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  1. Siemens Varex Xray Detector 4336x

    Siemens Varex Xray Detector 4336x

    The PaxScan 4336X is a light weight, ruggedized flat panel detector designed for digital radiographic X-ray systems. The 4336X fits in existing 14"x17" standard bucky trays and the panel is hot swappable for easy migration between a chest stand and the table. For mobile applications the 4336X is available with integrated handles. The imager control and data transmission is accomplished via a Gigabit Ethernet interface, using Varian's robust Virtual Command Processor API.

  2. Richard Wolf Cysto & Resectoscope Set

    Richard Wolf Cysto & Resectoscope Set

    Richard Wolf Cysto & Resectoscope Set The individually adapted instrument size is one of the essential prerequisites for atraumatic endoscopy. Especially in pediatric urology, the risk of mucosal lesions in the urethra is very high due to the use of large-lumen instruments. Lifelong complications due to recurrent strictures can be the result. Richard Wolf offers rigid endoscopes in various diameters, lengths and viewing directions for pediatric indications. Modular system solutions complemented by flexible, state-of-the-art endoscopes for treatment from neonates to adolescents.

  3. Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 PM700 Drill Neuro Set

    Medtronic Midas Rex MR7 PM700 Drill Neuro Set

    The Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Pneumatic Drills offer power and performance (compared to Midas Rex Legend Gold® System.) for spine, cranial, ENT, orthopaedic, and other surgical procedures. WHAT IT IS: MIDAS REX MR7 HIGH-SPEED PNEUMATIC DRILLS Patented technology designed to deliver efficient performance Precision design engineered and manufactured for quality and durability Standardized platform so you can use your existing LegendTM dissecting tools and attachments Ergonomic enhancements to enable easy maneuvering in the operating room An open foot-control design to allow for easy access and repositioning

  4. Olympus Corp. LF-2 Intubation Fiberscope

    Olympus Corp. LF-2 Intubation Fiberscope

    Introducing the Olympus LF-2 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope for Sale. Compatible with single-lumen endotracheal tubes with an internal diameter of 5.0 mm or greater; double-lumen tubes 37 Fr. or greater 1.5 mm channel for easier aspiration/instillation of fluids Olympus optical technology produces high-quality images for observation Wider field of view (90°) for excellent visualization Insertion tube markers (bands) for quick determination of insertion depth Waterproof for thorough reprocessing. The Olympus LF-2 Fiberoptic Intubation Scope provides exceptional flexibility and maneuverability for a tracheal intubation fiberscope while still maintaining the same thin diameter its predecessor, the Olympus LF-1, was known for. The Olympus LF-2 insertion tube has a combination of flexibility and stiffness for easier insertion and navigation into the trachea and easier placement of endotracheal/endobronchial tubes. A large 1.5 mm channel permits improved aspiration of secretions.