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  1. EMist Disinfectant (HOCl)

    EMist Disinfectant (HOCl)

    Opening/Re-opening your store, factory, warehouse or office? Every company should be looking at getting one of these for reopening and ongoing sanitization moving forward, ETA – 6-8 weeks from placing the order. There are two approaches to this: you could buy EMIST EM360 PULLCART for the public main traffic areas, or for smaller areas get the EMIST Epix 360 Handheld. Any water-soluble chemical can be used in the EMist electrostatic sprayers. However, we prefer and recommend “safe and green” disinfectants. Obviously, a perfect disinfectant would offer complete microbiological sterilization, without harming people/animals, would be inexpensive, and noncorrosive. However, most disinfectants are potentially harmful and even toxic to humans/animals. One such solution is Hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl works very well against pathogens like Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Pseudomonas Aeroginosa. Though very powerful, HOCl is 100 percent safe for humans, chemical-free, non-toxic, and all-natural. It has been used in the medical field for over a century. Before antibiotics were available, HOCl was used to irrigate and disinfect wounds in World War I. Today, it is used in everyday settings such as daycare centers, hospitals, and even produce sections in grocery stores. Please contact me for pricing. Happy to answer all questions and concerns.

  2. Office and Shipping Supplies


    Click on "More Details" to view this list of different types of supplies. You will find Hand cleaners, air filters, cable caps, splicing supplies, cable ties and fasteners, heat shrink and wraps, solder, tape, labeling material, decals, wire markers, paint, hardware kits, shipping and packing material, office supplies, protective clothing, and much more. Some of the diverse manufacturers include: 3M, ACP International, Advanced Automation, Allied Bolt, Alpha Wire, Arrow Fastener, B&B Decals, Burndy Electrical, Century Fasteners, Dun-Lap, Fastenal, Panduit, Shaw Supply, Uline, Universal Air Filter Company, and many more. Minimum order values apply.