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STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS

GLOBE B-3702-256 Standoff, 1/8" Hex, #2.56 x .250 L, F/F, brass POR $0.65Ea/100

Trust in us. Our STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS is in stock or currently available for a limited time. You can request more information by clicking in the “Request Quote” button right below.
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This STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS may be also available in other conditions. Please contact our product specialist for more information.

Please note that this STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS is offered in condition.

STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS


GLOBE B-3702-256 Standoff, 1/8" Hex, #2.56 x .250 L, F/F, brass POR $0.65Ea/100

Additional Information

SKU: GA310
Name: STANDOFF, 1/8" HEX, #2.56 X .250 L, F/F, BRASS
Manufacturer: GLOBE MOTORS
Weight: No

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