaserNEW 1Surge ProtectorIS-CT50HN-MA
IS-DPTLPolyphaserNEW 2SuppressorIS-DPTL
IS-MH50LN-MAPolyphaserNEW 10Impulse SuppressorIS-MH50LN-MA
IS-MH50LN-MEPolyphaserNEW 4Impulse SuppressorIS-MH50LN-ME
IS-PF50HD-MAPolyphaserNEW 1Surge ProtectorIS-PF50HD-MA
J41705BLucentREF1 ModCell 3.0 CDMA Indoor CabinetJ41705B
J41730A1LucentREF1 Flexent OneBTS TDMA 850 MHz Indoor CabinetJ41730A1
J85500R-1LineageNEW1 CPS4000+ 23-in Cabinet Power System -48V - SD-83196-01 - J85500R-1 L3 21B 34 SD83196-01
KBN10LucentREF2 KBN10 - 5ESS Card - 107044745 - E5PQAH2AAB107044745
KBN15LucentREF4 KBN15 - 5ESS Card - 107074551 - SP3QACVAAB107074551
KLU1LucentREF1 KLU1 - 5ESS Card - 106991847106991847
KLW31LucentREF2 KLW31 - 107049397107049397
KLW64LucentREF1 KLW64 - 106945041106945041
KS23912-L2PapstREF18 KS23912-L2 - Fan - Type 6248-N/22 - mounted inside Fan Tray Assembly - 408677581 406611186
KS23912-L9PapstREF1 KS23912-L9 - Fan Type 6224N/25T407422898
KS24019-L116ALucentREF 1KS24019-L116A - GPS Antenna408391647
KS24211LucentREF11 KS24211 - TTU407561649
KS24237-L3LucentREF1 KS24237-L3 - CRTUm407663533
KS24356-L12AirPaxREF 64KS24356-L12 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-45 408250520
KS24356-L4AirPaxREF 23KS24356-L4 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-5 407739507
KS24356-L7AirPaxREF 50KS24356-L7 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-7 407739606
KS24356-L8AirPaxREF2 KS24356-L8 - Circuit Breaker407664424
KS24356-L9AirPaxREF 49KS24356-L9 - Circuit Breaker - LEL1-29869-2 407664432
KS24373-L4LucentREF1 KS24373-L4 - Filter Assembly408688372
KS24373-L5LucentREF1 KS24373-L5 - Filter Assembly408688380
KS24380-L2LucentREF 18KS24380-L2 - FILTER PANEL ASSY. 408149185
KS24393-L8LucentREF1 KS24393-L8 - LNAM408092682
KS24403-L2 LucentREF 8KS24403-L2 - Flexent Filter Assy (TDMA) 408086213
KS24404-L2LucentREF2 KS24404-L2 - Microcell Filter Panel408149201
KS24409-L56LucentREF 2KS24409-L56 - Filter - D-P-B2 408666204
KS24409-L64LucentREF 6KS24409-L64 - Filter - D-P-E408666329
KS24410-L21LucentREF 1KS24410-L21 - Filter - T-CD-B1/B3 408764165
KS24411-L2LucentREF1 KS24411-L2 - Filter - D-CI-A2407965060
KS24412-L5LucentREF 22KS24412-L5 - Filter Assembly 408375616
KS24425-L2LucentREF1 KS24425-L2 - DUPLEXER FRAME UNIT408151264
KS24428-L3LucentREF1 KS24428-L3 - FILTER PANEL ASSY.KS24428-L3
KS24428-L3LucentREF1 KS24428-L3 - FILTER PANEL ASSY.KS24428-L3
KS24429-L1LucentREF6 KS24429-L1 - 693AB PCU 24V407942978A
KS24429-L3LucentREF 10KS24429-L3 - PCU - New408293637
KS24429-L5LucentREF 11KS24429-L5 - PCU 24V408398113
KS24429-L7LucentREF 13KS24429-L7 - PCU 24V408660751
KS24436-L2LucentREF5 KS24436-L2 - Multiple Primary Distribution Cabinet 120/240 VAC KS24436-L2
KS24436-L2LucentREF5 KS24436-L2 - Multiple Primary Distribution Cabinet 120/240 VAC KS24436-L2
KS24437DensoREF1 KS24437 - Heat Exchanger - Front Door ModCell 4.0 Outdoor Bay with Controller - 408662757 - KS24437-L4 407968957
KS24437-L4Seifert mtm SystemsREF 1 KS24437-L4 - Fan Controller Unit Attached to Heat Exchanger (408662765) 408662757
KS24438APW / McLeanREF 21KS24438 - Fan Assembly408061083
KS24438-L1LucentREF2 KS24438-L1 - Fan Assembly - C-1608-71 - 26VDC407968916
KS24438-L3LucentREF 22 KS24438-L3 - Fan Assembly M-15841 inside Fan Tray 408651487 & 408651495 408650885
KS24439LucentREF2 KS24439 - Fan Tray Assembly408158962
KS24439-L1LucentREF4 KS24439-L1 - Fan Tray Assembly 26VDC408159614
KS24439-L2LucentREF1 KS24439-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly408159879
KS24439-L3LucentREF3 KS24439-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly408159622
KS24439-L3LucentREF 14KS24439-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly 408537181
KS24439-L3Seifert mtm SystemsREF 1KS24439-L3 - LT-2598-E2A - Fan Tray Assembly 408537157
KS24439-L4APW / McLeanREF 2KS24439-L4 - Fan Tray Assembly 408159887
KS24440-L4LucentREF2 KS24440-L4 - PCS PCPD 2:1 1:2 Combiner848346417
KS24440-L8LucentREF 35 KS24440-L8 - PCS HPC 3:1 High Power Combiner/Splitter848346458
KS24454-L6MTK ElectronicsREF 6M2640 - RF/EMI Filter Terminal Block KS24454-L6
KS24465-L26LucentREF 3KS24465-L26 - Cable Assembly848941274
KS24510-L1ALucentREF 171KS24510-L1A - CPC-A - 300531936 300531936
KS24510-L1ALucentREF 171KS24510-L1A - CPC-A - 300531936 408646040
KS24510-L2ALucentREF 92KS24510-L2A - CPC-B - 300531977 300531977
KS24510-L2ALucentREF 92KS24510-L2A - CPC-B - 300531977 408646032
KS24520-L1LucentREF2 KS24520-L1 - Flexent CDMA Packet IWF (in Sun Netra t1120 Server) KS24520-L1
KS24520-L1LucentREF2 KS24520-L1 - Flexent CDMA Packet IWF (in Sun Netra t1120 Server) KS24520-L1
KS24535-L12LucentREF 1KS24535-L12 - Power Splitter ZB3PD-7DB-1 408756773
KS24535-L9LucentREF 27KS24535-L9 - Splitter - ZAPD-2DC-7DIN 408691491
KS24544-L2WatlowREF 13KS24544-L2 - Heater Pad 208V 970W (Orange) 408667285
KS24551-L3LucentREF3 KS24551-L3 - Heater Pad408445617
KS24563-L10NMBREF1 KS24563-L10 - Fan Tray Assembly848840021
KS24563-L11LucentREF 6KS24563-L11 - Fan Tray Assembly 848967873
KS24563-L12LucentREF 3 KS24563-L12 - Fan Tray Assembly for ModCell 4.0B Outdoor 849002720
KS24563-L13EBM IndustriesREF 50KS24563-L13 - Fan Tray Assembly 849002738
KS24563-L15LucentREF 6KS24563-L15 - Fan Tray Assembly 849003827
KS24563-L16NMBREF27 KS24563-L16 - Fan Tray Assembly849003835
KS24563-L2NMBREF7 KS24563-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly - 300633997300633997
KS24563-L2NMBREF7 KS24563-L2 - Fan Tray Assembly - 300633997848572087
KS24563-L3NMBREF50 KS24563-L3 - Fan Tray Assembly848572095
KS24563-L4EBM IndustriesREF 2KS24563-L4 - Fan Tray Assembly 848751236
KS24563-L5LucentREF7 KS24563-L5 - Fan Tray Assembly848799821
KS24564-L3ALucentREF 65 KS24564-L3A - CPOM-L3A - Oscillator Module - OMQ408645968
KS24566LucentREF40 KS24566 - Cable848616041
KS24566-L45N045LucentREF 140KS24566-L45N045 - Cable848834313
KS24566-L45N060LucentREF 2KS24566-L45N060 - Cable Assembly 848619201
KS24566-L45N090LucentREF 25KS24566-L45N090 - Cable Assembly 848619243
KS24566-L45N105LucentREF 15KS24566-L45N105 - Cable Assembly 848619268
KS24566-L45N120LucentREF 14KS24566-L45N120 - Cable Assembly 848619284
KS24566-L45N195LucentREF 2KS24566-L45N195 - Cable Assembly 848619375
KS24566-L45N210LucentREF 12KS24566-L45N210 - Cable848619391
KS24566-L45N240TycoREF 183KS24566-L45N240 - Cable Assembly, Ethernet 848619433
KS24566-L45N380LucentREF 9KS24566-L45N380 - Cable Assembly 848950770
KS24566-L45S030LucentREF 17KS24566-L45S030 - Cable Assembly 848619177
KS24566-L45S075LucentREF 3KS24566-L45S075 - Cable848619235
KS24566-L45S135LucentREF 3KS24566-L45S135 - Cable Assembly 848619300
KS24566-L45S210LucentREF 9KS24566-L45S210 - Cable Assembly 848619409
KS24566-L94060LucentREF 3KS24566-L94060 - Cable Assembly 848838223
KS24566-L94120LucentREF 4KS24566-L94120 - Cable Assembly 848838264
KS24566-L94164LucentREF 64KS24566-L94164 - Cable Assembly 848838298
KS24567-L1020LucentREF 29KS24567-L1020 - Cable Assembly 848609723
KS24567-L1040LucentREF 39 KS24567-L1040 - Cable Assembly used in CPC Kit848609871
KS24567-L1070LucentREF 22KS24567-L1070 - Cable Assembly 848610077
KS24567-L1090LucentREF 3KS24567-L1090 - Cable Assembly 848610143
KS24567-L1100LucentREF 190KS24567-L1100 - Cable Assembly 848610184
KS24567-L1120LucentREF 20KS24567-L1120 - Cable Assembly 848610267
KS24567-L1170LucentREF 1KS24567-L1170 - Cable Assembly - 300675030 300675030
KS24567-L1170LucentREF 1KS24567-L1170 - Cable Assembly - 300675030 848610424
KS24567-L1180LucentREF 46KS24567-L1180 - Cable Assembly 848610465
KS24567-L1240LucentREF 26KS24567-L1240 - Cable Assembly 848610655
KS24567-L1270LucentREF 2KS24567-L1270 - Cable Assembly 848610770
KS24567-L1280LucentREF 4KS24567-L1280 - Cable Assembly 848610812
KS24567-L1350LucentREF 2KS24567-L1350 - Cable Assembly 848930327
KS24567-L3060LucentREF 1KS24567-L3060 - Cable Assembly 848610044
KS24567-L3080LucentREF 1KS24567-L3080 - Cable Assembly 848610119
KS24567-L30A080LucentREF 5KS24567-L30A080 - Cable Assembly 848838660
KS24567-L3140LucentREF 1KS24567-L3140 - Cable Assembly 848609020
KS24567-L3300LucentREF 16KS24567-L3300 - Cable Assembly 848610903
KS24567-L3390LucentREF 5KS24567-L3390 - Cable Assembly 848937678
KS24567-L3DA050LucentREF 1KS24567-L3DA050 - Cable Assembly 848838629
KS24567-L3DA070LucentREF 7KS24567-L3DA070 - Cable Assembly 848838652
KS24567-L3DA090LucentREF 2KS24567-L3DA090 - Cable Assembly 848838678
KS24567-L3DA110LucentREF 1KS24567-L3DA110 - Cable Assembly 848838694
KS24567-L7080LucentREF 1KS24567-L7080 - Cable Assembly 848610135
KS24567-L7100LucentREF 20KS24567-L7100 - Cable Assembly 848610218
KS24567-L7110LucentREF 5KS24567-L7110 - Cable Assembly 848610259
KS24567-L7120LucentREF 1KS24567-L7120 - Cable Assembly 848609012
KS24567-L7130LucentREF 1KS24567-L7130 - Cable Assembly 848610325
KS24567-L7140LucentREF 1KS24567-L7140 - Cable Assembly 848610358
KS24567-L7270LucentREF 20KS24567-L7270 - Cable Assembly 848610804
KS24577-L4Huber SuhnerNEW 100 3400-41-0177L - CC 848805131 - Lightning ProtectorKS24577-L4
KS24577-L4LucentREF 140 KS24577-L4 - Lightning Protector 50 Ohm - CC 300427481 Coax Surge Protector Kit 3400-41-0177L
KS24577-L4ALucentREF 149 KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit - CC 300427481 408672582
KS24577-L4ALucentREF 240KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit.. 300427481
KS24577-L4ALucentREF 240KS24577-L4A - Coaxial Surge Protector Kit.. 300427481
KS24582-L2LucentREF2 KS24582-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel - 408445559408445559
KS24582-L2LucentREF2 KS24582-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel - 408445559408445559
KS24587-L38LucentREF 15 KS24587-L38 - Splitter - Rack 3 1900 LP2 - PCS 1:3408679538
KS24587-L43LucentREF 1KS24587-L43 - Combiner - Rack-2-900LP-2 408683753
KS24587-L45LucentREF 2KS24587-L45 - Cell 1:3 Splitter - CC 408683779 408683779
KS24587-L45LucentREF 10KS24587-L45 - Splitter - Rack-3-900LP-2 408683779
KS24587-L51LucentREF 7 KS24587-L51 - Splitter Combiner - Rack 3 1990HP-1408784312
KS24589-L30ALucentREF 1KS24589-L30A - ModCell OneBTS L-30 Rev A 408923035
KS24591-L2LucentREF 16KS24591-L2 - Smart Switch408469229
KS24591-L3LucentREF 23KS24591-L3 - Smart Switch408757193
KS24597-L14LucentREF 1KS24597-L14 - ENET L2 LAN408481646
KS24618-L1LucentREF1 KS24618-L1 - Filter Assembly408556652
KS24622-L1LucentREF 50 KS24622-L1 - Coupler 40dB- 300675022 - 190-MC035-F1V1300675022
KS24622-L1LucentREF 50 KS24622-L1 - Coupler 40dB- 300675022 - 190-MC035-F1V1408692879
KS24624-L52LucentREF 3 KS24624-L52 - Filter Assembly - DFP-P-60/6N - In 9228 Indoor Bay 408956183
KS24630-L4LucentREF4 KS24630-L4 - iLAM -48V408664563
KS24630-L4ALucentREF 3KS24630-L4A - iLAM -48V408714012
KS24638-L1LucentREF 11KS24638-L1 - PkLAM +24V - 44WW22 408663698
KS24638-L7LucentREF 31KS24638-L7 - PKLAM +24V300575990
KS24638-L7LucentREF 31KS24638-L7 - PKLAM +24V408834588
KS24646-L1LucentREF7 KS24646-L1 - CmLAM+24V408672376
KS24646-L2LucentREF2 KS24646-L2 - CmLAM -48V408671899
KS24648-L5LucentREF 19 KS24648-L5 - Mounting Shelf for Splitters - 21-inch848960456
KS24649-L1LucentREF9 KS24649-L1 - Facilities Interface Module - Enhanced408662500
KS24649-L2 LucentREF 1 KS24649-L2 - Facilities Interface Module - Enhanced - 12 SEC - in CC 848829271 408662518
KS24649-L2 LucentREF 1KS24649-L2 - Facilities Interface Panel 408662500
KS24649-L5LucentREF 91KS24649-L5 - SEC-B Secondary Protector 408894137
KS24665-L13LucentREF 5KS24665-L13 - Cable Assembly848941142
KS24665-L14LucentREF 15KS24665-L14 - Cable Assembly 848941159
KS24665-L15LucentREF 10KS24665-L15 - Cable Assembly 848941167
KS24665-L16LucentREF 2KS24665-L16 - Cable Assembly848941175
KS24665-L17LucentREF 2KS24665-L17 - Cable Assembly848941183
KS24665-L18LucentREF 2KS24665-L18 - Cable Assembly848941191
KS24665-L19LucentREF 9KS24665-L19 - Cable Assembly848941209
KS24665-L20LucentREF 9KS24665-L20 - Cable Assembly848941217
KS24665-L21LucentREF 7KS24665-L21 - Cable Assembly848941225
KS24665-L22LucentREF 9KS24665-L22 - Cable Assembly848941233
KS24665-L23LucentREF 8KS24665-L23 - Cable Assembly848941241
KS24665-L24LucentREF 10KS24665-L24 - Cable Assembly 848941258
KS24665-L25LucentREF 3KS24665-L25 - Cable Assembly848941266
KS24665-L27LucentREF 3KS24665-L27 - Cable Assembly848941282
KS24665-L28LucentREF 3KS24665-L28 - Cable Assembly848941290
KS24665-L29LucentREF 3KS24665-L29 - Cable Assembly848941308
KS24665-L30LucentREF 3KS24665-L30 - Cable Assembly848941316
KS24666-L7PentairREF 1 KS24666-L7 - Filter Fresh Air with Front Door in ModCell 4.0B Outdoor Bay 408962744
KS24668-L10LucentREF 14KS24668-L10 - Cable Assembly 848898789
KS24668-L15LucentREF 8KS24668-L15 - Cable Assembly848911822
KS24668-L16LucentREF 3KS24668-L16 - Cable Assembly848911830
KS24668-L18LucentREF 2KS24668-L18 - Cable Assembly848911855
KS24668-L20LucentREF 3KS24668-L20 - Cable Assembly848911871
KS24668-L24LucentREF 2KS24668-L24 - Cable Assembly848911921
KS24668-L26LucentREF 3KS24668-L26 - Cable Assembly848911947
KS24668-L33LucentREF 48KS24668-L33 - Cable Connectorized Interface 848949327
KS24668-L35LucentREF 47 KS24668-L35 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949343
KS24668-L37 LucentREF 49 KS24668-L37 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949368
KS24668-L39LucentREF 1 KS24668-L39 - Cable Connectorized Interface Cable848949384
KS24668-L41LucentREF 69 KS24668-L41 - Cable Kit (10 Cables Per Kit / Bagged)848949400
KS24668-L43LucentREF 2KS24668-L43 - Cable Connectorized Interface 848949426
KS24668-L6LucentREF 17KS24668-L6 - Cable Assembly848898748
KS24669-L1TycoREF9 KS24669-L1 - Power Divider848871679
KS24669-L2TycoREF6 KS24669-L2 - Power Divider848871687
KS24671-L1LucentREF 11KS24671-L1 - C2PAM +24V408762268
KS24671-L2 LucentREF 2KS24671-L2 - C2PAM -48V408762276
KS24675-L1SeifertREF 50 KS24675-L1 - Heat Exchanger Rear for ModCell Outdoor Bay 408756823
KS24684-L1MA/COMREF 17 KS24684-L1 - 850MHz Tx Config Panel - MAIAIN0020848935433
KS24713-L5LucentREF1 KS24713-L5 - Simulator - PCS B1408833713
KS24713-L6LucentREF1 KS24713-L6 - Simulator PCS B2408833721
KS24722-L1PowerwaveREF 7 KS24722-L1 - CMCPA Power Amplifier 850MHz - Model # G3L-0830-160 Rev C 409036589
KS24722-L2PowerwaveREF 1KS24722-L2 - MPCPA Amplifier 1900 MHz 409036597
KS24724-L2LucentREF 23KS24724-L2 - Filter Assembly - DFP-CM-14B/2T 409036654
KS24783-L2 LucentREF 3KS24783-L2 - Cable Kit Mod Plugs 409002821
KS24783-L3LucentREF 15KS24783-L3 - Cable Kit Mod Plugs 409002854
KS24788-L1LucentREF9 KS24788-L1 - 60WCPAM High Power Amplifier - used in ALU 9222 Base Station Micro 409093853
L44AWAndrewNEW3 Connector N MaleL44AW
L44NAndrewNEW44 Connector N-FemaleL44N
L44WAndrewNEW4 ConnectorL44W
L45DFAndrewNEW6 Connector 7/16" Din FemaleL45DF
L45PWAndrewNEW2 Connector N MaleL45PW
L45WAndrewNEW26 Connector N-MaleL45W
L4A-PDMDM-10AndrewNEW 2Jumper 10-ft SureflexL4A-PDMDM-10
L4A-PDMDM-15AndrewNEW 2Jumper15-ft SureflexL4A-PDMDM-15
L4A-PDMDM-20AndrewNEW 10Jumper 20-ft SureflexL4A-PDMDM-20
L4A-PDMDM-5AndrewNEW 6Jumper 5-ft SureflexL4A-PDMDM-5
L4A-PDMDM-6AndrewNEW 39Jumper 6-ft SureflexL4A-PDMDM-6
L4A-PNMDM-10AndrewNEW 3Jumper 10-ftL4A-PNMDM-10
L4A-PNMNM-20AndrewNEW 3Jumper 20-ft SureflexL4APNMNM20
L4PDFAndrewNEW3 Connector 7/16 Din FemaleL4PDF
L4PDF-RCAndrewNEW30 Connector Ringflare Din FemaleL4PDF-RC
L4PDMAndrewNEW11 Connector Din MaleL4PDM
L4PDM-2AndrewNEW2 L4PDM-2/L4PDR-2 - ConnectorL4PDM-2/L4PDR-2
L4PDM-CAndrewNEW15 Connector Din MaleL4PDM-C
L4PDM-RCAndrewNEW58 Connector Ringflare Din MaleL4PDM-RC
L4PNFAndrewNEW20 Connector N FemaleL4PNF
L4PNF-RCAndrewNEW1 Connector Ringflare N FemaleL4PNF-RC
L4PNF-RC-NX1AndrewNEW 3Connector Ringflare N Female L4PNF-RC-NX1
L4PNMAndrewNEW7 ConnectorL4PNM
L4PNM-CAndrewNEW1 ConnectorL4PNM-C
L4PNM-H-LAndrewNEW2 Connector N MaleL4PNM-H-L
L4TDF-PSAndrewNEW9 Connector DIN Female Positive StopL4TDF-PS
L4TDM-PSAndrewNEW27 Connector Din Male Positive StopL4TDM-PS
L4TNF-PSAndrewNEW6 Connector N Female Positive StopL4TNF-PS
L5DPM-RPCAndrewNEW22 ConnectorL5DPM-RPC
L5PDFAndrewNEW40 Connector 7/16" DIN FemaleL5PDF
L5PDF-RPCAndrewNEW4 Connector DIN FemaleL5PDF-RPC
L5PDM-RPCAndrewNEW10 Connector Din Male - For use with LDF5-50A onlyL5PDM-RPC
L5PNFAndrewNEW1 Connector N FemaleL5PNF
L5PNF-RPCAndrewNEW1 ConnectorL5PNF-RPC
L5TDFAndrewNEW18 Connector DW Female POS STOPL5TDF
L6PNFAndrewNEW1 ConnectorL6PNF
L7PDFAndrewNEW6 Connector Din FemaleL7PDF
L7PDF-RPCAndrewNEW3 ConnectorL7PDF-RPC
L7PNF-RPCAndrewNEW1 Connector 7/16" DINL7PNF-RPC
L7PNMAndrewNEW7 ConnectorL7PNM
L7SGRIPAndrewNEW15 Hoisting GripL7SGRIP
L7TDF-PSAndrewNEW17 Connector Din Female Positive StopL7TDF-PS
LCF158-A-716FAndrewNEW 11LCF158-A-716F - Connector RF - 15575572 15575572
LDF4-50AAndrewNEW9 Cable Coax (1/2-inch) - Qty 4 @ 120-ft; Qty 4 @ 75-ft; Qty 1 @ 50-ft LDF4-50A
LELHPK11-1REC4AirPaxREF 16Circuit BreakerLELHPK11-1REC4
LELK1-1REC-431745AirPaxREF 3Circuit Breaker Kit - 6310219P-50 LELK11REC431745
LELK13117575VAirPaxREF 44Circuit BreakerLELK13117575V
LNW18LucentREF1 1665 Metropolis DMX Trans Mux Pack - 109164905109164905
LPD3AntelREF24 Downtilt Bracket KitLPD3
LSXL-MEPolyphaserNEW 1Surge ProtectorLSXL-ME
LT-259812SSeifert mtm SystemsREF 17LT-259812S - Fan Tray Assembly LT259812S
M20JuniperREF1 M20 Internet Backbone Router - Includes Qty 1 M20 Internet Processor II - 710-001951, Qty 1 Alarm Management Card - 710-001519, Qty 2 Redundant Power Supplies Rev 2 - 740-007222, Qty 1 STM-1/OC-3 Sonet SMF-IR - 710-002779, Qty 2 STM-4/OC-12 Sonet SMF-I... M20
M5150ANortelREF20 Network-In-A-Box -- Complete GSM 900MHz cellular system in single chassis NIB
M5220ANortelREF18 Base Transceiver Station 900MHzBTS
MA0003-006Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX CardMA0003-006
MA0049-004Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX CardMA0049-004
MA0116-363Redcom LaboratoriesREF 3IGX CardMA0116-363
MA0209-103Redcom LaboratoriesREF 3Expanded Basic Line Circuit Card MA0209-103
MA0217-110Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1Ring Generator / Conference Card MA0217-110
MA0370-651Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX CardMA0370-651
MA0377-103Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX CardMA0377-103
MA0483-001Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX Inter-MSU Stacking Cable MA0483-001
MA0484-100Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1IGX CardMA0484-100
MA0520-102Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1R1/R2 Sender / Receiver Card MA0520-102
MetroSiteNokiaREF1 MetroSite EDGE ConnectSite 10 BTS Includes 058187A – Control Board – Qty 1, 468261A – HVSB (110-120VAC / 50-60Hz / Max = 7.63A) – Qty 1, 469691A – CTDA 11 – Qty 1, 467611A – FXC E1/T1 – VXTB 11 – Qty 1, 46720BA – VIFA – Qty 1, 468263A – Fan – HVMF – Q... ConnectSite 10
Mini Link 18EEricssonREF 1Mini Link 18E Complete Hop Mini Link 18E
MR1903PAndrewNEW1 Band Selective Repeater PCS-AB, 15MHz BMW 110VAC, Complete with Manuals, Software and Tool Kit MR1903P
MWR-1941-DCCiscoREF 10800-22440-02 - Router w/ 2 VWIC2MFT-T1 DIR MWR-1941-DC
MZHSA3BLorainREF30 DC to DC ConverterMZHSA3B
NE075AC24ALineageREF 15 NE075AC24A - Rectifier Switchmode for Infinity NE Universal Power Plant AC 24V (NEW) 109114740
NPS3PowerOneREF1 Rectifier ShelfNPS3
NT1H78CCNortelREF8 Sync CardNT1H78CC
NT2X70AFNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Power Conversion (Rel 14)NT2X70AF
NT5C15BCNortelREF48 Switch Mode Rectifier - AC Input 208/240 VAC - 45-65Hz - DC Output 48V @ 500 Watts NT5C15BC
NT6X40FA NortelREF9 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X40FA 
NT6X40FBNortelREF31 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X40FB
NT6X41AANortelREF14 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X41AA
NT6X41ACNortelREF12 DMS 100 Switch Circuit Card - HECI ENPQA1J1AANT6X41AC
NT6X42AANortelREF9 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X42AA
NT6X50ABNortelREF26 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X50AB
NT6X69ACNortelREF8 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X69AC
NT6X92BBNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X92BB
NT6X92BCNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT6X92BC
NT7C25DANortelREF2 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT7C25DA
NT9X13AANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT9X13AA
NT9X15AANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit Card - ENPQ2GA1ABNT9X15AA
NT9X17ADNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit Card - Rev 06 - ENPQAPJ1AANT9X17AD
NT9X53ADNortelREF2 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT9X53AD
NT9X62CANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit Card - Rev 02 - ENPQAL71AANT9X62CA
NT9X74DANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNT9X74DA
NT9X86AANortelREF1 DMS 100 Card - Rev 10 - ENPQASM1AANT9X86AA
NTAX74AANortelREF5 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTAX74AA
NTAX79AANortelREF4 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTAX79AA
NTAX88CANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTAX88CA
NTBW18ADNortelREF1 Cooling Unit 4-Fan Assembly (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell) - Fan Model EFB1524HHG NTBW18AD
NTBW99DONortelREF4 Data Only Module (DOM) - Rev 42, Rev 30, Rev 16NTBW99DO
NTBX01CANortelREF4 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTBX01CA
NTEX22CANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch CardNTEX22CA
NTGB08ABNortelREF45 Selector Common Interface CardNTGB08AB
NTGS0303NortelREF1 In-line Phone ProtectorNTGS0303
NTGS3188NortelREF1 T1/E1 Indoor Interface Module (TIIM) Secondary Lightning Protector (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell) N010203
NTGS54CBNortelREF2 Electro Optic ModuleNTGS54CB
NTGS5503NortelREF3 Cable AssemblyNTGS5503
NTGS5506NortelREF11 Cable AssemblyNTGS5506
NTGS5652NortelREF1 FRM 801NTGS5652
NTGS8011NortelREF6 Cable AssemblyNTGS8011
NTGS8014NortelREF2 Cable AssemblyNTGS8014
NTGS8016NortelREF2 Cable AssemblyNTGS8016
NTGS8024NortelREF1 Cable AssemblyNTGS8024
NTGS8026NortelREF1 Cable AssemblyNTGS8026
NTGS8060NortelREF30 Cable AssemblyNTGS8060
NTGS8063NortelREF3 Cable AssemblyNTGS8063
NTGS8067NortelREF2 Cable AssemblyNTGS8067
NTGS8069NortelREF11 Cable AssemblyNTGS8069
NTGS8085NortelREF3 Cable AssemblyNTGS8085
NTGS8087NortelREF2 Cable AssemblyNTGS8087
NTGS8088NortelREF8 Cable AssemblyNTGS8088
NTGS8098NortelREF7 Cable AssemblyNTGS8098
NTGS85ABNortelREF1 Transmit / Receive Module 800 MHzNTGS85AB
NTGS8660NortelREF1 Power Amplifier Module (PAM) 800 MHzNTGS8660
NTGY5503NortelREF12 Cable AssemblyNTGY5503
NTGY5505NortelREF9 Cable Assembly for MFRMNTGY5505
NTGY5506NortelREF2 Cable AssemblyNTGY5506
NTGY5507NortelREF4 Cable AssemblyNTGY5507
NTGY5580NortelREF3 Cable AssemblyNTGY5580
NTGZ8125E6NortelREF1 Cable AssemblyNTGZ8125E6
NTIH78CCNortelREF8 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTIH78CC
NTLX12AANortelREF2 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTLX12AA
NTMX77AANortelREF2 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTMX77AA
NTQA50DBNortelREF3 AmplifierNTQA50DB
NTRX41AANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX41AA
NTRX42BANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX42BA
NTRX43AANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX43AA
NTRX50CGNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX50CG
NTRX50FDNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX50FD
NTRX50FSNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX50FS
NTRX50GHNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX50GH
NTRX50GNNortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX50GN
NTRX54BANortelREF1 DMS 100 Switch Circuit CardNTRX54BA
NTRZ6022NortelREF3 Cable Assembly (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell)NTRZ6022
NTRZ6023NortelREF6 Cable Assembly (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell)NTRZ6023
NTRZ6033NortelREF3 Cable Assembly (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell)NTRZ6033
NTRZ60AANortelREF1 Metrocell Compact CDMA (Empty Chassis)NTRZ60AA
NTRZ61AANortelREF1 Chassis (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell)NTRZ61AA
NTRZ61BBNortelREF4 Backplane Assembly (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell) NTRZ61BB
NTRZ64AANortelREF1 Customer Alarm Module (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell) NTRZ64AA
NTRZ69EANortelREF1 DPM 15VDC (in Nortel Compact Indoor Metrocell)490266
P333RLucentREF2 P333R - Stackable Switch -48V - 700201643 - 4705-229700201643
PMR722GC1Allen TelecomREF 1 Repeater Channel Selective with qty 4 Mikom Conversion Modules PMR-722-GC1
PS2293Martek PowerREF 1Power Supply 1Rev APS2293
PSAC08GlobTekREF2 Power SupplyPSAC08
PW-100A-1Y48EPower WinNEW 1 Power Supply Replacement - Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz - Output: 48 VDC, 3.3 Amp PW-100A-1Y48E
QRO2500HFQROREF1 Amplifier for HFQRO2500HF
R1G-220-AB35-46PapstREF 3FanR1G-220-AB35-46
RaidLucentREF1 CPCI Raid Control ModuleRaid
RCUC-25KathreinREF2 Control CableRCUC-25
RCUC-40KathreinREF1 Control CableRCUC-40
Ring FlareAndrewNEW 13Connector 1/2 inch N-MaleRing Flare
RL9833-09W-B29DensoREF 6465582-0130 - Fan DC26V / 5.0A 465582-0130
RLB150x3EagleREF2 Return Loss BridgeRLB150
RPM-518-1078/1ComTechREF 8Cable Assembly - DB9-RJ45-Plug RPM-518-1078/1
SA9012-001Redcom LaboratoriesREF 1 IGX Switching Chassis with Power PA0385-001; AC Input; 120/240V; 50/60Hz SA9012-001
SE-225PolycomREF10 SoundPoint Pro Desktop Conference SpeakerphoneSE-225
SFX-DMNM-10Comm ScopeNEW 45Jumper CableSFX-DMNM-10
SGL-06B2AndrewNEW15 Grounding KitSGL-06B2
SGL4-15B4AndrewNEW8 Grounding Kit LDF4 Sureground with 2-Hole Field Attached Lug SGL4-15B4
SGL5-10B4AndrewNEW6 Grounding Kit SuregroundSGL5-10B4
SGL5-15B4AndrewNEW4 Grounding Kit Sureground LDF5 with 2 Hole Field LugSGL5-15B4
SGL7-06B2AndrewNEW13 Grounding Kit Sureground LDF7 with 2 Hole Factory LugLDF7
SGL7-15B4AndrewNEW4 Grounding Kit Sureground LDF7 with 2-Hole Field LugSGL7-15B4
SGL7-15BAAndrewNEW20 ConnectorSGL7-15BA
SH9079-120Redcom LaboratoriesREF 2Timing CableSH9079-120
SISTF1010-180Transition NetworksREF 1Switch (Industrial)SISTF1010-180
SM9FCSC4M002CiscoREF 4Flash Card 4MB 1600R Series IOS IP S16RC-12.0.15
SN516CLucentREF1 SN516C - 107598146107598146
SNAP-ST-12RFS / CablewaveNEW 10 Snap-in Hanger Stackable for 1/2" (Kit of 10)SNAP-ST-12
SNAP-ST-78AndrewNEW 40Snap-in Hanger Kit 7/8-inSNAP-ST-78
SNH/220/001Wireless SolutionsNEW 7Snap In HangerSNH/220/001
SNH/300/UNIWireless SolutionsNEW 23Snap In Hanger for 7/8-inch Cable (10 Pack) SNH-300-UNI
SP60-120/240-1TranstectorNEW 1Surge ProtectorSP60-120/240-1
SSH-12AndrewNEW2 Snap Stack Hanger Kit for 1/2" (Pack of 10)CXP041GA
SSH-158AndrewNEW1 Snapstack Hanger Kit 1-5/8 - Kit of 10SSH158
SSH-78AndrewNEW1 Snapstack Hanger Kit - 7/8 inchSSH78
SSTG40AndrewNEW1 SSTG40 - 18G - 1.9GHzUB097F8GQ4
ST318305LCSeagateREF 12390-0085-03 - 9V8006-033 - Hard Drive ST318305LC
ST320410ASeagateREF1 Hard Drive 20GB - 9T7001-395ST320410A
ST336752LWSeagateREF 1Hard Drive 36GBST336752LW
ST373207LCSeagateREF 1Hard Drive 10K.7ST373207LC
STS-35AndrewNEW6 Snap In Tower Stand-off Kit (10 Pack)STS-35
T150TandbergREF1 Video-conferencing System was designed for rapid deployment and includes Qty 2 Tandberg T150 Personal Series Video-Conference Phones, Qty 2 Power Supplies, Qty 2 CAT5 Patch Cords, Qty 1 SKB Transit Case with Custom Foam Packaging T150
TM-PIMC-0101MotorolaREF 2CPCI TM-PIMC-0101TM-PIMC-0101
TN1369LucentREF1 TN1369 - 106681778106681778
TN1611BLucentREF1 TN1611B - 106658339106658339
TN1640BLucentREF1 MDL4TN1640B
TN1640CLucentREF1 MDL4TN1640C
TN1681LucentREF5 TN1681 - 106441587106441587
TN1682LucentREF1 TN1682 - 107085896107085896
TN1685LucentREF4 TN1685 - 107147118107147118
TN1718BLucentREF2 TN1718B - 108455338108455338
TN1820BLucentREF1 TN1820B - 107065344107065344
TN1820DLucentREF2 TN1820D - 108151226TN1820D
TN1821CLucentREF2 TN1821C - 107823601107823601
TN1843LucentREF2 TN1843 - 106951007106951007
TN1845LucentREF5 TN1845 - 107824542107824542
TN1852BLucentREF3 CardTN1852B
TN1863LucentREF3 TN1863 - 108480310108480310
TN1873LucentREF2 TN1873 - PHV5 Card - 109189613109189613
TN2523LucentREF13 TN2523 - 108079609108079609
TN4016LucentREF12 TN4016 - 108236753108236753
TN883LucentREF1 TN883 - 5ESS Card - 105001739105001739
TPL-CV-500ALucentREF 1Telpower Fuse 170VDCTPL-CV-500A
TW-300 ONTTerawave CommREF 1 Optical Network Terminal 2 RU Chassis with 8xFXS, 2xI/O, 2xDS3 Modules TW-300 ONT
TW-400 ONTTerawave CommREF 1 Optical Network Terminal with 8xFXS, 2xI/O, 2xDS3 Modules TW-400 ONT
U120100D42SceptreREF 1Power SupplyU120100D42
UGBKITAndrewNEW5 Ground Bar Kit UniversalUGBKIT
ULAM CableJudd WireREF 9ULAM CableULAM Cable
UN303CLucentREF1 MC3F0UN303C
UN373BLucentREF2 UN373B - 107065310107065310
UN396LucentREF1 UN396 - 106950991106950991
UN399LucentREF1 UN399 - 107215337107215337
UN538LucentREF2 UN538 - 107073009107073009
UN539BLucentREF1 UN539B - 108162454108162454
UN553LucentREF3 UN553 - 107077000107077000
UN582LucentREF1 UN582 - 107153405107153405
UN583LucentREF2 UN583UN583
UN933LucentREF6 UN933 - 107153389107153389
V5PDFAndrewNEW5 ConnectorV5PDF
V5PDF-RPCAndrewNEW5 Connector Din FemaleV5PDF-RPC
V7PDF-RPCAndrewNEW1 Connector Din FemaleV7PDF-RPC
VAT-3LucentREF12 Attenuator 3dB 50 OhmVAT-3
VAT-3-1LucentREF86 Attenuator 3dB 50 OhmVAT-3-1
VAT-4LucentREF12 Attenuator 4dB 50 OhmVAT-4
VAT-5LucentREF9 Attenuator 5dB 50 OhmVAT-5
VAT-6LucentREF3 Attenuator 6dB 50 OhmVAT-6
VP-1024ValcomREF4 Power Supply Input: 120VAC / 0.4A / 60Hz -- 24VDC / 1.0A -- 70% Duty Cycle / 7 Sec On 3 Sec Off / Filtered Talk Battery VP1024
WD2500AAJSWestern DigitalREF 1Hard Drive 250GBWD2500AAJS
WGB4-52AndrewNEW2 Wave Guide BootWGB4-52
WGB4-90AndrewNEW2 Wave Guide Boot KitWGB4-90
WHG-158Wireless SolutionsNEW 6Hoist Grip Lace-Up for 1-5/8-inch Coax Cable WHG-158
WP93748LucentNEW7 DividerWP93748
WS-X5012ACiscoREF1 48-Port 10BaseT Ethernet Switching ModuleWS-5012A
WS-X5224CiscoREF4 24-Port 10/100Base TX Switching ModuleWS-X5224
WS-X5403CiscoREF1 3-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switching ModuleWS-X5403
WS-X5530-E3ACiscoREF 1Supervisor Engine III-NFFC II Card WS-X5530-E3A
Z3827ASymmetricomREF 4 Remote GPS Receiver consists of Antenna, GPS Receiver, Digital RS-485 Interface & Power Supply Integrated in Outdoor rated Enclosure Z3827A
Z99SC-2-1-4LucentREF 2Splitter 14-16MHzZ99SC-2-1-4
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