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We offer communications equipment (also telecoms equipment or telecommunications equipment) considered as hardware used for the purposes of telecommunications. Since the 1990s the boundary between telecoms equipment and IT hardware has become blurred as a result of the growth of the internet and its increasing role in the transfer of telecoms data. Surplustraders.net built on longstanding and ongoing collaborative relationships with global equipment manufacturers, service providers and infrastructure operators, Surplustraders.net has become a leading technology provider to the communications and telecom industry. The breath of its product offerings gives testament to the depth of its expertise across all foundational communications technologies of the signal chain, from digital embedded processing, multicore DSPs and complex SoCs, to all manners of analog and mixed-signal technology, such as data converters, amplifiers, RF, clocking, and power supply and control. Surplustraders.net’s portfolio touches every corner of the communications industry, including infrastructure and mobile device-oriented technologies, multimedia processing, power control and management, networking, voice, video, wired and wireless.

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