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    BNC twist-on connectors for RG58/U, 62/U, 59/U, 6/U and Belden 8281. Male and female variations. Part No. Type For GG177 Male fixed pin RG58/U GG178 Male fixed pin RG62/U & 59/U GG179 Male fixed pin RG6/U GG180 Male fixed pin Belden 8281 GG181 Male separate pin Belden 8281 GG182 Male rt angle RG58/U GG183 Male rt angle RG62/U & 59/U GG184 Male rt angle RG6/U GG185 Female in-line RG58/U GG186 Female in-line RG62/U & 59/U GG187 Female in-line RG6/U GG188 Female chassis mnt RG58/U GG189 Female chassis mnt RG62/U & 59/U GG190 Female chassis mnt RG6/U For Teflon wires: Part No. Type For GG191 Male fixed pin RG58/U GG192 Male fixed pin RG62/U & 59/U