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SYMBOL Barcodes, Mobile Computer and More

In order to run your business, a variety of products and equipment are required. Regardless of what services or products your company provides, specific features are always necessary. However, you don't want to go broke acquiring all of the equipment either, which is exactly why you need to shop at Surplus Traders. Surplus Traders has all of the top brands you might want, including Symbol. SYMBOL produces a list of office essentials no business can go without, so not only are you able to set up a perfectly functioning office, but you can save money while you do it as well. 

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Payment terminals are an important element to many businesses. These terminals allow you to input information, store essential data and stay on top of the day-to-day aspects of your company. Of course, there is not just one style of terminal you need to look into. A payment terminal can prove helpful for some companies where a customer service representative is not necessary. Perhaps a customer is able to check out equipment, rent a particular product or pay for certain services, all without assistance. When this is the case, a payment terminal should prove especially helpful for you, and best of all, Symbol produces several variations that are available at Surplus Traders. Beyond just payment terminals though Symbol also has a line of vehicle mounted terminals and VRC terminals. All of this allows you to collect information and stay on top of what you need regarding the company, regardless of where you are or what you are doing. 



If you run a business centered around merchandise and other physical material, you need to have a barcode system established. With barcodes, you can easily check people out at the register as each barcode is associated with a particular product you sell. This can range from a shirt to a piece of computer hardware. After the barcode is associated with the particular product, you can not only bring up the price of the material when someone checks out at the register, but you also have the ability to see how many items are left in inventory, updating it in real time. With so many features, you need a variation of barcode products. Symbol has you covered with all of these needs. A barcode printer makes it easy to print off as many copies of barcodes as you need. This way, you can always place the barcode on a particular product before it goes out onto the store floor. Barcode scanners are also available through Symbol, so you can have one when you check equipment in for inventory, plus have one and checkout for ringing people out. Connecting the barcode scanner to your point of sales system is helpful, and everything has the capability of improving your overall business functionality. 


Mobile Computer

There are times where you need access to a mobile computer system. This is different from a tablet or a laptop. A mobile computer has the same basic screen size as a smartphone, only this device comes on top of a handle/trigger like piece of equipment, often times featuring a barcode scanner at the top of it. This way, you can be on the store floor, scan an item and immediately receive information on the computer screen. You may then alter information regarding the product with the built in keypad, and some even come with a stylus, so you do not have to worry about running into problems inputting the necessary information. While not all companies or businesses require a mobile computer, it does prove handy; especially when you or an employee is out of the office and work needs to take place regarding particular equipment or material. Whether it is at a job site or in the warehouse, these mobile computer systems, built by Symbol and available at Surplus Traders, are incredibly helpful.


Odds and Ends

Surplus Traders carries even more products by Symbol that can help your business grow and function. Thermal printers are helpful for printing out receipts so a single signed copy is all that is required for both you and your customer. Touch screen LCDs are great for point of sales systems or simply to help customers interact with your business as well while in the store. All of these features are available through Symbol products at Surplus Traders, not to mention just about any sort of connectivity cable, adapter or other piece of connection equipment your company might require. These different products can help your business grow and improve the way you interact with employees. At Surplus Traders you’ll find the best price available and an incredible selection of Symbol products for sale.