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When running a business, managing employees is one of the most important tasks the owner needs to take care of. We understand first hand how managing the staff can often make or break a company. From hiring the right professionals into the position to ensuring their productivity is to the peak of their possible performance, all of this is extremely difficult to do without a bit of assistance. Thankfully, there's Kronos time and attendance equipment. Their equipment ensures a manager always has the latest information on the employees performance and what they are doing around the office, manufacturing facility or other location.


Hardware & Software

The Hiring process for any business is difficult. Not only does a company need to sort through dozens, if not hundreds of applications at once, often times with very few actually having favorable results. This means someone inside of the office has to devote a large amount of their time to this process while they could be doing something more productive. It points to exactly how expensive it is to find and hire a new professional. Not only does it cost money to pay for the employees to sift through applications, but also to train the individual as well. While there is little a business can do to cut down the cost of training, it is possible to save money on the evaluation process of the resumes. Kronos has hardware and software that can scan over all electronically submitted applications, helping a business owner identify specific keywords and information on the resume. This way, they do not need to spend all of their time looking at undesirable applicants and instead only at those with the right qualifications. 

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Time & Attendance

Employee scheduling and management is one of the most important tasks an owner and office manager is going to undertake in regards to their employees. They need to ensure a schedule is set in place so nobody is over scheduled, yet all positions are filled. Additionally, it is necessary to look into when an employee actually arrives to work and if they are arriving on time. No business should pay an employee for time they are not at work, and an employee who continually shows up late might not be the right fit for the business. However, with more traditional time and attendance equipment, it is difficult to stay on top of all of this. Kronos time and attendance equipment, employees are only allowed to clock in for themselves and not other employees. This way, a manager knows exactly when every employee shows up and when they leave. It also helps with staying on top of overtime, as there are times where an employee might receive overtime for simply clocking in a few minutes early and a few minutes late by the end of the week. This can cost a business thousands upon thousands of dollars every year in unnecessary overtime, so having the time and attendance scheduling equipment makes it possible to know when someone is approaching the overtime threshold and make sure they leave early for work. 


Labor Analytics Products

As a company grows, it is often difficult to know when expansion is the best course of action. While every business owner wants to eventually expand, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to do so. Bringing in more employees and more resources can cost the business, so it is important to know if this is the best course of action or if the company should look at a different manor for growth. It is possible to increase sales without having to rely on the inclusion of additional employees. Knowing how to identify this is important though, which is why we always recommend the labor analytics Kronos products at Surplus Traders. This equipment is able to track employee time and attendance, stay on top of the payroll and HR services, all while monitoring the productivity of each employee. This way, it is possible to see if it really is necessary to bring in a new employee, or if the business is able to expand without this need. The software might detect where one employee is lacking in production, so correcting this issue is far more financially reasonable than actually going about paying to have another employee come in when one of the current employees is not even able to do their own job. 


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With Kronos Time Clocks, life becomes that much easier for the managers and operators, regardless of the size of the business or what services it provides. Browse though our inventory of products or contact us today so we can help you find exactly what you need.