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Check out our array of medical equipment from Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes, Light Sources and more.

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SKU: ZB237
Manufacturer: -ASSORTED
Manufacturer Spec File: No
Weight: No

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ACMICircon AUR 8Hystero/Uretero Excellent 0 B/F 
ACMIFCB 95 Light SourceGood  
ACMI CystoM2-70CystoscopeGood Image  
Autoclave RitterM7 Speedclave 2 Trays Autoclave RitterFair 
Boekel Scientific Analog132000Incubator Good 
Bovie AaronA2250 Electrosurge Unit w/Foot PeddleExcellent- New Condition  
Concept ProcessorConcept 8160 Intravision Lumi Trac with Camera 8160CFair 
CudaI-250Universal Light I-250Good  
CudaM2-150TUniversal Dual Quartz Good 
Medtronic8099-0Cystoscope Excellent, New 
MedtronicTUNA 8930 Prostiva RFRF Generator Excellent- New Condition 
Olympus100 series H2O bottleGood  
OlympusBF-1T200Bronchoscope Needs Angulation work, Tubes 
OlympusBF-200 PartsBronchoscope Parts- complete 
OlympusCF-P10SSigmoidoscope Good 0 B/F 
OlympusCYF-2Cystoscope Small stain, no fibers 
OlympusGIF-130GastroscopeVery good  
OlympusGIF-XQ140Gastroscope Very good 
OlympusMAJ 901 160 series H2O Lid Good 
OlympusMAJ-554Camera Head only Good2
OlympusMAJ-898 Remote for OEP3New  
OlympusMB-142 Bite BlockNew  
OlympusOSF-3SigmoidoscopeGood 0 B/F  
OlympusOTV-SC Control Box Good2
OlympusOTV-SX Control BoxGood  
OlympusOVC-100Video Converter Excellent w/case 
OlympusSU-3Olympus Switching Unit Good 
Olympus A/W MH-438New  
Olympus Suction Valves MB-197 Good 
Olympus Bronch Suction MAJ-209 New 
Olympus A/W Cleaning Adaptor MH-948 New 
Olympus MAJ-579   
Olympus MAJ-1119 Chain for H2O Cap New 
Olympus Water Resistant Caps MH-553 Excellent 
Olympus MD-252, MD-148New  
Olympus ETO Cap MB-156New  
Olympus Hand held Leakage Tester New 
Olympus  Disp. Cytology Brush BC-202D 2010New 
Olympus CYF-4Cystoscope Part-complete 
Olympus CYF-5CystoscopeExcellent  
Olympus CYF-5CystoscopeExcellent  
Olympus CYF-VCystoscopeGood  
Olympus ENF-P3ENTNeeds Image bundle  
Olympus ENF-P3ENT OB/F, insertion tube 
Olympus ENF-P4ENT 15 Scattered Fibers 
Olympus JF-1T20Duodenal Excellent 0 B/F 
Olympus JF-V10 Nice  
Olympus TJF-V10 Nice  
Olympus/ SonyMavigraphMavigraphGood  
Pentax3430L ColonoscopeFair2
Pentax3440L ColonoscopeFair  
Pentax3830L ColonoscopeFair3
Pentax3840L ColonoscopeGood3
PentaxEG 2901GastroscopeParts  
PentaxEPM 3300 ProcessorFair  
Pentax A/W Valves 2900 series Good 
Pentax Suction Valves 2900 series Good 
Pentax Soaking Cap OE-C9New  
Pentax ETO Cap OE-C2, OF-C5New  
Pentax Luer Lock insert OF-G17 New 
Pentax A/W-Suction Cylinder plug OF-B115 New 
Pentax Check valve set OE-C15, OF-B129 New 
Pentax Suction O-Ring set OF-B127 New 
Pentax Irrigation tube OF-B113 New 
R.Wolf Arthro8880.431 Panoview Plus Good Image 
R.Wolf Arthro8912.401 Panoview with CO2 Laser Use Coupler CGood Image 
R.Wolf Arthro8912.431 Panoview with CO2 Laser Use Coupler CGood Image 
R.Wolf Arthro8672.435 70Panoview Lumina SL Good Image 
R.Wolf Arthro8880.403 70Panoview Plus Good Image 
Sony5010A Print PakNew  
Sony 13" MonitorFair  
Storz ETO CapNew 
Storz  Clickline Luer plug w/ strap 29100BKNew 
Storz ArthroN0004-0  Good  
Storz Pediatric Arthro27018 C  Good 
Stryker Arthro344-71 Vista Arthro Good 
Stryker Arthro677-11 4mmGood Image  
 FD-1U Aspiration NeedleNew  
 LW Scientific 4 ObjectivesMicroscope Good 
 Model 200 2 traysAutoclave Steri dent Fair 
 Swift-3 ObjectivesMicroscope Good 
  Exam Room Lamps Fair 2
  IV Poles Fair 3
  Exam Room Stools   4
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