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Check out this list containing a small portion of the test equipment Surplus Traders has available.
This is an assorted lot of top quality, fully tested, brand name test equipment.
Contact us today if you are interested in any item from this list, or if you are looking for some test equipment you don't see advertised on this list. Chances are we can get it for you.
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Estimated Arrival: June 5, 2018

Our specials this month include this HIGH QUALITY - FULLY WORKING TEST EQUIPMENT with 6 months* extended warranty and free consultation included. Our assigned specialist is Marshall Duskes who is waiting to hear from you and your requirements for this HIGH QUALITY - FULLY WORKING TEST EQUIPMENT. Discover the quality of our service. This product is ready to ship and can be processed as soon as May 22.
Is this similar but different to what you are looking for? Please feel free to request a free quote anyway. There is a good chance we can supply the correct -ASSORTED part you need.
*Unless otherrwise noted in the formal proposal.

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Check out this list containing a small portion of the test equipment Surplus Traders has available. This is an assorted lot of top quality, fully tested, brand name test equipment. Contact us today if you are interested in any item from this list, or if you are looking for some test equipment you don't see advertised on this list. Chances are we can get it for you. Click MORE INFO to view the list.

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SKU: DB726
Manufacturer: -ASSORTED
Weight: No

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Manufacturer Part number Description
  1032A Oscilloscope
  1061 Digital Multimeter
  1066S Oscilloscope
100 MHz Oscilloscope TEK465/DM40 100 MHz Oscilloscope
100 MHz Oscilloscope TEK465M 100 MHz Oscilloscope
100 MHz Portable Oscilloscope TEK2235 100 MHz Portable Oscilloscope
100MHz Oscilloscope TEK2246 100 MHz 4-Channel Oscilloscope
10KHz - 1GHz Signal Generator 2022D 10KHz - 1GHz Signal Generator
135mm Tele Lens Vivi-135 135mm Tele Lens
15" Monitor Sony Multiscan 15" Monitor
200MHz Portable Oscilloscope TEK475 200MHz Portable Oscilloscope
200MHz Portable Oscilloscope TEK475/DM44 200MHz Portable Oscilloscope w. Opt. 1
200MHz Portable Oscilloscope TEK475A/DM44 200MHz Portable Oscilloscope
200mm Tele Lens Vivi-200 200mm Tele Lens
35mm Wide Angle Lens Vivi-35 35mm Wide Angle Lens
3M 3M 3M Antiglare Filter
400 MHz Oscilloscope TEK11301 400 MHz Oscilloscope Mainframe
50 MHz Oscilloscope TEK2215 50 MHz Oscilloscope
500 MHz Oscilloscope TEK11302 500MHz Programmable Oscilloscope
500KHz 2-Channel Scope TEK212 500KHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope
60MHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope TEK2215/48 60MHz 2-Channel Oscilloscope
AC Calibrator 4200A Datron/Wavetek AC Calibrator w. Opt. 10/80
AC Voltmeter KR-241 AC Voltmeter
AC/DC Converter 125B AC/DC Converter
Accessory Set 3712 King Accessory Set
Adapter 2589 Adapter
Adapter Set BU84 Adapter Set, DP-MG Diagnostic
Adapter, Headset MX-1646B/AIC Adapter, Headset
Adret 203-S Adret Generator/Synthesizer
Advanced Signal Signal Pro Signal Pro Decoder
Airspeed Indicator 209-075-665-001 Airspeed Indicator
Alden 9315 Alden Chart Recorder
Alfred 325A Alfred Sawtooth Generator
Altimeter/Pressure Gauge B26295-10-005 Dual Altimeter/Diff. Pressure Gauge
AM/FM Telemetry Receiver RLS-2000 AM/FM Telemetry Receiver
AMP 1-229913-1 AMP Connector
AMP 380310-1 AMP Tooling
AMP Panel Meter X-371 AMP Panel Meter - DC
Ampheremeter 433 Ampheremeter
Anemometer DI-10102 Anemometer
Anritsu MD1302A Anritsu Cap-Net Tester
APC Smart-UPS 400 UPS400 APC Smart-UPS 400
Astro-Med Dash 2 Recorder DASH2 Astro Med Dash 2 Recorder
Attenuator Probe 7999B Attenuator Probe
Austron AUS1250A Frequency Standard
Austron AUS2042 Loran-C Simulator
Autosync Indicator 6200 Autosync Indicator
Ball Gage MIL-G-8348H Ball Gage
Ballantine 6310A Test Oscillator
Battery Pack TEK1106 Battery Pack
Berry Electronics 966 Trunk Signaling Analyzer Opt. 3
Biofit Lab Chair M1 Biofit Laboratory Chair
BK 510 B & K Transistor Tester
BK BK1660 Tripple Output DC Power Supply
BK BK290 BK 290 Multimeter
Brady LS2000 LS 2000 Labeler System w. Case
Bridge 8067 Bridge
Buffer Amplifier 9456A Buffer Amplifier
Bus Analyzer/Emulator ST2200 Bus Analyzer/Emulator
Calibration Computer UDCC-350-4T Calibration Computer
Calibration Servo UDC Calibration Servo
Calibration Standard UD1611 Calibration Standard
Channel Activity Simulator CHAS196 Channel Activity Simulator
Coax Slotted Line 3050 Coax Slotted Line
Colorado Trakker 250 Trakker250 Colorado Trakker 250
Colorimeter TRL Colorimeter
Contactor, Magnetic 7063-7563 Contactor, Magnetic
Control Panel G-827 Control Panel
Current Probe Amplifier TEK134 Current Probe Amplifier
Current Transformer 461 Current Transformer
Daniels DAK137 Daniels Tooling
Data Logger DL-3200 Data Logger
Data Transfer Unit 94117 Data Transfer Unit
Data Transmission Test Set 405 Data Transmission Test Set
Data Transmission Test Set 604M Data Transmission Test Set
DC Power Supply CK36-1.5 DC Power Supply - 0-36V, 0-1.5A
Decade Res. 1900 Decade Res.
Decade Resistor 1434-G GenRad Decade Resistor
Decade Resistor 750-H Daven Decade Resistor
Dial-A-Source DAS86 Dial-A-Source
Digital Delay Generator 7010 Digital Delay Generator
Digital Multimeter 282 Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter 6000/24/10/41/55 Digital Multimeter
Digital Time Base Corrector T1400 Tymcor 1400 Digital Time Base Corrector
Digitally Refreshed Display DDD3572 Digitally Refreshed Display
Distribution Amplifier HP5087A Distribution Amplifier
Distribution Amplifier HP5087A/033 Distribution Amplifier w. Opt. 033
Dixon 300R Dixon Ammeter
Dranetz 606-3 Line Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz DR626A Universal Disturbance Analyzer
Dranetz DR808 Drantez Power Demand Analyzer
Dual Channel Recorder BR220 Dual Channel Recorder
Dye Laser Stablilizer 373 Dye Laser Stabilizer
Eico 944 Flyback Transformer & Yoke Tester
Electronic Counter HP5334A/020/060 Electronic Counter w. Opt. 020/060
ENI 510L Power Amplifier 9.5W
Extech Foot Candle/Lux Meter LUX Extech Foot Candle/Lux Meter
Filter KH-3750 Filter
Flow Meter CFM-88 Flow Meter
Fluke 80K-6 Fluke 6KV HV Probe
Fluke FL-2300A Scanner
Fluke FL-3350 Fluke 3350 Voltage Standard
Fluke FL-5100B Meter Calibrator
Fluke FL-540B Thermal Transfer Standard w. A54-2
Fluke FL-8000A-01 Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-8000A-05 Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-8010M Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-8375A Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-845AB Fluke Null Meter
Fluke FL-8502A Digital Mutlimeter
Fluke FL-8520A/AS-1 Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-8800A Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-883AB Aritec Phase Shifter/Meter
Fluke FL-8840A/05/09 Digital Multimeter w. Opt. 05/09
Fluke FL-8840A/AF Digital Multimeter
Fluke FL-887A/B AC-DC Differential Voltmeter
Fluke FL-893A AC-DC Differential Voltmeter
Fluke FL-9500A Digital Voltmeter
Fluke FL1120A IEEE-488 Translator
Fluke FL2176A Digital Thermometer
Fluke FL335A Voltage Standard
Fluke FL760A Meter Calibrator
Fluke FL8000A Fluke Multimeter
Fluke FL8050A Fluke Multimeter
Fluke FL8600A Digital Multimeter
Fluoresence Meter FS-970P-A1 Schoeffel Fluorence Meter
Frequency Converter 13-G461820 Frequency Converter
Frequency Counter HP5385A-R Frequency Counter
Frequency Meter 907-203 Frequency Meter
Frequency Meter HP R532A Frequency Meter
Fuselage Light Assembly 33160-23 Fuselage Light Assembly
GE Double Bridge 9069199G GE Double Bridge
GenMicro M440A-32 Power Head - General Microwave
GenRad Tester GR1557-A GenRad Tester
High Power Inverter MP-14 Heathkit High Power Inverter
Hitachi Color Video Printer VY-150E Hitachi Color Video Printer
HP 00438-60002 HP438A - Display Board
HP 03585-61630 Front Panel Control
HP 03585-66514 Log Amp Board
HP 03585-66518 IF Gain Board
HP 03585-66521 HP3585 Reference Board
HP 03585-66523 Stop VTO Board
HP 03585-66533 Board
HP 03585-66541 Brocessor Board
HP 03585-66543 HP3585 ROM Board
HP 03585-66545 Board
HP 03585-66548 HP3585 RAM Board
HP 03585-66550 Motherboard
HP 03585-66567 XYZ Board
HP 03585-66573 Board
HP 03585-66575 Board
HP 04935-60030 HP Diagnostic Service Kit
HP 05342-60013 Board Assembly
HP 08161-66507 Board Assembly
HP 08165-66509 CKT CS Board
HP 08443-60007 Blind Pass Filter
HP 08640-60503 FM Lin Circuit
HP 08660-60417 HP Kit
HP 08683-600048 Power Supply Board
HP 1854-0780 NPN Transistor
HP 83522-60098 ALC Board Assembly
HP EPM-441A Power Meter, Single Channel
HP HP-R Modular Component Cabinet
HP HP00428-62101 Probe
HP HP10008B Voltage Probe
HP HP10008B/002 Voltage Probe
HP HP10243A Divider Probe
HP HP10433A Probe
HP HP10441A 500 MHz Probe
HP HP10502A HP Cable
HP HP10529A Logic Compactor
HP HP10590A Plug-in Adapter
HP HP10833A HPIB Cable
HP HP10833D HPIB Cable
HP HP10857A Pulse Detector
HP HP1123A Voltage Probe
HP HP11473A Balancing Transformer
HP HP11652A Reflection Transmission
HP HP11679A Extension Cable
HP HP11707A Test Plug-in
HP HP11711A Noise Source Adapter
HP HP11714A/K01 8662A Service Kit
HP HP11720A 2 - 18 GHz Pulse Modulator
HP HP11730A Sensor Cable
HP HP11730C HP Sensor Cable
HP HP11748A Active Probe System
HP HP11858A Fixture - Adapter
HP HP11971T Harmonic Mixer Set 18 - 40 GHz
HP HP120A-65F-13 High Voltage Agjust Board
HP HP1220A Dual Channel 15MHz Oscilloscope
HP HP12530C HP Portable Case
HP HP141T Mainframe
HP HP1600A Logic State Analyzer
HP HP16062A Test Fixture
HP HP1720A Oscilloscope
HP HP180A Oscilloscope
HP HP182T Display Unit
HP HP1905A 25MHz Rate Generator
HP HP1916A Transistion Time Plug-in
HP HP200CDR Wide Range Oscillator
HP HP214A Pulse Generator
HP HP2225A HP Think Jet
HP HP2470B Amplifier
HP HP3300A Function Generator
HP HP3312A Function Generator
HP HP3314A Function Generator
HP HP3324A Synth. Function/Sweep Generator
HP HP3324A/001/002 Synth. Function/Sweep Generator w. Opt. 001/002
HP HP3325B/001/002-R Synthesizer/Function Generator w. Opt. 001/002
HP HP3326A-R Two Channel Synthesizer
HP HP3326A/001/002-R Two Channel Synthesizer w. Opt. 001/002
HP HP3326A/001/003-R Two Channel Synthesizer w. Opt. 001/003
HP HP332A Distortion Analyzer
HP HP3330B/004/005 Frequency Synthesizer w. Opt. 004/005
HP HP3335A Synthesizer/Level Generator
HP HP3335A/001 Synthesizer/Level Generator w. Opt. 001
HP HP3336B Synthesizer/ Level Generator
HP HP334A Distortion Analyzer
HP HP3400A/01 RMS Voltmeter with Option 1
HP HP3406A Broadband Sampling Voltmeter
HP HP34401A HP 6 1/2 Digital Multimeter
HP HP3444A HP Plug-in Unit
HP HP3462A Digital Voltmeter
HP HP3465A Digital Multimeter
HP HP346B Noise Source
HP HP346B/002 Noise Source
HP HP3488A Switch/Control Unit
HP HP3490A Multimeter
HP HP3561A-R Signal Analyzer
HP HP3575A Gain-Phase Meter
HP HP3575A/01 Gain-Phase Meter
HP HP3582A Spectrum Analyzer
HP HP3585A-R 0.02 - 40 MHz Spectrum Analyzer
HP HP3716A BB Transmitter
HP HP37203A HP-IB Extender
HP HP3722A Noise Generator
HP HP3730B RF Down Converter Mainframe
HP HP3763A HP Error Detector
HP HP3964A Data Recorder
HP HP400E AC Voltmeter
HP HP400GL AC Voltmeter
HP HP403B AC Voltmeter
HP HP415D SWR Meter
HP HP4275A Multifrequency LCR Meter
HP HP431C Power Meter
HP HP435B Power Meter
HP HP436A Power Meter
HP HP437B Power Meter
HP HP438A Dual Channel Power Meter
HP HP438A/002 Power Meter w. Opt. 002
HP HP4436 Attenuator
HP HP44471A General Purpose Relay
HP HP44472A VHF Switch
HP HP44473A Matrix Switch
HP HP44476A Microwave Switch Module
HP HP44476B Microwave Switch Module
HP HP44724A 16 Channel Digital Output
HP HP47211A Power Module
HP HP495A 7-12.4 GHz Amplifier
HP HP5005B Signature Multimeter
HP HP5011T Logic Troubleshooting Kit
HP HP5083-3542 CRT
HP HP5105A Frequency Synthesizer
HP HP5110B Synthesizer Driver
HP HP5180A Waveform Recorder
HP HP5223L Electronic Counter
HP HP5233L Electronic Counter
HP HP5245L Electronic Counter
HP HP5261A Video Amplifier
HP HP5265A Counter Plug-in
HP HP5300A Digital Counter
HP HP5302A Universal Counter
HP HP5303A 500MHz Counter
HP HP53132A 225 MHz Universal Counter
HP HP53132A/030 Universal Counter w. Opt. 030
HP HP5314A Universal Counter
HP HP5315B Universal Counter
HP HP5316B 100 MHzUniversal Counter
HP HP5326B Timer/Counter/DMM
HP HP5328A/011/021/040 Universal Counter
HP HP5328A/H99 500 MHz Universal Counter
HP HP5328AF/096 Universal Counter
HP HP5328B/010/031 Universal Counter
HP HP5335A Universal Counter
HP HP5335A/010/030 Universal Counter w. Opt. 010/030
HP HP5342A/005 Microwave Frequency Counter w. Opt. 005
HP HP5351B/001 Microwave Frequency Counter w. Opt. 001
HP HP54620A 16-channel Logic Analyzer
HP HP5512A Counter
HP HP59306A Relay Actuator
HP HP59307A VHF Switch
HP HP6111A DC Power Supply
HP HP616B UHF Signal Generator
HP HP618B SHF Signal Generator
HP HP6200B Power Supply
HP HP6253A Dual DC Power Supply
HP HP6266A DC Power Supply - 0-36V, 0-5A
HP HP6281A DC Power Supply - 0-7.5V, 0-5A
HP HP652A Test Oscillator
HP HP654A Test Oscillator
HP HP66312A DC Source 0-20V/0-2A
HP HP6824A Power Supply
HP HP7100B Strip Chart Recorder
HP HP7475A Plotter
HP HP779D Directional Coupler
HP HP78171A Recorder
HP HP786D Directional Coupler
HP HP787D Directional Coupler
HP HP789C Directional Coupler
HP HP8005B Pulse Generator
HP HP8082A Pulse Generator
HP HP8112A Pulse Generator
HP HP8116A/001 Pulse/Function Generator woth Opt. 001
HP HP81519A Optical Receiver
HP HP83201A Dual Mode Cellular Adapter
HP HP83203A/001 CDMA Cellular Adapter w. Opt. 001
HP HP8340B-R 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz Synth. Signal Generator
HP HP8349B Microwave Amplifier 2 - 20 GHz
HP HP8350B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe
HP HP83550A RF Plug-in, 8 to 20 GHz
HP HP83594A/004 RF Plug-in 2 to 26.5 GHz
HP HP8403A Modulator
HP HP8405A Vector Voltmeter
HP HP8445B/001/003 Automatic Preselector w. Opt. 001/003
HP HP8445B/002 Automatic Preselect with Opt. 002
HP HP8447A/001 Preamplifier with Opt. 001
HP HP8477A Calibrator
HP HP8481A Power Sensor
HP HP8481D Power Sensor
HP HP8482A Power Sensor
HP HP8484A Power Sensor
HP HP8485A Power Sensor
HP HP8487A Power Sensor
HP HP85031A Calibration Kit
HP HP85051B Verification Kit
HP HP85053A Verification Kit
HP HP8552A IF Section
HP HP8552B Analyzer Plug-in
HP HP8552B/H17 IF Section with Opt. H17
HP HP8553B Analyzer Plug-in
HP HP8556A IF Section
HP HP8559A Spectrum Analyzer 0.01 - 21 GHz
HP HP85620A Mass Memory Module
HP HP8565A Spectrum Analyzer 0.01 to 22 GHz
HP HP85662A Spectrum Analyzer Display
HP HP8568A 100 MHz - 1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
HP HP8569B Spectrum Analyzer - 0.01 to 22 GHz
HP HP8590A/001/041 9 kHz to 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer - 75 Ohm
HP HP8590A/041 9 kHz to 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
HP HP8591A/021 Spectrum Analyzer 9 Khz to 1.8 GHz
HP HP8591E/001/011/041 Spectrum Analyzer w. Opt. 001/011/041
HP HP86290A 2.0-18.0GHz RF Plug-in
HP HP86330A Plug-in Unit
HP HP8644A 252 kHz to 2060 MHz Synth. Signal Generator
HP HP8657D/001 Signal Generator
HP HP86601A 0.01 - 110 MHz RF-Section
HP HP86602A 1 - 1300 MHz RF Section
HP HP86603A/002 1-2600 MHz RF-Section w. Opt. 002
HP HP86603A/003 1-2600 MHz RF-Section
HP HP8660B/100 Signal Generator MF w. Opt. 100
HP HP8660C/001/100 Signal Generator MF w. Opt. 001/100
HP HP8660C/005/100 Signal Generator MF w. Opt. 005/100
HP HP86631B Modulation Section
HP HP86632A Modulation Section
HP HP86632B Modulation Section
HP HP86635A Modulation Section
HP HP8671A Synthesized Signal Generator 2-6.2 GHz
HP HP8672A Synthesized Signal Generator w. Opt. 004/006
HP HP8731B Pin Modulator
HP HP8732B Pin Modulator
HP HP8780A Vector Signal Generator
HP HP8901B Modulation Analyzer
HP HP8904A/001 Multifunction Synthesizer
HP HP8904A/006 Multifunction Synthesizer w. Opt. 006
HP HP8904A/1/2/3/4 Multifunction Synthesizer w. Opt. 001/002/003/004
HP HP8970A Noise Figure Meter
HP HP940A Frequency Doubler
HP HPE1326B 5-Digit Multimeter Card
HP HPE1330B Quad 8-Bit Digital I/O
HP HPE1339A 72-channel Relay Driver
HP HPE1345-66201 Relay Mux
HP HPE2373A Digital Multimeter
HP HPE3630A Triple Output Power Supply
HP HPX375A Variable Attenuator
HP HPZ2309A 72-channel Relay Driver
Huntron HUN1000 Tracker 1000
Hypoultra Analyzer AR6550DT Hypoultra Dielectric Analyzer
I/O Buffer UDIO I/O Buffer
IC Tester BW103 IC Tester
Ice Point Reference K170-6C Ice Point Reference
IFR IFR-100 Micro cell-100 Communication Analyzer
IFR Systems IFR1100S-R AM/FM Radio Test Set
Illumination Meter 408 Illumination Meter
Impedance Bridge GR1608-A Impedance Bridge
Impulse Generator 93453-1 Impulse Generator
In bound Freight Freight In bound Freight
Indicator, Distance 339D-3D Distance Indicator
Inertical Vert. Speed Ind. SLZ9155 Inertical Vertical Speed Indicator
Inspection Fee for IFB's INSPECT  
IntraAction MLE Frequency Syntheziser
Iwatsu 55-5710 Iwatsu 60MHz Oscilloscope
Keithley 610C Keithley Electrometer
Kepco Regulated Power Supply PR-80-2.5M Regulated Power Supply
Kikusui 150BEB31 Kikisui CRT
Krohn-Hite Filter KH-3202 Krohn-Hite Filter
Lambda Power Supply LES-F-03-0V Lambda Power Supply
Leader LDC-823S Digital Counter - 250 MHz
Leader LFM-39A Wow & Flutter Meter
Lebow Precision Speed Calibrat 7909 Lebow Precision Speed Calibrat
Lecroy 7200-P12 Lecroy Probe
Lecroy 9400 125 MHz Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope
Lecroy P9020 Lecroy Probe
Lecroy PP002 Lecroy 350MHz Probe
Lecroy PP005 Lecroy Probe - 500 MHz
LeCroy Transient Recorder P/I TR8828C LeCroy Transient Recorder Plug-in
Light Wand 650082 Light Wand
Liquid Level Switch F8300-164 Liquid Level Switch
Logic Analyzer LA501 Logic Analyzer
Lot IC&$39;s LOT-D LOT IC&$39;s
Magnaflux Meter - Hoyt 98423 Magnaflux Meter - Hoyt
Master Meter M-200 Master Meter
Megometer 640 Megometer
Micro-Switch 2D33 Micro Switch 5A, 125/250VAC
Microwave Source Modulator 3300 Microwave Source Modulator
Millivoltmeter LMV-181A Leader Millivoltmeter
Modem Switch SMS-651B Modem Switch
Monitor TEK620 Monitor
MP3100 X-Y Plotter MP3100 MP3100 X-Y Plotter
Multimeter 464 Multimeter
Multimeter BAL3030A Multimeter
Multimeter HPE1326A Multimeter
Multiplier Board 114B-65B Multiplier Board
Nicolet 206 Nicolet Oscilloscope
Ohmmeter ZM-13A/PSM-1 Ohmmeter
Omnigraphic Recorder OM-2000 Omnigraphic Recorder
Oscilloscope TEK2213 60MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK2335 100 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK435 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK453 50MHz Dual Trace Portable Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK5110 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK545B Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK564 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7403 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7403N Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7603 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7603N Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7704A 200 MHz Oscilloscope Mainframe
Oscilloscope TEK7704A/9 250 MHz Oscilloscope Mainframe
Oscilloscope TEK7834 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEK7844 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEKR468 10 MHz Dual Trace Storage Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope TEKR7844 Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope Camera C-12 Oscilloscope Camera
Oscilloscope Camera C-31 Oscilloscope Camera
Oscilloscope Camera C-50 Oscilloscope Camera
Oscilloscope Camera C-51 Oscilloscope Camera
Oscilloscope Camera CF-51 Oscilloscope Camera
Oscilloscope Cart K212 Oscilloscope Cart
Oscilloscope Mainframe TEK7623A Multimode Storage Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope Plug-in SC504 80 MHz Oscilloscope
Patch Cord 4706-60-0 Patch Cord
Phase Shifer/Meter PSM-360 Aritec Phase Shifter/Meter
Phillips PM3266 Oscilloscope - AS-IS
Photocell Amplifier 3131 Photocell Amplifier
Pick-up and Shipping Charges PI Depot Pick-up and Shipping Charges
Pick-up and Shipping Charges PU Depot Pick-up and Shipping Charges
Polarad 1106B-M Signal Gen. SG-1097/U Ploarad 1106B-M Signal Generator with 1020-M Modulator
Power Sensor HPQ8486A Power Sensor 33 - 50 GHz
Power Sensor HPR8486A 26.5 - 40 GHz Power Sensor
Power Supply 6101A-1050 Power Supply
Power Supply 791-0131-001 Power Supply
Power Supply 810A Power Supply
Power Supply 877-D Power Supply
Power Supply DCR40-20A Power Supply
Power Supply LCS-CC-01 Power Supply
Power Supply LK-340FM Lambda Power Supply
Power Supply LK-350FM Lambda Power Supply
Power Supply LMX22 LMX22-E0788 Power Supply
Power Supply LPS-D-5-OV Power Supply
Power Supply LPT7202FM Power Supply
Power Supply LR612FM Power Supply
Power Supply TEK1105 Power Supply
Power Supply VA5H2200 Acopian Power Supply
Powermate UPS TOPAZ Powermate UPS
Probe MX-1797/U Probe
Probe MX-3409 MAG Probe
Progr. Pulse Generator 1210 Progr. Pulse Generator
Pulse Generator 6613E Pulse Generator
Pulse Generator PG-2 Pulse generator
Pulse Generator PG501 Pulse Generator
Pulse/Function Generator HP8111A Pulse/Function Generator - 1Hz to 20 MHz
Pulse/Function Generator HP8111A/001 Pulse/Function Generator - 1Hz to 20 MHz
Radio Frequency Filter F-1032/SG Radio Frequency Filter
Radio Test Set AN/PRM-32A Radio Test Set
RCA Transistor Tester WT5010 RCA Transistor Tester
Reference Parts Kit IRP0125 Reference Parts Kit
Remote Angle Indicator 6092 Remote Angle Indicator
Resistance Box 827 Shallcross Resistance Box
RF Connector KC-59-79 Kings RF Connector
RF Filter A-3621 RF Filter
RF Impedance Analyzer HP4191A RF Impedance Analyzer
RF Wattmeter 502-120-G1 RF Directional Watt Meter
RMS Voltmeter HP3400A RMS Voltmeter
Rockland 5101 Rockland Test Set
Rodogon 80mm Lens Rodo-80mm Rodogon 80mm Lens
Rodogon 90mm Lens Rodo-90 Rodogon 90mm Lens
Run Up Box 9912 Run Up Box
SAS Component Tester 3-76662-1 SAS Component Tester
Satelite Delay Simulator TTC1010B Satelite Delay Simulator
Scan Pattern Generator 1400 Scan Pattern Generator
Scanner SI-5010 Scanner
Semiconductor Power Supply TO14-7.5B Semiconductor Power Supply
Sencore CR70 Sencore CR70 CRT Analyzer/Restorer
Sencore Field Effect Meter FET Sencore Field Effect Meter
Shallcross Resistance Box 817-B Shallcross Resistance Box
Signal Conditioner SG Signal Conditioner Tele-Temp
Signal Generator 114A Signal Generator
Signal Generator HP8671B 2.0 - 18.0 GHz Signal Generator
Spectrum Analyzer HP8568B-RF 100 MHz - 1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer - RF Section
Strain Gage Indicator 770 Strain Gage Indicator
Strip Chart Recorder 6723 Strip Chart Recorder
Strobette 964 Strobette
Sweep Generator WIL6647A Wiltron Sweep Generator
Sweep Trigger 114B Sweep Trigger
Sweep/Signal Generator 1801B Sweep/Signal Generator
SWR/Attenuation Meter PRD277D SWR/Attenuation Meter
Syn./Res. Angle Indicator PSR-102A Syn./Res. Angle Indicator
Synth. Signal Generator HP8673D-R Synth. Signal Generator - Opt. H15
Synth. Signal Generator HP8673D/H-15-R Synth. Signal Generator - Opt. H15
Systron 6152A Timer/Counter
Systron HR160-3-COV Systron Power Supply
Tamron TV-Lens 22510 Tamron TV-Lens 4.5mm 1:2
Tape Search Control 9241 Tape Search Control
TDM-Modem Test Set 1310 TDM-Modem Test Set
TDR Cable Tester TDR1502 TDR Cable Tester - parts unit
Teac X-2000R Stereo Tape Deck w. Remote
Tektronix 015-0668-00 K-Type Probe -40 to +520 Degrees C
Tektronix 016-0230-01 Power Supply
Tektronix 067-0503-00 Precision DC Divider
Tektronix 067-0508-00 Calibration Fixture
Tektronix 067-0587-01 Calibration Fixture
Tektronix 11A32 Dual Channel Amplifier
Tektronix 11A52 Dual Channel Amplifier
Tektronix 11A71 Single Channel Amplifier
Tektronix 1410R/04 NTSC Mainframe with SPG2 and Option 04
Tektronix 1485R Waveform Monitor
Tektronix 154-0448-00 Tektronix CRT
Tektronix 262-0567-00 Tektronix Switch Assembly
Tektronix 334-2380-00 High Power Compartment
Tektronix 3A6 Dual Trace Amplifier
Tektronix 3T5 Pgrogrammable Samplig Sweep Plug-in
Tektronix 3T6 Pgrogrammable Samplig Sweep Plug-in
Tektronix 495P Spectrum Analyzer 100 Hz to 1.8GHz
Tektronix 496P Spectrum Analyzer
Tektronix 5111 Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix 5111A Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix 5A14N Four Trace
Tektronix 5A15N Vertical
Tektronix 5A18N Dual Trace Amplifier
Tektronix 5A24N Vertical
Tektronix 5A48 Dual Trace Amplifier
Tektronix 5B10N Timebase
Tektronix 5B12N Delayed Timebase
Tektronix 5B14N Four Trace
Tektronix 670-4776-20 Tektronix Board
Tektronix 7A12 Amplifier Plug-in
Tektronix 7A13 Differential Comparator
Tektronix 7A14 Plug-in
Tektronix 7A16 Amplifier
Tektronix 7A16A Amplifier
Tektronix 7A16P Programmable Amplifier
Tektronix 7A18 Vertical
Tektronix 7A18A Dual Trace Amplifier
Tektronix 7A18N Amplifier
Tektronix 7A19 Vertical
Tektronix 7A22 Differential Amplifier
Tektronix 7A24 Vertical
Tektronix 7A26 Dual Trace Amplifier
Tektronix 7A29 Amplifier
Tektronix 7B10 Time Base
Tektronix 7B50 Timebase
Tektronix 7B50A Time Base
Tektronix 7B53 Time Base
Tektronix 7B53A Dual Timebase
Tektronix 7B70 Time Base
Tektronix 7B71 Delayed Timebase
Tektronix 7B80 Delayed Timebase
Tektronix 7B85 Delayed Timebase
Tektronix 7B92A Delayed Time Base
Tektronix 7D11 Digital delay
Tektronix 7D12 A/D Converter
Tektronix 7D13 Digital Multimeter
Tektronix 7D15 Universal Counter/Timer Plug-in
Tektronix 7M11 50 Ohm Delay Line
Tektronix 7M13 Readout Unit
Tektronix 7S11 Sampling
Tektronix 7S12 TDR Sampler
Tektronix 7S14 Sampling
Tektronix 7T11 Sampling Timebase
Tektronix A6902A Isolator
Tektronix AM501 Operational Amplifier
Tektronix CG551AP Programmable Calibration Generator
Tektronix CPS250 Triple Output Power Supply
Tektronix D11 Single Beam Storage Oscilloscope
Tektronix DA4084 Distortion Analyzer
Tektronix DC503A Universal Counter
Tektronix DC504A Autoranging Digital Multimeter
Tektronix DC509 135 MHz Universal Counter/Timer
Tektronix DM501 Multimeter Module
Tektronix DM501A Digital Multimeter
Tektronix DM501A/02 Digital Multimeter w. Opt. 02
Tektronix DM502 Digital Multimeter
Tektronix DMM916 Digital Multimeter
Tektronix FG501 Function Generator
Tektronix FG501A Function Generator
Tektronix FG502 Function Generator
Tektronix NTSC380 NTSC Monitor
Tektronix P2100 100 MHz Passive 1X/10X Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6101A 1X Probe - Tektronix
Tektronix P6108 10X 100MHz Probe
Tektronix P6108A/01 10X 100MHz Probe
Tektronix P6120 Tektronix Probe
Tektronix P6131 Tektronix Probe
Tektronix P6133 Passive Probe DC to 150MHz
Tektronix P6136 350 MHz Probes
Tektronix P6138 350 MHz Tektronix Probe
Tektronix P6139A 500 MHz - 10 X Probe
Tektronix PS5010 Tripple Power Supply
Tektronix PS503 Triple Power Supply
Tektronix PS503A Triple Power Supply
Tektronix SC501 5 MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix SG502 Oscillator
Tektronix TDS3012 2-channel Color Digital Oscilloscope
Tektronix TEK2465A 350MHz 4-channel Oscilloscope
Tektronix TEK2465ACT 350MHz Oscilloscope (Opt. 10, 09, 22)
Tektronix TEK2465B 400 MHz Oscilloscope
Tektronix TEK2467B/6/10 400 MHz Oscilloscope w. Opt. 06/10
Tektronix TM5003 Power Supply
Tektronix TM5006 Power Supply Frame
Tektronix TM501A 1 Slot Power Module
Tektronix TM502A Power Supply 2-Bay
Tektronix TM503 Power Module
Tektronix TM515 Power Module
Tektronix 400MHz Probe P6137 Tektronix 400MHz Probe
Tektronix Printer TEKRGB3 Tektronix Printer
Tektronix Probe J6502 Tektronix Probe
Telecom Analysis Systems TAS121 Telephone Network Simulator
Telegraph Test Set AN/UGM-8 (V) Telegraph Test Set
Temperature/Hum Indicator HS-ICHDT-1A Temperature/Humidity Indicator
Test Oscillator HP651B Test Oscillator
Test Set AN/AJM-27 Test Set, Computer
Tester Airspeed 99251 Tester Airspeed
Thermocoupler Indicator DS-300 DORIC Thermocouple Indicator
Time Code Generator 9700 Time Code Generator
Time Code Translator 3270-156 Time Code Translator
Trend Monitor M746 Trend Monitor
Triplett 601 Triplett 601 - Type 1 Meter
Triplett 630-NZ Triplett Meter
TTC DS10 Data Sentry 10
TTC TTC1000 T1/PCM Analyzer
Universal Timer/Counter 9514 Universal Timer/Counter
Vacuum Ionization Gauge NRC836 Vacuum Ionization Gauge
Valhalla 2500 AC-DC Current Calibrator
Valhalla 2720GS Precision DC Voltage System
Variable Band Pass Filter KH310C Variable Band Pass Filter
Vibration Amplifier 6630 Virbration Amplifier
Vibration Monitor M737 Vibration Monitor
Viscan Mux Module 6260-010 Viscan Mux Module
Voltage Test Set CMC525 Voltage Test Set
Voltmeter NX-351 Voltmeter
Waterfall Adapter GPD-353A-R Waterfall Adapter/Display
Waveform Generator 162 Tektronix Waveform Generator
Waveform Recorder 6500 Waveform Recorder
Wavetek 1018B Wavetek Peak Power Meter
Wavetek 3000 Wavetek Signal Generator (Parts Unit)
Weinschel M1426 50 W Load
Westinghouse Ammeter KX241 Westinghouse Ammeter
Weston 931 Weston Milliampmeter
Yoke & Flyback Tester YF33 Yoke & Flyback Tester
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