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INTERMEC Products at Surplus Traders

When operating a business there are certain pieces of equipment that are necessary to run efficiently. This is especially true if you work in retail and also if you ship products out from your place of business. From thermal printers to barcode labor scanners, there is no shortage of equipment a retain business may need. However, to help you save money and still run a top-notch business, Surplus Traders has all of the latest INTERMEC products at great prices that won’t break your budget. These products are able to give you all the features and assistance your company needs, all for less than what you might pay from a different provider. 

Thermal Printers

A great aspect to thermal printers is the equipment does not use any ink. Instead the printer simply pushes the information into the paper, which typically consists of two or three different layers. If you have ever signed a document and had the teller or recipient of the receipt pull off an instant copy underneath the form signed, this is a thermal page. The printer works the same way, but it prints the information onto the paper instead of having you sign it. A thermal printer is important for receipts as you can have a customer sign one document and they can have the thermal under copy. This is also important if you want to print shipping labels that do not consist of printer ink. Although the thermal paper is more expensive than traditional rolls that are used in ink-based printers, you never have to purchase any sort of ink, which is a substantial financial saver. On top of this, as there is no print heads or other ink-based pieces of equipment, your printer does not require as much maintenance or upkeep. So while your competition that uses an ink-based printer has to continually replace their printer every few years, you can avoid this problem all together. 

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Barcode Equipment

Eventually, your retail or shipping business is going to require the assistance of barcodes. Barcodes help you manage your equipment, stay on top of inventory and allow you to be aware of what products you have in stock and what products you are selling. From the barcode on the label to the SKU printed next to it, you are able to maintain a better grasp of the company as a whole. Intermec provides a full line of scanners and barcode printers which help in making your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Intermec Barcode Printers allow you to print barcodes remotely from any scanner or handheld computer, which saves a ton of time and lets you quickly tag any product or equipment. Here at Surplus Traders, we have the full line from scanners to snap-on adapters to accessories. 

It does’t matter if you run a business with dozens of employees or on your own, you need products to better manage your time and the way you run the operation. With Intermec Products and Equipment available at Surplus Traders, you are always able to do this.