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Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer

Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer
Qwerty, EA30, Camera, UMTS NA, WEH-U, WWE, SS
Multiple Units
**scanner only, no batteries**


Estimated Arrival: April 4, 2019

We are currently offering this Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer. A 100% original part with 6 months* exclusive warranty. Our assigned specialist is Nathan who is standing by to help with tech specs, pricing and warranty information. You may request a FREE QUOTE NOW. This product could be shipped as early as March 21.
You may request a FREE QUOTE NOW. You will get all the information you need to fulfill this order. This product could be shipped as early as March 21.
*Unless otherrwise noted in the formal proposal.

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  • Thank you Marshall

    With small delay due to UPS but ok.

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  • Good Price and Turnaround

    Had to use my warranty and had no issues with the new shipment, thanks.

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    I will personally recommend surplustraders to my friends. Best service around.

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Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer

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Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer Qwerty, EA30, Camera, UMTS NA, WEH-U, WWE, SS Multiple Units **scanner only, no batteries**

Additional Information

Name: Intermec CN70AQ3KCU2W2100 Mobile Computer
Manufacturer: INTERMEC
Manufacturer Spec File: No
Weight: No

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