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Over 1,000 lugs by Burndy, Panduit and T&B. These are new, but no longer in original packaging. Click "more info" for complete list. Condition: New

Trust in us. Our LUGS BY BURNDY, PANDUIT AND T&B is in stock or currently available for a limited time. You can request more information by clicking in the “Request Quote” button right below.
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This LUGS BY BURNDY, PANDUIT AND T&B may be also available in other conditions. Please contact our product specialist for more information.

Please note that this LUGS BY BURNDY, PANDUIT AND T&B is offered in NEW condition.
Just like it sounds. A brand-new, unused, unopened item in its original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Original protective wrapping, if any, is intact. Original manufacturer's warranty, if any, still applies, with warranty details included in the listing comments. Here in surplustraders.net we deal with an enourmous number of items and our stock is so big that sometimes we need to find new definitions for our items condition. This is why our new products can vary a little from what you can find in a retail store. After all, we are a broket focusing on business to business transactions, but to keep it short, it is important that you know that a NEW Product can be also an unused item with absolutely no signs of wear. The item may be missing the original packaging, or in the original packaging but not sealed. The item may be a factory second or a new, unused item with defects. Ask for more information for full details and description of any imperfections.If you are interested about this article and you want to know more about its condition and even get more images, please contact our Sales Representative.



Over 1,000 lugs by Burndy, Panduit and T&B. These are new, but no longer in original packaging. Click "more info" for complete list. Condition: New

Additional Information

SKU: GF461
Manufacturer: -ASSORTED
Weight: No

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MfrPart #/Description SizeColor# of Holes Hole sizeHole spacingQty
Burndy N40 4 StrGrey1 1/4" 131
BurndyYA-2N500MCMBrown2   1
BurndyYA-N404StrGrey1 1/2" 136
BurndyYA34-2LN500 MCMBrown 21/2" 1 3/4"24
BurndyYA6C-2LN6 StrBlue 2 1/2" 1 3/4"7
BurndyYA26L-4TCGI2/0Black4 1/4" 5/8"30+
BurndyYAL272T383/0 StrOrange 23/8’’1’’ 9
BurndyYA26-2TC142/0 N125Black 21/4’’5/8’’ 15
PanduitLCC6-10ABWF 906 STRBlue 23/16" & 5/16"11/16" 30
Panduit903/0 StrOrange1 1/2" -20
Panduit902/0 StrBlack2 1/4" 45
Panduit N50 4 StrGrey1 1/4" 61
PanduitLCCXF2/0-14B2/0 Str/Flex Black21/4"  20
PanduitLCD2/0-38D2/0StrBlack 23/8" 1"11
PanduitLCD1/0-38D1/0 StrPink 23/8" 1" 47
PanduitLCD3/0-38D3/0 StrOrange 23/8’’1’’ 1
PanduitLCCF2/0-38D325/24 - 2/0 Flex Orange23/8’’1’’ 55
Panduit 550/24 4/0 FlexYellow 23/8’’1’’ 3
T&B 4/0Yellow1 1/2"N/A2
T&B62 DIE4/0Yellow1 3/8"N/A12
T&B 925/24Brown2 1/2" 1 3/4"6
T&B 925/24Black2 3/8"1"11
T&B 350-83Red2 3/8"1"83
T&B 925/24Black1 1/2"N/A1
T&B45 Die2/0 125NBlack2 1/4"5/8"8
T&B80 Die925/24Black2 1/2"1 3/4"8
T&B 3/0 150NOrange2 3/8"1"22
T&BInsulated 9030N 6 StrBlue 13/16" N/A300
T&B 2/0 125NBlack2 3/8"1"55
T&B100N long1/0 Pink2 3/8" 1" 25
T&B100N short1/0Pink2 3/8" 1" 10
T&BSta-Kon Uninsulated Ring Terminal J20-38 2/0Str 13/8"N/A 40
T&B8-6 SOL-8STR-23N 908StrRed 23/16" 5/8"66
T&B902/0 125NBlack2 3/8" 1"9
T&B 1/0 100NPink1 1/4’’ 40
T&B 3/0 150NOrange1 3/8’’ 16
T&B 2/0 125NBlack1 5/16’’ 8
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