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Common Uses of LCD Touch Panels

Common Uses of LCD Touch Panels

As technology improves LCD touch panels are becoming more and more common. The hype of touchscreen panels were always driven to extreme levels in movies. The popular Star Trek series, even in the early days since it came out already introduced the concept of a touch panel. The "technology" seen in movies such as Minority Report seemed alien-like and impossible back then. But as we move forward with technological advances and breakthroughs, these touchscreen panels that we only used to dream of are now fast becoming a reality. We see this wonderful piece of technology in computer screens, mobile phones, POS systems in grocery stores, and in laptop and tablet devices. Practically everywhere!

The amazing part of the touchscreen technology today is its ability to interact with virtual objects that are displayed on the screen without the aid of pointing devices. Before, a touchscreen can only be accessed using a device called a stylus. Today, touchscreen panels can be navigated directly with the use of ones own fingertip.

Contrary to popular belief the touchscreen technology is not a new invention. During the 1960's E.A. Johnson of the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, United Kingdom, published his work on capacitive touchscreens. Later on he added photographs and diagrams of his design and by 1968 he published an article describing the usage of touchscreen technology in air traffic control systems.

As early as 1975, touchscreens were integrated in computer-assisted learning terminals in the PLATO project. In 1983, Hewlett-Packard came out with the HP-150 which became the first commercial computer to have a touchscreen. PDA device manufacturers were also among the first to integrate LCD touchscreen technology for practical applications. Later on, computer gaming companies like Sega and Nintendo integrated LCD touch panels in their handheld video game consoles. Handheld gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS make use of a touchscreen and a stylus for its user to play games and for navigation around the system.

Aside from PDA devices and portable game consoles, LCD touch panels are of great use in other industries. Medical equipments, for example, also use the same technology in their display panels. This makes the medical equipment smaller, power efficient and more portable, allowing professionals to use equipments with screens and have more room to spare. A good example is an ambulance that can be fitted with more monitoring screens thanks to touch panels.

Marketing and advertising has benefited a lot from LCD touch panels too. Nowadays there are numerous ads shown through a LCD touchscreen display. This innovative way of advertising encourage people to interact with the product being advertised. This kind of advertising is more direct and allows companies to interrelate with their prospective clients.

Perhaps the most famous example of the usage of touch panels today is none other than the iPhone and the iPad. Who hasn't heard of these cool gadgets from Apple? The said company has revolutionized the use of touchscreen technology in several ways and everyone is following suit.

As the LCD touch panels and similar types of technology become more common, availability is easier and competition has driven the cost of these devices more affordable for everyone. Gone were the days where only the ultra-rich and the military have access to touchscreen technology.