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Looking For Surplus Power Supplies and other Equipment?

You could say Surplus Traders is the Amazon or eBay of hi-tech parts and hard-to-find equipment because if it’s electronic and been manufactured at some point chances are we’ll either have one, or one of our expert specialists will have a pretty good idea of where they’ll be able to get their hands on one.

Surplus Communications Equipment and so Much More

Our founders have been involved in the electronics industry since 1963 (yes Virginia, there was an electronics industry in 1963!) but we’re proud to say that our evolution has kept pace with our products and today our inventory holds not just old and no-longer-in-production electronics equipment but also modern, brand new items that have only become obsolete because technology moves at lightening speed. And if you need information or advice about any of our products our team of specialists really know their stuff – from 1960’s technology to what makes last year’s cast offs tick.

From Banking, Wires & Cables to Surplus Electric Motors

A quick glance at our navigation panel will give you an idea of the range and diversity of our products - electronics, computer, industrial, telecom, medical, MRO, communications and educational industries as well as items like brand new old Mabuchi Motors and Nidec Fans, most still in their original packaging.

And if you have old equipment that you’ve been meaning to toss because it’s older than most repair technicians these days, talk to us first because our NIDEC Repair and Maintenance services will almost certainly be able to repair it for you with OEM parts, just like the originals.